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Item Code: IDG248
Author: J. R. PuriT. R. Shangari
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9789386866462
Pages: 520
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5"X5.5"

About the Book:

Bulleh Shah, the 18th century mystic poet from the Punjab, was the most popular Sufi saint of his times. In fact, some eminent writers have called him "the greatest Sufi poet of the Punjab." His admirers have even compared his writings and philosophy to those of Rumi. At present he is held in equally great esteem in Northern India and Pakistan.

Bulleh Shah's poems are suffused with love for God and his Master or Murshid. The other dominant note in his poetry is on very strong denunciation of empty rituals and external observance of religion.

He does not believe in saying something in roundabout ways. Whatever he has to convey, he says it by hitting the nail on the head. His poems are marked, not only by plain speaking, but also by bluntness. This produces a poignancy of feeling together with a depth of insight, which puts all artifice to shame. His poetry rises spontaneously from the depth of his heart, even as a fountain spouts from the depths of the earth. It has a kind of abandon which produces an intoxicating effect on the reader. No wonder it has always been a favorite choice for the group of singer called qawwals.

About the Author:

Prof. J. R. Puri was head of the Department of Philosophy at the Punjabi University, Patiala from 1969 to 1976. Earlier, he was head of the post-graduate Department of Philosophy, Mahendra College, Patiala for more than a decade. After his retirement as a teacher of philosophy for more than thirty-five years, his present interest centers mainly on the study and practice of mysticism.

Dr. T. R. Shangari is head of the post-graduate Department of Punjabi in D.A.V. College, Jullundur. Among other Sufi poets of the Punjab, he has been lecturing on Bulleh Shah for the last many years to his classes. He has also made a deep study of the major religions of the world.



Preface xiii
Author's note xv
Kafi 149 Note on Kafi
150 A Subtle Difference
151 A Warning
153 Arise! Awake!
159 At the Well of Life
161 Auspicious Day
162 Behind the Screen
165 Behind the Veil
167 Beloved as Man
169 Beloved as Yogi
171 Bid me Farewell!
173 Call me Your Own
177 Caught in a Net
182 Celestial Melody
184 Cheated While Spinning
186 Come, Dear Friend
187 Come, Friend!
189 Come, Love!
191 Come, O Physician!
193 Consumed by love
196 Creator and Creation
197 Deep Color
200 Deficient at Studies
202 Departure
203 Destiny
204 Dogs are Better Than you!
205 Don't Hide Behind the Veil!
206 Dust Mingles with Dust
208 Ecstasy of Love
210 Ever Fresh Spring of Love
213 Face of the Beloved
215 Fall Not in Love
218 False Knowledge
222 False Repentance
224 For the Sake of My Beloved
226 Friends, Congratulate Me
228 "Goodness" of Our Forefathers
230 Guiles of the Beloved
232 Guru is All-Powerful
235 He Deserted Me
237 Hide No More
239 Hint From the Beloved!
242 His Omnipresence
244 I am Free
245 I am Lost to Myself
246 I Cannot Live Without You
248 I Talk of the Beyond
251 In a New Attire
253 In Love
255 In Love Divine
258 Life Your Veil!
260 Longing
262 Longing for the Master
264 Lost in Love
265 Lost to Myself
266 Love and Law
268 Love Charms
270 Love Consummated
272 Melody of the Flute
274 Merging in the Beloved
275 Merging in Ranjha
278 Missives
280 My Beloved Friend
281 My Fasts, My Pilgrimages!
282 My Mad Love for the Beloved
284 My Magnificent Bridegroom
285 My Spinning Wheel out of Order
287 Mystery of Alif
289 Neither Hindu nor Muslim
291 No Reliance on You
293 Of Earth
295 On Union with the Lord
296 Only Ranjha
298 Pain of Love
300 Pangs of Love
301 Pass Your Time in Silence!
303 Perfect Love
305 Permeation
307 Perverse Times
309 Physical Love
311 Pining
313 Plea for Piety
319 Pray Merge Me with You
320 Radiance of Love
321 Ranjha is My Ka'ba
323 Ranjha is My Mecca
325 Revel with the Lord
327 Seeking Cure
330 Separation
332 Shah Inayat
333 Spin and Roam Not Aimlessly
335 Stay, O Love!
340 Sweeperess of the Lord
341 Swings of Love
343 The All-pervading Beloved
345 The Assemblage
347 The Beloved Departs
349 The Crucial Point
352 The Delicate Point
354 The Divine Ranjha
355 The Essence of Love
356 The Fleeting Four Days!
358 The Great Trickster
362 The Intoxicated One
364 The Jewel Merchants
366 The Joy of Death
368 The Lord in Disguise
369 The Lover
371 The Message-bearer
373 The Night of Union
375 The Pain for My Mad Love
376 The Reverse Direction
378 The Safflower Blossoms
381 The Spell of Love
383 The Spinning Wheel
389 The Story of Creation
392 The Torment of Separation
393 The Wages of Love
395 The Way of Love
397 The Wondrous Sadhu
398 The Works of Love!
400 The World as a Fair
402 Thief in the Fold of My Cloak
404 To Admonish Bullah
406 Transient Life
408 True Love has Beguiled Me
410 Truth Cannot be Withheld
413 Truth Submerged
414 Turn to Me
415 Unity to Diversity
417 Wake Up, Dear Traveler
419 Walk into My Courtyard
420 Weary of Spinning
422 What do I Know of Someone?
424 Whims of Love
427 Whither Your Destination?
428 Whom Am I?
431 Who Can Now Recognize Me?
433 Why the Veil?
436 Without Habitation
439 Woes of Separation
441 Wounds of Love
444 Yearning
447 You Alone Exist
Baran Maha 449  
450 The Spring Season (March-April)
451 The Rainy Season (July-August)
The Week 452  
453 Saturday
454 Thursday
The Knots 455  
and Excerpts
-A Selection
The Fire of Love
Appendix 469 Literary Style
Notes 477  
Bibliography 485  
Books Consulted 486  
Index 487 Punjabi First Lines of Kafis
Local Addresses 491  
Books on this Science 497  


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