The Holy Quran (Translation in Roman Script With Original Arabic Text)

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Author: M. Marmaduke Pickthall
Language: Arabic Text with Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 8171512062
Pages: 640
Cover: Hardcover
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The Transliteration of the Holy Qur-'aan, Part 30, with a short Introduction, had appeared in December, 1971 and was distributed gratis in different countries by my son Yahya. It gained popularity, and there was a great demand from Europe, America and Africa to print it with English translation as well. By the Grace of Almighty Allah I was able to bring out in 1973 a volume of the first ten parts of the Qur-'aan (in Arabic Script) along with the transliteration in Raman Script printed side by side wnh Mr. Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthal's well-known English "meaning of the Qur-'aan". This was followed by the complete Qur-'aan with Arabic text, Roman transliteration and English translation which was printed and published in 1978 and widely distributed throughout the world. The Introduction is now enlarged and includes important extracts almost all taken from my Spiritual Preceptor, Prof. Mohd. Elias Burney's well-documented and authenticated Monograph- "ISLAM", with the section, "Mary and Christ" specially meant for Christian world. The essence of the book 'ISLAM' (in 300 pages) is given here in a few pages. The references may be seen in the Qur-'aan for further study as the numbers of Verses and Suuras (chapters) are noted at the end as 9: 2. i.e., Verse 9 in Suura (chapter) 2 of the Qur-'aan.


There is a growing class of people, all the world over, and particularly in Europe and America, who are anxious to understand Major Religions with an open mind, so as to form their own opinion in the matter. To them Religion is no longer a spent -force, but a force which can help us out of the present world crisis. They hope that a Balanced Religion, Realistic, as well as Idealistic, Comprehensive, taking account of Human nature and Needs, in Beliefs and Deeds, can be utilised, in the light of experience gained, to vitalise Humanism, so as to save Mankind from the menace of Heartless Self Destruction, in private and public life. And in Truth, there is also the more vital Problem of Life after Death, a problem which is the keystone of Religion.


Of the few Basic Books of Major Religions, let the Qur-'aan give here an outline of its Message, ISLAM, which would include the Supreme Being (God), His Attributes and Manifestations, the Prophets and their extremes-human and divine, the Man, his position and progress and his associations with all, the Creatures and their purpose, the Universe and its Reality. But Man is the keystone of the whole system, and clue to the whole Universe.


Islam claims to be in accord with Human Nature, for it proclaims:-

"Then set your face straight for Religion (Islam) in the right direction, -the Nature (framed) of Allah, on (the Principles of ) which, He has created men (as well). There is no altering (the laws) of Allah's creation. That is the right religion, but most people do not know (this)." Verse 30, Sura 30. (Qur-'aan).


Islam is positively a System. A true Religion must reflect Nature. It possesses a natural grace.

I n principle, the Message of any Religion must needs come from its Basic Book, to carry Authority. The introductory notes are short without comments, carrying their Qur-'aanic references with them for those who want further clarification on the points so as to let the readers think, feel and realise the truth for themselves.


THE QUR-' AAN:- The Qur-'aan cannot be translated. The result of any translation is not the Glorious Qur-'aan, that inimitable symphony the very sounds of which mov men to tears and ecstasy. 83: 5. It is divided into 30 Parts, 114 Suuras (chapters), 558 Sections, and 6666 verses.


As to the Qur-'aan's translations in general, to be frank, they often fail to convey the real sense, spirit and delicacy of the original, mainly because English terms are more or less inadequate to express the basic concepts of the Qur'-aan, such as 'Abd' and 'Rab', 'Rahmaan' and 'Raheem', 'Ahad' and 'Samad', and several others.


II. ISLAM :- Islam is the Message of the Qur-'aan. It is a Perfect and a Practical Religion of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity. Islam, as defined by the Qur-'aan, means Submission to the Supreme Being, and compliance with His Laws, which constitute Nature, including Man himself. vide 82 : 3, 30 : 30 "Surely the true Religion with Allah is Islam" 18 : 3 Islam also insists upon the fundamental unity of all revealed religions in origin, includes them all collectively in itself, and enjoins all Muslims to acknowledge them." vide 83 : 3, 285 : 2. "And whoever desires religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the Hereafter he shall be one of the losers." vide 84 : 31.


III. KNOWLEDGE :- Islam is thus based on knowledge and Action, to know the Supreme Being and His Laws, and to obey them to attain the goal on the path of progress. Again, knowledge is graded from the highest and purest source, namely 'Wah-yi' or Revelation, down to 'Fikr' (self thinking), 'Khawz' (vain discourse), and 'Zan' (conjecture), in their natural descending order. Intuition and Inspiration, which come more or less within the experience of all, at the odd moments of their life, might just give an idea of Revelation, as a faint ray may represent the bright sun. But Revelation, as such is extremely spontaneous, natural, brilliant, sure and supreme, far above the effort of mind. Says the Qur-'aan : "And it is not for any man that Allah should speak to him, except by Revelation or from behind aveil, or by sending a messenger, revealing by His permission what He pleases; surely He is High, Wise.' vide 51 : 42,164: 4, 65: 18, 163: 4,113: 4.


