The Concise Oxford History of Indian Business

The Concise Oxford History of Indian Business

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Author: Dwijendra Tripathi & Jyoti Jumani
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9780195684292
Pages: 278
Cover: Paperback
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Weight 410 gm
Preface to the concise edition

THE OXFORD HISTORY OF INDIAN BUSINESS HAS BEEN HAILED BY REVIEWERS as the first comprehensive and authoritative work on the subject. It also had very good reception in the market. Encouraged by this the publishers suggested a concise version for the benefit of the non-specialist reader. I liked the idea but found myself incapable of the task. For no author can easily determine what can be deleted from his work without damage to its essential character. Fortunately Jyoti Jumani agreed to my and the publishers suggestion to undertake the responsibility. This volume is the result.

The concise volume faithfully follows the original in every respect- coverage content and even linguistic flavour. However the relatively recent periods particularly the post - Independence phase have received somewhat greater attention than in the original and a new chapter, 'In the Aftermath of Liberalization', has been written specially for this volume. Momentous changes have taken place in the wake of the opening of the economy since the original was written; hence a fresh look.

The idea of bringing out a concise volume of The Oxford History of Indian Business would have never occurred to me but for the suggestion from Nitasha Devasar of Oxford University Press, and but for her gentle push the idea would never have gone beyond the suggestion stage. Further but for Jyoti Jumani's painstaking effort the idea would never have gone become reality. To them thus belongs the credit for this volume.

I must acknowledge the debt of some other persons in shaping this book. Inputs from V. L. mote greatly helped in structuring the chapter on liberalization.

He also took the trouble of going through the draft of this chapter and made very useful suggestions. Usha Jumani, as usual was generous with material and ideas pertaining to recent times. Harish Damodaran furnished some factual details. R. Ramamurthy helped in myriad. Ways and Neeraj Lal procured some illustrations.

I am greatful to all of them for their help. The responsibility for any shortcoming in the treatment of the subject however must necessarily remain mine.

Back of the Book

What are the roots of modern business practices in India? Ever wondered what forces shaped the way Indian business looks today? This book tells the story of the evolution of Indian business from merchants to service providers, focusing on the principle actors whose exploits made the transition possible.

Dwijendra Tripathi, a pioneer in the study of business history in India, provides an engaging account of the business methods and families that makes Indian business what it is today. This fascinating and well- researched book will appeal to anyone interested in the story of Indian business from CEOs to scholars, Professionals, and students.

Dwijendra Tripathi has been Kasturbhai Lalbhai Professor of Business History at the Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

Jyoti Jumani is a freelance teacher, researcher, and writer.


  Preface to the Concise Edition vii
  Prologue ix
  List of Plates x
  List of Abbreviations xii
1 The Backdrop: Indian Business c. 1700 1
2 Merchants During the Imperial Crisis 11
3 Towards Transition 20
4 The Western Scenario 37
5 Birth Pangs of Modern Industries 49
6 Rise of the Industrial Elite 59
7 Developing an Identity 77
8 Towards Maturity 91
9 Expatriates and Multinationals 111
10 During the War and After 126
11 Independence: A New Business Climate 144
12 Business in the Nehru Era 155
13 The Licence-Permit Raj 182
14 Aftermath of Liberalization 207
15 A Sum Up 233
  Appendix 241
  References 242
  Index 247

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