Hinduism (Unity in Diversity)

Hinduism (Unity in Diversity)

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Author: Gautam Patel
Publisher: Nilam G. Patel, Ahmedabad
Pages: 355
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One of the most effective methods of philosophizing is ‘Dialogue’ which is a time-hallowed technique philosophers. k the modem world, Plato’s Dialogues are famous and it is said that all the modem, Western Philosophy is a footnote to the ‘Plato’s Dialogues.’ Similarly, one can say that, most if not all, Indian Philosophy is a footnote to the Upanisads. In the Upanisads also, there are many dialogues and dialogues palpably are such a form which makes even the abstruse philosophy palatable and penetrating too.

En this hoary tradition of dialogues this book ‘Hinduism: Unity in Diversity’ by my mentor (1 feel happy to regard him as such) Dr. Gautam Patel is a valuable addition to such dialogue literature.

The whole book is in the form of question answer Sisya - a disciple asks questions regarding the various aspects of Hinduism and the Guru - preceptor deals with these questions thoroughly, convincingly elucidating and unraveling the many knotty points of the Hinduism.

What is Hinduism? Is it one religion or many religions going under the name of Hinduism? Is it, as some disparagingly call it a conglomeration of many, sometime, primitive beliefs and customs ? It has been defined as a way of life. (Dr. Radhakrishnan). Is it not conceding our inability to define it in definitive terms ? Some (Nirad Chaud.huri) call Hinduism a religion to live by. Of Course, all religions, their adherents would claim, are to be followed and practiced according to one’s own light, and live by.

All these confounding and confusing questions are taken up by Dr. Gautam Patel in simple terms, (unlike presented here in this forward and expounded and elucidated in the most lucid manner. Dr. Gautam Patel is a dazzling star in the firmament of academic world of Gujarat and by his brilliance of scholarship critical acumen vast experience profound erudition and original thinking has illuminated many dark spots of the Hinduism. Dr. Gautam Patel has answered some of the apparently intricate questions like what is the gender of a god? Has anyone god? Why do we have to pay for our bad deeds when god is said to be merciful ? why do we perform the Satya Narayana puja and so on. I will not here attempt to reproduce the answers provided by the learned author. For that the reader must peruse the original answers provided by the writer and get enlightened.

One writer Subramniam Swami has written a book portraying the Hindus followers of the Hinduism under siege. This political writer’s diagnosis may be accurate or may not be but I am sanguine that this book by Dr. Gautam Patel will remove many doubts from the minds of the followers of the Hinduism and if they are under siege at all they will be able to defy and destroy the siege and come out more confident more spiritual and as Dr. Gautam Patel has emphasized more tolerant which may be the demand of the day.


It was a very auspicious day at Gandhi-Mandir of Weine, New Jersy, USA when I delivered a lecture on ‘Positive Thinking’ especially on the invitation of Mr. Navanitbhai Vora. It was auspicious because I happened to meet Dr. Shashikant Pate!. I have no words to describe his greatness. He invited me to join his twelfth Kaliash Yatra and my wife Smt. Nilam Pate! and myself went to holy Mana-Sarovara and Kailash. Those were the best cherishable days of our life.

Those days were best because we came across many loving hearted people among them. Dr. Suryakanta Shukla and Dr. Mrudulaben Shukla were there. On my visit to USA in the year 2008 they suggested that our Indian children who desire to know about Hinduism require some specific help so that not only they learn Hinduism but by knowing its greatness they do love and respect their religion. Unfortunately due to the long history, many sects and various thoughts like tributaries have mingled with the main flow in the Ganga of Hinduism. Hence many times contrary or contradictory statements, situations or thoughts are found in Hinduism. This gave an opportunity to many opponents, detractors to comment in their own way against Hinduism and our children have to face them.

To provide enough arguments to our students to answer such ridiculous questions on one side and to equip them with proper precepts and principles of Hinduism, Dr. Suryakantbhai and Dr. Mrudulaben kindly suggested to me to write a book on Hinduism. This is the story of the birth of this book.

This noble couple have a daughter named Smt. Himani and a grand daughter Miss Karena, They have sent me some relevant questions regarding Hinduism with a view that the answers to them would be appreciated on their part. These questions really formed a base on which the structure of this book is erected. 1 have, added some more questions which were raised by people during my other visits in Africa UK or USA. To complete the whole book covering almost all aspects of Hinduism I have preferred to write the whole book in a question answer form. I appreciate the zeal and the quest of the dear daughter Miss Karena and her mother Smt. Himani for providing such a ground by which I could write this book. I have devoted special section to their questions. I thank them the daughter the mother and the grandfather and the grandmother who all are really grand and possessed of genuine love for Hinduism.

Prof. C.V. Raval the versatile professor of Eastern and Western philosophy gave me several books on Hinduism. My friend Acharya Kanjibhai Patel Provided me the facility to sit in the best available library of the L.D. Institute of Indology. I thank him whole heartedly. Shri Yogesh Patel of Bombay has also helped me.

My thanks are due to sympathetic attitude of Dr. Jitendra Shah the Director of the L.D. Institute of Indology who has really encouraged me for this work. Librarian Mr. Karasan Vankar was always helpful. After some days Dr. Manibhai Prajapati the former Prof. of Library Science of the Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University joined the Institution. He has proved a great blessing to me. He has helped whole heartedly in bringing out this book. I thank him for his great timely help.

Prof. Vijay Pandya a former Prof. of Vedanta Philosophy at the Department of Sanskrit, Gujarat University has been my friend philosopher and guide especially to write the six systems of Indian philosophy. I thank him for writing an appropriate forward to this book.


1Vedic Sanatana Hindu Dharma 1
2Veda and Vedic Literature26
3Upanisadic Literature 51
4Vedanga Literature 76
5Smrti Literature 79
6Ramayna and Mahabharata 106
7Bhagavd-Gita 127
8Theory of Incarnation 184
9Purana Literature 202
10Six Systems of philosophy 213
11Concepts of Guru & Mantra 251
12Science Religion and modern Hinduism263
Questions by; Miss Karna Amy & Mrs. Himani 271
Appendix IUniversal Prayer 323
Appendix IIAnanda Mimansa 338
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