The Energy Pathways in Our Body: Healing Through Acupuncture and Acupressure

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Author: Dr. Rama Venkataraman
Publisher: Srikunj Sadbhavana Manch
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 9788182650183
Pages: 159 (69 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

Acupuncture and acupressure are drugless therapies that are safe, simple, economical and yet very effective for treatment and prevention of a range of common diseases and ailments. The volume is an attempt to understand acupuncture: its effects and the theory of yin and yang that forms the basis of acupuncture. It examines the causes of diseases and functioning of organs of the body It discusses the nature of the acupuncture points present in the 14 channels and the way the activation of these points helps in treatment of various disorders in the body. With numerous drawings depicting the various body parts and acupuncture points, it deals with the specific acupuncture points for treating specific tissues. It also notes the symptoms of diseases of different organs.

The book details the advantages of the ancient therapy of acupuncture, especially as it doesn’t have side-effects and can be followed along with other modes of treatment like homoeopathy. There is also an attempt to understand the concept of kundalini energy and its association with acupressure. A list of important instructions for the acupuncture practitioners explains the correct procedures of applying pressure at points. A chapter on case histories mentions successful treatment given to patients with a range of ailments.

The book will be useful to scholars and students of medical science in general but particularly those interested in alternative medicines and medical therapies.


About the Author

Dr. (Mrs) Rama Venkataraman, an M.D. in acupuncture, has been serving in the field of alternative medicines for over three decades and has brought relief to large number of patients. She also has to her credit several easy-to- understand books in the sphere of energy dynamics.

She is also a doctorate in Environmental Sociology. The other publications to her credit are Dramatic Version of the Seven Major Upanisads; Ladakh — A Himalayan Treasure, a socio-cultural book dealing with tourism aspects.



Acupuncture and acupressure are drugless therapies of Indian origin, now labelled as Chinese, because they received patronage in China. This is a simple, safe, economical and yet very effective form of treatment. It is very useful for prevention of diseases, for the First Aid treatment in case of acute emergencies and for treatment of many common ailments of day-to-day life. Understanding this information will help in giving relief to a wide range of health problems. Acupuncture /Acupressure, being economical, may prove to be a boon for the developing countries like India. Expenses for drugs may be curtailed to be used to fulfil the basic needs of the people.

Dr Rama Venkataraman is a noted acupuncture therapist. I am very happy that this student of mine has taken a lot of efforts to compile this book. I hope that this book will be very much useful for the learners of this science. I congratulate her for writing this book and wish her success in her future life.



For the last few years, a sense of unease had entered in me, on seeing people around me becoming victims of bewildering kinds of ailments. Though many have the grit to grin and bear with the illness stoically, I could sense a total feeling of helplessness against ailments which play havoc to their quest for peaceful existence.

Many of the modern diseases are long-drawn, requiring life long medication, like diabetes, high blood pressure or the crippling ones, like spondylosis, asthma or still worse the fatal ones like heart attack and many others. The treatment offered for most of the diseases are costly and time-consuming. Many of my near and dear ones were also victims to such ailments.

This led me to a long and determined search into the literature on alternative medicine. I pored over a wide variety of medical topics ranging from yoga, meditation, magnetic therapy, gem therapy, reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, etc. My search was for a therapy which is effective, economical as well as easy to understand and follow.

When I came across the ancient therapy of acupuncture, more popularly followed in China and other Far East countries, I seemed to have found the answer to my search. The therapy appealed to me for a few reasons.

1. It is an effective, time-tested method and has an answer for a wide spectrum of diseases, from minor to major.

2. It can be easily understood by large number of people. With few explanatory lectures the person may be able to use it for any health problem.

3. It is most economical. It does not involve intake or use of any medication except the knowledge of right pressure points in the body.

4. It has absolutely no side effects. The therapy can be followed along with other medical disciplines like Allopathy, Homoeopathy, etc. Then the dosage of medicines can be decreased as stimulation of the points takes effect.

