Hatha Yoga Simplified

Hatha Yoga Simplified

Item Code: IDF899
Author: Shri Yogendra
Publisher: The Yoga Institute
Language: English
Edition: 1999
Pages: 173 (B & W Illus: 15)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.0" X 4.6"
From the Back of the Book:

A difficult subject dealt with simplicity and in depth by Shri Yogendra who devoted all his life in simplifying a complex subject like yoga, so that it is understood by the layman. The book deals with some important topics like respiratory activity, sexual drive and its control brain and nervous system with its complex network skin the largest organ of the body and hygiene in general.

The fundamental purpose of yoga is to transcend the limitation of sense of I the ego in order to merge with a higher consciousness, resulting in a healthy disease-free body, mental stability, emotional balance, intellectual insight and spiritual awakening; the ultimate goal of human life.

About the Author:

Born Manibhai Haribhai desai in the year 1897 in rural Gujarat the boy later to known as the Founder, Shri Yogendraji suffered from poor Health. With the help of a sympathetic schoolteacher however he was able to completely transform himself into a robust individual known for his feats of strength. This influence fired him with a burning zeal for reformation from this time onwards. While undergoing college education in preparation for a career in the I.C.S. he met under auspicious circumstances Paramahamsa Madhavadsaji of Malsar and completely renounced his wordly career to be a pupil to his Guru. During the following years, Shri Yogendraji wrote and published several literary works of distinction including the first Gujarati translation of Tagore's Gitanjali. In 1919 at the behest of his teacher the Founder left the shores of India for America after having he founded the first organized centre on yoga.

In 1974 The Yoga Institute got its permanent headquarters at Bombay. In 1958 with the objective of preparing trained teachers to teach Yoga. The Teachers Training Institute was started. In 1971 under the auspices of the Government of India, medical research was conducted with a panel of 14 doctors. In 1973 The International Board of Yoga was founded. Put in an epitome, the whole life of Shri Yogendra has been a crusade to preserve the pristine purity of Yoga for the benefit of modern man.

He has preferred to be forthright in his views and is content that the Institute he has built though small is self-supporting vital and strong besides being imbued with the classical spirit of yoga.

Chapter 1 Care of the Respiratory Apparatus 18-63
Chapter 2 Care of the sexual organs 65-104
Chapter 3 Care of the Brain and Nervous system 105-134
Chapter 4 Care of the Skin and its Appendices 137-144
Chapter 5 Hygiene in General 146-165
Time 165
Conclusion 166
Index 169

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