Folklore (Identify of Culture)
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Folklore (Identify of Culture)

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Item Code: NAQ874
Author: Dr. M.V. Vishnu Namboodiri
Publisher: Department of Information and Public Relations, Government of Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2019
Pages: 96 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 7.70 X 5.40 inch
Weight 190 gm
About the Author

Born in 1939 at Ramanthali village near Payyannur in Kannur district, Dr. M.V. Vishnu Namboodiri is the son of Subrahmanyan Namboodiri and Drowpathi Antharjanam.

Taking his M.A. in Malayalam from Calicut University with first class, he took his Ph.D. in Folklore from Kerala University. Dr. M.V. Vishnu Namboodiri is a recipient of the Kerala Sahitya Academy Award in 1992 for his book 'Folklore Nighandu.' In 1998 he received the 'Pattathanam Award,' constituted by the Zamorin Raja for folklore studies and the Kerala Folklore Academy award for his contribution in the field of folklore research and published works In 1999. He was bestowed with the Dr. T.P. Sukumaran Endowment Award from Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy in 2009.

Dr. Vishnu Namboodiri has written and published about 56 books in the field of folklore study. Folklore Nighandu, Nadotivijnaneeyam, Theyyam, Poorakkali, Thottampattukal: Oru Padanam, Keralathile Nadan-sangeetham, Nadanpattukal Malayalathil, Mandrika vijnanam and Gaveshanapravesika are some of the important works. Dr. M.V. Vishnu Namboodiri was the Chairman of Kerala Folklore Academy.


Superstitions would be similar in different countries. But with variations, folklores are quite typical of each country. all very colourful and interesting. Folklore. by nature is traditional. All the traditional aspects of life including customs, beliefs, behaviour. drama. dances. art, painting and sculpture of past times of a particular area are the subject matter of its Folklore. Folk literature includes those loves which do not have a physical existence. but find expression through language; oral or written. Folk beliefs, superstitions and all non-literary elements. some of which are verbal. also belong to the non -material group. They find expression through movements of the body and in the songs.

Folklore can serve to validate a culture as well as transmit a culture's morals and values. The theme can also be the root of many cultural types of music. Perspectives on folklore will differ from region to region. Any culture will be viewed differently from the outside and from the inside.

Kerala's rich tollgates are populated with real life heroes who more often have super-natural powers and include the legendary king Mahabali to the eccentric Naranath Bhranthan. Folklore originates from the rhythm of real life and the hopes and aspirations of the common people. Kerala's folklore. mixed with mythologies and legends. is a reflection of the reality of life experiences.

This book will take you to an expedition through some of the folk arts of Kerala, our good old days, full of rich traditions and cultural rhythms of lives which we have lost somewhere on our may to the sickening and hectic pace of modern day living.

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