In the following pages I have explained as to how the therapy works, its concepts and practical applicability. The endeavour is to spread the wealth of this time-tested, effective medical knowledge to maximum number of people.



The therapy as explained in the following pages has its base in the acupuncture principle. This is an ancient and effective medical therapy followed in the East for many centuries. As to the origin of the therapy it is still shrouded in debate. Though in the later years it found wide acceptability in China and Far East countries, its long practice in India cannot be ruled out. Some of the moxibustion and branding techniques followed in Kerala where “Marmasthans” are activated for the cure of different diseases have its origin in acupuncture therapy. But at the same time, while Chinese extensively developed it and penetrated the pressure points with needles for stimulation of the latent energy, in India over the course of time, with the development of Ayurveda and with current extensive stress on allopathy, these concepts neither developed further, nor did the existing knowledge receive science proper importance and due place.

However, knowledge, specifically health knowledge should not have any boundaries. Hence turning to the storehouse of knowledge as developed and practised by our neighbours, we can have a fresh insight into the dynamics of human body as per the concepts of this therapy.

Acupressure produces the same results as acupuncture when applied diligently. The location and understanding of these therapeutic points is more important for the effectiveness of the therapy. These points are found on the surface of the skin. They can be equated to small windows or openings facilitating the exchange of energy from the body to the outside cosmos and vice versa. The physical presence of these points was proved recently by Kirlian photography developed in Russia and Germany. This photography helps in taking photos of the energy around the body. The Kirlian photographs clearly brought to light the acupuncture points present in the body, which are the energy exchange points in the body.

Hence, it is very important to understand and use these energy points in the body and keep our body energy in harmony to remain in good health.




  Foreword — Prof. (Dr.) P.B. Lothiya vii
  Preface ix
1. Introduction 1
2. Understanding Acupuncture 3
  Needling 3
  Effects of Acupuncture 4
  Acupressure of Acupuncture Points 5
  Anatony of Pressure Points 6
  Treating Pressure Points by Hand 8
  Other Methods of Stimulation 9
  Facial Pressure Points 12
  Alarm Points 15
  Improving the Working of Vital Organs 19
  Easy Delivery 24
  Organ clock 26
3. Concept 28
4. Cause of Diseases 29
5. Organs of the Body 30
  Function of Yin-Yang Organs 30
  The Meridians 31
  The Route 32
  The Yin-Yang Connections 33
6. Energy Points 35
  Functions 35
  Location of Energy Points 36
  Chun Measurement 37
  Points to be Noted of Each Channel 39
  The Three Treasures in the Body 39
  The Vital Fluids 40
  The Fourteen Channels: Location and Function 41
  Lung Channel 42
  Large Intestine Channel 45
  Stomach Channel 47
  Spleen Channel 52
  Heart Channel 56
  Small Intestine Channel 59
  Urinary Bladder Channel 62
  Kidney Channel 69
  Pericardium Channel 72
  Triple Heater Channel 75
  Gall Bladder Channel 77
  Liver Channel 83
  Du Channel (Governing Vessel) 86
  Ren Channel (Conception Vessel) 89
  The Starting and Ending of Channels 94
8. Influential Points 95
  Distal Point 97
  Specific Effect Points 100
  Analgesic (Pain Removing) Points 100
  Sedative Points 101
  Homoeostasis Points 102
  Immune Enhancing 102
  Tonification 103
  Emergency Points 104
9. Diagnoing Symptoms for Different Organs 105
10. Diseases and Relevant Points Used for Treatment 107
  Respiratory Disorders 107
  Cardiovascular Disorders 109
  Gastrointestinal Disorders 111
  Liver and Spleen Disorders 113
  Genito-Urinary Disorders 115
  Disorders of Women 117
  Locomotor Disorders 119
  Skin Disorders 122
  Ear Disorders 124
  Eye Disorders 126
  Endocrine Disorders 128
  Psychiatric Disorders 130
  Nervous System Disorders 132
11. Extra Points 136
12. Kundalini Energy 138
13. Important Instructions for the Practitioner 139
14. Case Histories 141

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