Causality in Science and Vedanta - Leading to the Solution of the Quantum Measurement Problem

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Author: Swami Paramananda Bharati
Publisher: Jnanasamvardhani Pratishthanam
Language: English
Edition: 2018
Pages: 139
Cover: Paperback
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The ninety year old problem of quantum measurement in Physics involves the interaction of the mind and the quantum system. The nature of this interaction being unknown, has given rise to six different guesses. It is generally told that some of them are even bizarre! On the other hand, Niels Bohr made the hypothesis that mind is a quantum system and it was further developed by von Neumann and David Bohm. Somehow, their works have not been made use of by anyone to solve the quantum, problem. An attempt is made in this monograph to use this hypothesis on the lines of Vedanta, which does a holistic analysis of the mind and the intellect. It has led to a disarmingly simple solution of the quantum measurement problem.

Further as is clear from the appendices, this holistic approach of the monograph is sure to give rich and new ideas to researcher in many branches of science.



Vedanta is unique since it is the only subject which deals with the whole universe on the premise that it is one coherent system. Its simplicity is deceptive and its complexity is challenging. It looks falsifiable everywhere , but never falsified anywhere. Its infallibility is revealed by the commentaries of the great sankaracarya on the Vedanta texts, written when he was a lad of 16 years, which I took up for study 5 years ago. By a chance, I had an informal 8 hour opportunity to explain the basic ideas of Vedanta to group of good physicists at the Indian institute of science. Bangalore.

My grateful thanks to professor John Polkinghorne for his kind reply, which is presented here as the foreword. I thank Prof. M.V Satyanarayana for the preparation of the figures and Sr. Jayanth/Sri. Srihari for typing the manuscript.




Chapter 1: Observable - Observation Observer 1-22
  • Aims and means common
  • Sensual observable
  • Space
  • Time
  • Direction
  • Space and time are not constructs
  • Means of knowledge
  • Features of 'Means'
  • Application of means in Science
  • Process of Observation
  • Observer-Observable contact
  • Obsevationof moving object
  • The observer
Chapter 2: The Ultimate Cause 23-51
  • Inadequacy of the intermediate cause
  • Basis of monistic knowledge
  • Approach of Vedanta
  • Holistic knowleldge gives happiness
  • Effect-Cause relations
  • Feature of the Observables
  • Search for the Ultimate Cause
  • Negation of features
  • Ultimate Cause is Changeless
  • Ultimate Cause is Consciousness
  • Ultimate Cause is Limitless
  • Mutual independence of the three characteristics
  • Absolute existence of the Ultimate Cause
Chapter 3 Verification of the Ultimate Cause 52-78
  • Necessity of verification
  • Two Types of Inference
  • Limits of the classical and quantum distinction
  • The measurer and the measured: same genus
  • Knowledges of forms and their genus
  • As it is knowledge of the object
  • Quantum theoretic knoledge of the universe?
  • Psycho lphysical parallelism
  • The observer is different from the senses
  • the Observer is different from the mind
  • The True Observer is recognized in deep sleep
  • Verficationof the Ultimate Cause
  • The Observer is an effect of the Ultimate Cause
  • Strangeness of the Ultimate cause
  • Intelligibility of the Ultimate cause
  • Knowledge of Ultimate cause is knowledge of everything
  • The epistemological circle
Chapter 4 The Intermediate Causes in Vedanta 79-104
  • Quantum theory implies holism
  • conservation law of existence
  • quantum entities not the cause of the Universe
  • Procedure of finding ultimate cuase
  • Intermediate cause of the universe
  • Mediator of creation
  • Three observation
  • Tanmatras are quantum Fields
  • Mind is a quantum like system
  • What is quantum like
  • what is logical thinking
  • The quantum measurement problems
  • Solution to the quantum measurement problem
  • Is Bohm right?
  References 105
  Appendix 1 106-111
  Appendix 2 112-115
  Appendix 3 116-128
  Index 129-130


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