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Diksha (An Old and Rare Book)

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Author: Tridandi Sri Bhakti Vivek Paramhamsa
Publisher: Sree Gaudiya Math, Madras
Language: English
Edition: 1994
Pages: 44
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business

Human life is not easily accessible to a Jiva. One should begin devotional practices even in boyhood. Unless the engrossed jivas consecrate the body, mind and soul with the feet dust of the crest jewel devotees of Lord Sri Krishna they can't attain devotion. At the time of initiation a devotee surrenders himself entirely to the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna Appropriates him to His Own Self and at the same time makes him even as His Own self and transforms his body into transcendental bliss and pure intelligence by which the incorporated spiritual soul serves the Lotus Feet of the Supreme Lord with devotion and love at all times and under all circumstances.

Blessed is he who in rotating in his cycles of birth and rebirth throughout the fourteen worlds obtains the seed of the creeper of Bhakti by the grace of the Guru and Krishna. We are being floated in the stream of birth and death due to our evil actions of so many previous births. The detachment to the world comes to us by dint of Sukriti or spiritual virtue which is gained by serving the God realized souls. Then we proceed to Sadguru with submissive spirit and honest enquiry to know the way to our eternal good. The first Mantra of Vedanta Sutra has said, Athato Brahmajijnasa. When there is the enquiry of Brahman then one goes to Guru for knowing the path of highest blessedness.

Therefore, one desirous of Knowing the highest good should resort to a preceptor who is versed in the Vedas and who has realized the Ultimate Reality and who is free from attachment and hated.

Sri Gurudeva is beyong the Maya. He has come to pray to Sri Krishna about the humble supplication of the sincere seeker of Sri Krishna. Our devout and earnest prayer reaches to Sri Krishna through him only. And he advises us about the Glory of Sri Krishna's Name, From Pastimes, Realms etc. he is always busy in doing everything for the service of Sri Krishna. He is ever engaged in the eternal manifold services viz, dressing and decorating Sri Krishna and Cleansing the Temples besides inducing the devotees of the Lord to be similarly engaged. The exalted one who can keep under control the six fold passion of (i) Idle gossips, (ii) mental speculation, (iii) Wrath, (iv) Palatable dishes (v) gluttony and (6) carnal apetite is a a Goswami or Guru quite competent to dominate the whole world.

A Guru is not a true Guru, a kinsman of friend is not properly one such, a father is not a real father, even a mother is not the mother a deity is not worthy of worship as such a husband loses his claim to be his wife's lord, if each is not able to save one from the immanent death i.e. the circle of birth and death. The following will make the point clear. Asura-raja Bali disobeyed his guru Sukracharya who went to prevent his disciple from sacrificing his everything to God Vamandeva. Sri Ramachandra's devotee Vibhishana abandoned his brother Ravana to join the Master. The top class devotee Prahlada clung to Harinama against the desire of his father knowing fully well that it meant death from which God protected him at every step. Sri Bharata deemed his mother as his enemy for having secured for him the throne sending Sri Rama his Lord to exile. To please God Sri Krishna Sri Nanda defied Indra, the king of gods, and at his desire he worshipped Govardhana. The wives of Vrindavan Brahmins who were then engaged in offering sacrifice revolted against their husbands who prevented them from offering food meant for the sacrifice to Sri Krishna and His associates cowherd boys.

The humble soul who has no ego of high birth, wealth, learning etc. who has no desire for name and fame and who is very anxious for getting the service of Sri Krishna gets the fortune of coming in contact with Sadguru or Acharya due to benediction of Sri Krishna.

Sri Bhagavan said to Uddhava, one should Know the Acharya to be (no other than) Myself (the other self of the Supreme Lord) and should never disregard him nor should be pry into his faults taking him to be a mortal: for the preceptor represents all the gods (in his person).

In the preface I express my deep gratitude to His Holiness Tridandiswami Sri Srimad Bhakti Prajnan Yati Maharaj, the present Acharyadeva of the Math and Sannyasguru of myself in the path of Haribhajan. He laboured hard for fulfilling the Mission of our revered Guru Maharaj Srimad Bhaktivilas Tirtha Goswami Maharah and attained success. I make my humble obeisance to his feet.




  Dedication iii
  Preface v
Chapter 1 Diksha 1
Chapter 2 Varnadharma Vichara 7
Chapter 3 Diksha Mantra 13
Chapter 4 Three types of Vaishnavas 16
Chapter 5 Proper period for Initiation 21
Chapter 6 The ordeal of Precepter and the Disciple 23
Chapter 7 The Advent of Sri Krishna 25
Chapter 8 conclusion 31

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