Food Principles For Healthy Living

Food Principles For Healthy Living

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Author: Dr. Rajiv Rastogi
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8170842156
Pages: 85
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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This book is a sincere effort to cover all possible aspects of diet commonly used and its role in health and disease. The book tries to teach the basic principles behind the food and diet therapy in a logical way. Food plays an important role not only in treating the body in a better way but also helps to revent several lifestyle disorders. The specialty of this book is its simple and impressive style of presentation and a scientific approach about the health care benefits of Naturopathy and Yoga.

About the Author

Dr. Rajiv Rastogi is an expert of Naturopathy an author and a dedicated worker of this field for more than 17 years. Presently he is an assistant director (Naturopathy) in Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN) which is an autonomous body of ministry of health and family welfare, Government of India under the department of Indian systems of Medicine and Homeopathy. He has authored many books on different aspects of Naturopathy and Yoga have been published regularly in leading newspapers and periodicals.


Through centuries food has played a vital role for human beings in health and disease. The history of man to a great extent has been a struggle to obtain food. Until the turn of the century the science of nutrition had a limited range. Great advances have been made during the past 50 years in the knowledge of nutrition and in the practical application of that knowledge. Specific nutritional diseases were identified and technologies developed to control them. The association of nutrition with infection immunity, fertility, maternal and child health and family health engaged scientific attention. More recently a great deal of interest has been focused on the role of dietary factors in the pathogenesis of non communicable diseases such as coronary heart disease diabetes and cancer.

The role of food on behavior and character of a person is also not negiligible. The Bhagavad-Gita mentions about sattvika, rajasika and tamasika food and their qualities.

Undoubtedly the base of naturopathy is the right and timely application of diet while treating a patient. The author has made a sincere effort to cover all the possible aspects of diet and its role in health and disease which is the result of his more than 17 years of valuable practice and experience in this field. I am sure the question answer sort of narrations is an easy and quick mode of communication which has been rightly chosen by the author.

Naturopathic food principles which is in demand in this era of contamination and pollution. I feel that the author has fulfilled the need well in time. I am sure this book will educate the common mass on right dieting.


Health as we know is a feeling which cannot be measured by the so called expensive and sophisticated diagnostic methods of modern medicine. Where the medicine fails the nature starts its work. Food plays an important as well as conducive role in assisting nature to eliminate the morbid matter from the body. The principles of food are very simple yet very effective at the same time. In this book food principles of Healthy living, I have simply tired to describe in a logical way the basic principles behind the food and diet therapy which play a major role not only in the nature cure science but in our daily routine also. The object behind preparing this book is to let the people know what is the role of food in gaining optimum health. The good quality balanced and natural food not only treats the body in a better way but also helps to prevent several so called lifestyle disorders. Nature cure believes that your food is your medicine but seeing the importance of right kind of food it may be said that the food is the only medicine.

The book is prepared for common man with a view to propagate the basic thing behind the food concepts. I hope the book will be welcomed by all.


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