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A Treatise on Advance Acupressure / Acupuncture (Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture)

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Author: M. P. Khemka and Suman Khemka Chaudhry
Language: English
Edition: 2023
Pages: 350
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Book Description


Energy particles which are haphazard scattered being restless and useless. If these become in integrity victorious will be humanity.

Energy particles, restless and haphazard. The man is called co-ordinator and organiser who tells the method for use to useless to arrange the scattered to calm the restless and to well organised the haphazard. When these scattered energy particles are integrated. Humanity becomes victorious co-ordinator is life to becomes meaningful. It was before thousands of years when Chinese scholars of Acupressure and Acupuncture recognised these scattered energy particles in the cosmos and human body, invented the methods to arrange them made treatment protocols for by arranging them for healthy human body mind and soul.

Before thousands of years scholars of Chinese Acupuncture, told that the human body and the whole cosmos is made of five elements. These elements are water, wood for fire, earth and metal. There are four life substances in human body. These body fluids are Qi, Blood, Body Fluids and Life Essence. In human body when there becomes imbalance anywhere in these five elements are four life substances then human body, mind are should becomes diseased. These imbalances may be of eight types. These eight types are -Yin, Yang, Excess, Deficient, External, Internal, Hot and Cold. There are ten internal organs of body related to five elements. These organs are kidney and Urinary Bladder, Liver and Gall Bladder, Heart and Small Intestine, Spleen and Stomach, Lungs and Large Intestine.

To diagnose the imbalance in five elements after then to know that which internal organ is imbalanced and again to know.

Which life substance has been effected in life substances after then to know that which type of importance is that then to balance that imbalance, methods of all these has been defined by scholars of Chinese Acupuncture in Tradition Chinese Acupuncture Medicine. These definition are known as for fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture. If there has been tried to explain these principle in easy language in this book.

There is a unique well defined method of diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There has been tried to explain Chinese Methods of Diagnosis of discuss in this book.

In Tradition Chinese Acupuncture they hare their alone type of the treatment method. Mostly diseases are cured by balancing the Qi. By Curing deficiency of Qi, weakness is cural surprisingly. Pain is cured by treating stagnation of Qi, vericose veins, piles, hernia, ptosis etc. may be cured by raising sinking of Qi there become instant relief by treading contradiction of Qi in vomiting, nauses, cold limbs, heating head etc. dizziness, backache, weakness amenorrhea etc. are cured by the treatment of deficiency of blood. Dysmenorrheal may be cured by treating blood stasis. When these is purple nails and tongue cause of this may be stasis are stagnation of blood. There has been given surprising treatment protocols for treatment of unwanted bleeding from body in Chinese Acupuncture. Peareased body fluids causes dryness and excess body fluids causes edema in body and when body fluids are collected in Spleen, Lungs and Kidney they take the form of phlegm, the some phlegm terms stone by heat are then they take the form of tumor.

Treatment protocols of all these also have been given in Chinese Acupuncture. In T.C.M. it has been told that making pure and refined the level of life essence by improving our behavior life style with good thought the best and easy way of life can be established.

On all the aspects of above all these diagnosis and treatment has been discussed a "elaborately in this book. In Traditional Chinese Acupuncture bulary used is Chinese we have for translated them some where in easy Hindi and somewhere Chinese vocabulary has been used as it is.

We belief that this book will be useful for the students, teachers, trainees and scholars of Chinese Acupuncture. We have tried to communicate the fundamental of Chinese Acupuncture to readers in easy language. The rest of the matters will be given in next publication of "A Treaties on Advance Acupressure /Acupuncture Part VIII".

We apologize for the mistakes in the book from good readers. We are grateful to Senior Vice President and Course Director Shri J. P. Agrawal. Acupressure Research, Training and Treatment Center, Allahabad who has given time to time guidance in writing the book.

We are grateful to Shri K. C. Goel Vice President (Finance) Acupressure Research, Training and Treatment Center, Allahabad who has co-operation proof reading and outfit of the book.


There is unique confluence of macro and micro. There is surprising combination of extreme energy of God and firm will power of both the Writers in the creatiany this book. The base article of this book clears the difference of macro and micro. In this book sentences coveted as formula from source book of classic Acupuncture 'Yellow Emperor' with their meaningful effect have made each law and principle of classical Acupuncture very very clear, respectable and useful.

For research students and therapists of Acupuncture such type of literatures may be available rarely. This book will be a torch bearer in making positive changes in the view of Acupuncturists. In this book mystery of life and death has been presented through the example of water and ice in very easy way. Six types of Qi interrelation of five elements and their use in new method in treatment world, elaboration of Yin-Yang principles and their new method of use knowledge of different organs of body related energy flow direction fine distinction in energy and energy conducts blood, clear explanation of complicated Acupuncture words, different dimensions of diagnosis, elaborated presentation of specific Acupuncture points and at last disease wise treatment protocols etc. are very few characteristics of this very very important book may be maintained. In the reference of this book I can only say that at the date of today which has been presented in this book in national language is not elsewhere.

After the book I consider it's my duty to below some flowers of words inhnour of God that Almighty God has given his extreme energy to Sri Mata Prasad Ji Khemka and made the invisible form of energy visible.

It is not so is it possible that only with extreme will power like a rock a man with thin body has prepared the base of diagnosis and treatment by micro acu points on hand without palavering of needle and prepared the founding stone of disease demolition revolution?

In the last I pray to God that we all may co-operate and impart are service to both of the writers in their disease demolition revolution.

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