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Gitam Journal of Gandhian Studies: Dedicated to Promote Altruism, Peace and Nonviolence

Gitam Journal of Gandhian Studies: Dedicated to Promote Altruism, Peace and Nonviolence
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Item Code: NAH554
Publisher: Gitam Institute for Gandhian Studies
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 22492240
Pages: 578
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.8 inch x 6.5 inch

The Navajivan Managing Trustee has fallen a victim to the prevailing fashion and illusion. He wants a "Foreword" from me to a book of selection from Gandhiji's writings dealing with religion and God. The subject as well as the author ought to have saved Shri Jivanji from this foreword-hunger. But so strong is fashion that in spite of everything he has done like others and wants me to do what is wholly unnecessary.

God and therefore religion are fundamental necessities for normal healthy life - to the individual as well as to nations. Here in this book the reader will find Gandhiji speaking from his heart on various occasions in the course of thirty years of the maturest period of his life. What a modern man who did very great things thought on the subject of God and religion cannot fail to be instructive to educated men and women in these difficult days.

"We the human families are not all philosophers. Somehow or other we want something which we can touch, something which we can see, something before which we can kneel down. It does not matter whether it is a book or an empty stone-building or a stone-building inhabited by numerous figures": so wrote Gandhiji, defending temple worship on the background of other prevailing religions.

"Hindu Dharma is like a boundless ocean teeming with priceless gems. The deeper you dive, the more treasures you find," said Gandhiji. Anyone who desires to understand what sort of a man the Father of the Nation was, must read this book.

One may not want to learn anything about religion that is not in our Shastras or in other religious books. But here is a facet of the mind of a great man we love and to whom the nation is grateful. It has a value over and above a book of religious instruction.




January-June 2013 (No. 1)
  Truth is God 1
  Compiled by R.K. Prabhu; with a Foreword by C. Rajagopalachari  
  Sabyasachi Bhattacharya  
  What Does the Gandhian Heritage Mean to Us? 109
  K. Ramakrishna Rao  
  Gandhi and Economics 117
  Douglas Allen  
  The Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi Today: Nonviolence, the Ego, and the Transformed Life and World 135
  R.C. Pradhan  
  Gandhi's Way to Truth: Spirituality of the Heart versus Spirituality of the Mind 155
  Madhuri Santanam Sandhi  
  Conflict in Contemporary India 167
  B. Sambasiva Prasad  
  Religious Thoughts of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi: A Comparative Study 179
  Ashok Vohra  
  Gandhi and Nehru 203
  Anil Dutta Mishra  
  Reading Gandhi; by Y.P. Anand 239
  Richard Sorabji  
  Gandhi and the Stoics; by K. Joshua 246
  Tridip Suhrud  
  Reading Gandhi in Two Tongues and Other Essays; 250
  by D. Jeevankumar  
July-December 2013 (No. 2)
  M.K. Gandhi  
  India of My Dreams 291
  Sudhir Kakar  
  Leadership and Spirituality: Gandhi 349
  Douglas Allen  
  Gandhi on Value: Value as Relation, Modernity,and Corruption 357
  Shivantika Sharad and Girishwar Misra  
  Living Truthfully: Gandhi's Search for the Essence of Humanity 369
  Asghar Ali Engineer  
  Gandhiji and the Prophet (PBUH) 395
  Irfan Engineer  
  Legacy of Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer 404
  P.K. Gupta  
  Mahatma Gandhi's Strategy & Indian Politics 410
  By Y.P. Anand  
  A.K.S. Parihar  
  Gandhi: His Relevance for Our Times 416
  By G.Vedaparayana  
  K.S. Chalam  
  Economic Reforms and Social Exclusion: Impact of Liberalisation on Marginalized Groups in India 427
  By D.S.V.S. Balasubramanyam  
  Abstracts of Gandhirama-2012 435
  INDEX 554

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