Ethics and Epics (The Collected Essays of Bimal Krishna Matilal)
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Ethics and Epics (The Collected Essays of Bimal Krishna Matilal)

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Author: Jonardon Ganeri
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9780199460953
Pages: 451
Cover: Paperback
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The unifying motif of Bimal Krishna Matilal's work is the study of rational traditions in Indian philosophical thought. With his ability to span the divide between the Indian and Western intellectual traditions, he brought contemporary techniques of analytical philosophy to bear upon the issues raised in classical Indian philosophy and, conversely, to highlight the relevance of Indian thought in the modern world.

From analyses of the arguments of the classical philosophers to an evaluation of the role of philosophy in classical Indian society, from critique of Western perceptions of Indian philosophy to reflection on the thought of Indian intellectuals like Bankimchandra and Radhakrishnan, the two volumes bring together rare and landmark essays. This volume includes sections on dharma, rationality and moral dilemmas; epics and ethics; pluralism, relativism, and interaction between cultures; ideas from the east; and concepts in Indian religions. The companion volume, Mind, Language and World deals with scepticism and mysticism; Nyaya realism; Indian Buddhism; Sanskrit semantics; and philosophy in India: perceptions and problems.


About the Author

Jonardon Ganeri is Recurrent Visiting Professor of Philosophy, King’s College London, and Global Professor, New York University. His writings include The Lost Age of Reason (2011) and The Self (2012)




Part I Dharma, Rationality and Moral Dilemmas 1
1 Moral Dilemmas and Religious Dogmas 3
2 Sri Ramakrsna: Simplicity with Profundity 14
3 Moral Dilemmas: Insights from Indian Epics 19
4 Elusiveness and Ambiguity in Dharma-Ethics 36
5 Dharma and Rationality 49
6 Rationality, Dharma and the Pramana Theory 72
Part II Epics and Ethics 83
7 Rama's Moral Decisions 85
8 Krsna: In Defence of a Devious Divinity 91
9 The Throne: Was Duryodhana Wrong? 109
10 Karma and Renunciation 123
11 Caste, Karma and the Gita 136
12 Love and Sensuality in the Epics 145
13 Violence in the Epics: Sati and Suicide 154
Part III Pluralism, Relativism and Interaction Between Cultures 159
14 The Problem of Inter-faith Studies 161
15 Towards Defining Religion in the Indian Context 166
16 Religion and Value 175
17 Between Peace and Deterrence 196
18 Ethical Relativism and Confrontation of Cultures 218
19 Pluralism. Relativism and Interaction Between Cultures 242
Part IV Ideas from The East 263
20 The East, the Other 265
21 Salvation in a Bottle: Religion, Psychedelics and Mysticism-A Post-mortem 278
22 Yoga, Mediation and Mantras: The Oceanic Feeling 309
23 Back to Godhead: The Hare Krsna Movement 325
Part V Concepts in India Religions 353
24 On Omnipotence 355
25 Duhkha, Nirvana and Holy Men 369
26 On the Universality of Suffering 381
27 The Quest for Immortality 390
28 Karma and the Moral Order 405
29 A Note on Samkara’s Theodicy 421
  Index 433
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