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Fasting (A Unique Remedy For a Hundred Ailments) (A Rare Book)

Fasting (A Unique Remedy For a Hundred Ailments) (A Rare Book)
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Item Code: IHK017
Author: R.M. Mehta
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9788124310540
Pages: 141
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
weight of the book: 170 gms
About this Book

This author of the original book Dr. Shelton ran his naturopathy clinic for 36 years and treated more than 40 thousands patients of all ages for various ailments through fasting. This book written as a result of his vast experience sounds a clear ring of his knowledge in our ears. For each disease he ahs given us the causes and a scientific analysis of the effects of the medicines usually prescribed. At the same time, he as shown the limitations of fasting too! Moreover he has advised the people to fast only under the guidance of an expert and experienced person. Instructions are also given about when not to fast when to give up the fasts or when to take fruit juices only.

For the educated reader the book will have two fold benefits. It encourages the frugal use of food in our poor country. At the same time it shows how to enjoy better health through fasting.

In our country a tradition to fast on ‘Ekadashi’, ‘Purnima’ and during certain religious festivals already exists. As this book shows a scientific way of fasting it is sure to provide a rational basis for fasting to the educated cognizant people of our modern society.




1 Fasting and You 7
2 Fasting to Reduce the Weight 13
3 Fasting and Diet 17
4 Greed Against Hunger 22
5 Four Reasons for Fasting 26
6 Fasting for more energy 32
7 Fasting or starvation 35
8 Fasting During Diseases 37
9 The Time and place for fasting 40
10 Benefit of fasting 46
11 Nine basic conditions 51
12 Conclusion of fasts 57
13 Safeguard of health and fasting 60
14 Rejuvenation Through fasting 64
15 Fast to Increase Weight 68
16 Children’s fasts 70
17 Fasting in Serious Sickness 73
18 Fasting in Chronic Diseases 76
19 Fasting in Cold, Catarrh, Flu, Etc. 80
20 Asthma and Fasting 83
21 Swelling of joints or Arthritis 86
22 Peptic Ulcer 93
23 Fasting and Headache 98
24 High Blood Pressure 100
25 Heart Ailments and fasting 103
26 Colitis 108
27 Skin Diseases 115
28 Enlargement of Prostate 118
29 Fasting in Gonorrhoea 122
30 Paralysis 124
31 Nephritis 128
32 Gall Bladder Stone 131
33 Infertility Among Women 134
34 Fasting During Pregnancy 136
  Ayurveda on Fasting 139

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