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A Glimpse Of The Human Body: The Structure and Functions

A Glimpse Of The Human Body: The Structure and Functions
Item Code: IDF654
Author: Shirley Telles
Publisher: Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashana
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 8187313056
Pages: 131 (B & W Figures: 57)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0" X 5.9"
weight of the book: 163 gms
About the Book:

This book gives a compact vision about the structure and function of the human body in its most basic form. The complex structure and its myrid functions have been lucidly delineated by Dr. Shirley, an eminent Neurophysiologist. She has made a successful attempt in taking through this interesting sajourn of human biology. She has initiated the travel through a window into the structure and functional organization of biological unit and takes one through various systems skeletal system to reproductive system. She has used simple language with straight forward disposition of the facts, making the whole reading informative and pleasurable while doing so she also keeps the subject interesting and thought provoking.

I am sure that this short treatise certainly gives the glimpse of the Human body to those who are not student of human biology, but intending to take a travel through this complex make of Human biology.

1. Introduction 1
2. Why we behave the way we do and How much we can change 10
3. The Skeletal System 17
4. The Blood 31
5. The Circulatory System 38
6. The Respiratory System 48
7. Nutrition 58
8. The Digestive System 66
9. The Excretory System 76
10. The Brain-An enchanted Loom 86
11. Physiology of Stress 98
12. The Mechanisms of Defense 101
13. The Endocrine System 107
14. Senses and Sense Organs 118
15. The Reproductive System 124

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