2. Next to "Wah-yi" comes 'Fikr' or self thinking, which is highly commended, even urged by the Qur-'aan. But the sphere of thinking is distinctly confined to Nature and its working-the basis of all our sciences.


"Do they not think within themselves that Allah did not create the heavens and the earth and what is between them but with Truth (to serve a serious purpose), and for a fixed term? But most people believe not in the meeting of their Lord." vide 8 : 30, 20 : 38, 13: 45. "Most surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and (in) the alternation of the night and the day there are signs for men of understanding-those who remember Allah standing and sitting, and lying on their sides, and think about the creation of the heavens and the earth (till they admit)-Our Lord! Thou hast not created (all) this in vain. Glory be to Thee! Preserve us from the doom of Fire." 189 : 3.


It would appear from this passage that religious mentality is not at all averse to a scientific outlook, in fact the latter follows the former as a natural sequence. Ignorance is the source of all pain and misery amounting to Fire.


3. So Revelation and thinking are recognised as the two reliable sources of knowledge in their respective spheres. But when thought sets out to explore the remote regions of revelation, it loses its moorings, and wanders off to 'Khawz' or vain discourse which in the language of the Qur-'aan is no better than mere play. vide 68 : 6, 83 : 43, 7 : 52.


4. Lastly 'Zan' is a mere guess or conjecture, right or wrong as the case may be. It is a very common tendency of the human mind, and a great source of misjudgements. So it has been expressly deprecated in the Qur-'aan.


"And most of those (unbelievers) do not follow (any truth) but conjecture; surely conjecture will not avail them aught against the Truth; surely Allah knoweth what they do." 36 : 10, 117 : 6.


In brief, spiritual connections with the Supreme Being have to be realised both inside the self and in the world outside. 52 : 41. The Supreme Being is a permanent companion, and a sure help in emergency, if approached aright. But men often mistake His help for apparent causes. "He is with you, wherever you may be: and Allah sees what you do." 7, 4 : 57,3: 6, 186: 2, 49 : 39, 33 : 30.


There is a living relation of love and liking between man and the Supreme Being. "Allah loves those who turn much (to Him). Allah loves those who are careful (of their duty)" 222 : 2, 4 : 9. 158 : 3,145': 3. "Say (0 Muhammad): If you love Allah, then follow me; Allah will love you, and forgive you your faults; and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful." 30 : 3. It would appear from this that Islam, despite ~s strict discipline, is really a religion of love and mercy. In brief, one should enquire and seek the company of those who are devoted to Allah, Beneficence is most helpful even in this line. 59 : 25, 28: 18, 69 : 29. There is no place for Mysticism in the teachings of Islam. The right word is 'Sidq' or Qur-'aanic Truth and the Associates are called Siddiiqiin or Truthful.


B. WITH NATURE :- The Qur-'aan points out fundamental Truths about Nature, so as to enable man to start his own detailed study and make use of his enquiry as best as he can.


"He is the First and the Last; and the Outward and Inward; and He is the knower of all things." 3: 57. This passage clearly points out the Univese-all things, inherent in His knowledge, finding expression through His Manifestation. But despite His Manifestation, He is the Uncomparable. "Say:


He is Allah the One. Allah is He on whom all depend. He be gets not, nor is He begotten. And none is like Him." 1 : 112, 11 : 42, 29 : 55 35 : 24. So the whole universe is based on Truth which pervades rt through and through and there is a purpose behind it every where. vide 38 : 44, 44 : 29, 27 : 38, 30: 21. All the celestial bodies are bound by some law in their behaviour. 12 : 16, 17 : 23. The whole universe is guarded with knowledge, and there is nothing like unnoticed accident in its operations, be rt the most insignificant. vide 59 : 6, 3 :13,17: 55,40: 70. The whole Univese, and everything therein, has its own equilibrium, which keeps it in position. 1 : 23, 8 : 55. No two things in the Univese are identical; all have their own identities, determined distinct, though it may not be always easy to detect the difference. 49 : 54, 8: 13.


2. The whole Universe is endowed with Life, Knowledge and expression. "There is not a thing but hymns its praise (of Him) but you understand not their praise." 44: 17, 41 : 24. Solomon said, "We have been taught the language of birds ... "16: 27. The whole Universe adores Allah by instinct, but man adores Him by option, being gifted with a will by origin, and hence responsible for his conduct. 18: 22. At any rate there is Life, Knowledge and Expression in all the objects of Nature, so much so that they have their own pairs and live a communal life. Vide 49 : 51,3: i 3,36: 36, 38 : 6. Every object of Nature has got its own significance, none, not even a gnat, is unworthy of attention. It is quite sufficient to reveal truth to those who care to gain knowledge. 26 : 2. The Qur-'aan thus invites man to study Nature, and to cultivate a living interest, and sympathy with his natural surroundings-all living a life of aim and purpose.





Introduction to earlier Editions of 1971-73 based on Qur-'aanic verses -by M.A. Haleem Eliasii



Introduction to the Edition of 1978 -by Mr. Mir Moazam Hussain



List of 114 Surrahs (Chapters)



Key to Transliteration



114 Surrahs (Chapters) Pages



Note on the Revised Edition of the Holy Qur-'aan in Roman Script






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