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Hypnotism - A Complete System of Method, Application and Use

Hypnotism - A Complete System of Method, Application and Use
Item Code: NAV313
Author: L.W. De Laurence
Publisher: Cosmo Publications, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788129203427
Pages: 158
Other Details: 8.00 X 5.00 inch
About the Book

This book is a complete system of the methods, applications and uses of Hypnotism providing a ready and simple guide to Magnetism, Mesmerism, Suggestive Therapeutics and Magnetic Healing including all that is known in the art and practice of Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Mental and Magnetic Healing.

Prepared for the self instruction of beginners as well as for the use of advanced students and practitioners.


In bringing before the public this book on Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and Suggestive Therapeutics, or the treatment of disease by Hypnotism and Suggestion, I feel that no apology is necessary for introducing so important a subject.

No method of treatment has during the last few years attracted so much interest among men of science and members of the medical profession, as has the science of Hypnotism and Suggestion.

The dangers of Hypnotism and Mesmerism have been proven chimerical; and are merely imaginary, for in proper hands no undesirable medical results can occur through its practice, and there is, I believe, hardly one authenticated case of its being used for a criminal purpose in the countries where it is extensively used, especially by the medical profession. More than this can hardly be said of any system of medical treatment. The treatment of disease by Hypnotism and Suggestion has been very successful where it has been practiced by qualified physicians and intelligent operators whose knowledge and experience has taught them the use of Hypnotism and Mesmerism in its practical application, and many noted physicians unhesitatingly advocate its use as a powerful auxiliary in combating many forms of nervous and other diseases, not readily reached by other means. Hypnotism and Mesmerism, so called, consists of a true knowledge of the science of the human mind, or soul.

The mistake the medical fraternity have and are making is that they have made an exhaustive and scientific study of the physical or material part of the human organism, but not of the immaterial part; they analyze and dissect the physical body, but seem to have no realization or knowledge of the non-physical part, or soul of man.

The mind controls the physical body, the body being merely a register or an indicator of mental conditions, or the actual condition of the mind; therefore it is essential that every physician should have a thorough knowledge of pyschology (Hypnotism and Mesmerism) as well as physiology, which is a scientific knowledge of the mind and its relation to the human body.

Bodily disease is always mental in origin, mental in action, mental in character, and mental in cure, and but for the action of the life or vital forces on the diseased organs and functions of the body no disease would ever be cured. The physician gives medicine to, as he says, assist nature, which consists of the life and vital forces, or mind, of which he has no true knowledge.

Hypnotism and Suggestion is the fundamental principle of curing and healing every disease. No matter what other means may be employed, when nature or the life forces within the body fails to react on the diseased functions and organs, all the medicine and physicians in the universe cannot effect a cure, or prevent a death.

Observing people do not always have time to wander through a perplexing multitude of books in a fruitless attempt to gain a little knowledge buried therein. The instructions and methods given here are the latest and most complete known for inducing the Mesmeric and Hypnotic sleep. Nothing problematical is given; but facts gained from personal experience by the author in the successful practice of Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Suggestive Therapeutics, and Magnetic Healing, for many years.

Many conceited and narrow-minded individuals look upon Hypnotism as a fraud.

"Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit, There is more hope of a fool than of him."

(Prov. 26:12.)

The fact that complete anaethsia can be produced in any part of the body, provides the experimenter with a ready means of demonstrating that there is no simulation on the part of the subject.

There are two things for this class of people to learn yet: First, that a statement that they do not believe in Hypnotism or Magnetism brands them as being ignorant and destitute of a knowledge of Psychology.

And that to ridicule what you do not understand is what really wise men never do.

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