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Easy -to-Play Minor Games

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Publisher: Mirambika, Free Progress School
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8188847283
Pages: 82
Cover: Paperback
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Another invaluable result of these activities (sports, etc.) is the growth of what has been called the sporting Spirit. That includes good humor and tolerance and consideration for all, a right attitude and friendliness to competitors and rivals, Self –control and scrupulous observance of the laws of the game, Fair play and avoid-Tory or defeat without bad humor ,resentment or ill-will towards successful competitors , loyal acceptance of the decisions of the appointed judge umpire or referee.

These qualities have their value for life in general and not only of sport, but the help that sport can give to their development is direct and invaluable . If they could be made more common not only in the life of the individual but in the national life and in the international where at the present day the opposite tendencies have become too rampant ,existence in this troubled world of ours would be smoother and might open to a greater chance of concord and amity of which it stands very much in need … even a highest and completest education of the mind is not enough without the education of the body.

The nation which possesses(these qualities) in the highest degree is likely to be the strongest for victory, success and greatness , but also for the contribution it can make towards the bringing about of unity and a more harmonious world order towards which we look as our hope for humanity’s future.


Games are an excellent means for breaking the initial shyness and hesitation that children have their first day of introduction to school. When people play together, they laugh together end establish an immediate rapport. In our own experience during Youth Work, we have observed ‘Games’ to be one of the best means to bring people together and for making friends of strangers.

In this book, games have been selected to suit almost any environment. They require only a small area and less equipment. Many of them can even be played indoors. Some ‘energetic games’ have also been included here to provide physical exercise besides the fun.

The way the games have been described here is not sacrosanct. An imaginative and enterprising leader can introduce variations to improve a game or to make it suit the context better. Games are more than child’s play. Without being conscious of it , children prepare themselves for life while enjoying the game. When they play well, they learn how to succeed and handle victory; when they don’t play so well , they learn how not to fail and how to handle defeat.

In their interactions with their playmates , they learn to respect others ,respect rules their environment . when they do things right , they unwittingly cultivate good habits; when they make mistake , they learn valuable lessons at very little cost. In short , through fun and games one can learn a lot.

Science there is no language barrier in games , they are also a wonderful way of bridging geographical barriers.

Sporting spirit 6
1Birds Fly..9
2Jumping The Fly Over9
3Help, Help 10
4Multiplication Table Game10
5Whos has the Treasure?11
6In and Out12
7Back to Back12
8catch This Ball12
9Net And Fish 13
10Fruit Salad13
11Musical Shoes 14
12The Floating Feather14
13Zip Zap15
14Spring the trap15
15Bang! Bang!16
16Come along, Please!16
17Pony rider17
18Physical Training 17
19Find out The leader17
20Jailor And Prisoner18
21Dog and bone 19
22Fire In The Mountain20
23Through The Arches21
25Crab walk22
26Tiger In The Cage22
27King Caesar23
28Frog And Flies23
29Uncle Sam24
30Bird Cather25
31Shake hands, Please!26
32Post Office26
33I saty Stop 27
34Good Morning!27
35Crows And Cranes28
36Red Light! Green Light!29
37Gnomes And Dwarfs29
39Slap, Slap, clap, Snap31
40Touch The Thing32
42Weak Link33
43Laugh Maker33
44Pass The Balls33
45White Duck, Yellow Duck34
46Flying Dutchmen34
47Cat and Rat35
48Around The World36
49The Sheep And Wolf37
50Ride Him,Cowboy37
51Snake And Mongoose38
52Run,Carrots, Run38
53English Kho39
54Pom Pom Pull Away40
55Find The ring41
56A Navy game42
57Noughts And Crosses43
58Follow The Leader43
60Double Circle Odd Man Out45
61Famous People 46
62The Silent Step47
63Cap game48
64Post Office 248
65One Leg Tag Game49
66Fishermen & The Nets50
68Japanese Kho Ko51
69Blind Fold Chela(Disciple)51
70Relay Races52
71Twice Around Relay58
72Tank -Bund58
73Passing The Buck 59
74Long, Long, Long Jump59
75Shake The Snake60
77Finding Out The Partner61
78Square Chasing62
79Musical Bumps 63
80Circle of Friends63
81Lion And Jackal64
82What Do I Mean?64
83Water Exchange65
84Log Roll65
85Musical Hotch-potch66
86Jump The Rope67
87Hopping Home67
88Musical Islands68
90Horse Riders69
92Streets and Alleys71
93Super-Duper Potato Race72
94Smile Please73
95Circle catch73
96Change The House74
97Four Corners Touch Ball75
98Excahnge Dodge Ball76
99Fire Ball76
100Roll Dodge Ball77
101Ball Trap78
102Tunnel Ball78
103Bat And run 79
104Whack And Catch79
105Three Base Kich Ball80
106Catch Ten81
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