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Jayadeva - Makers of Indian Literature

Jayadeva - Makers of Indian Literature
Item Code: IDE093
Author: Suniti Kumar Chatterji
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 8126001826
Pages: 65
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.5"
weight of book 140 gms


From the Jacket:

JAYADEVA, the Last of the Ancients and the First of the Moderns in Indo-Aryan Poetry, is acknowledged university to be the writer of the sweetest lyrics in the Sanskrit language. Flourished during the second half of the 12th century, he sang not only swan-song of the Classical Sanskrit Poetry, but he also sang in the advent of a new dawn in Indian literature-the 'Vernacular' Age. His Gita-govinda obtained the status of a religious work in the eyes of the devout Vaishnavas. According to a Western scholar, 'Jayadeva belongs to the greatest poetical genii of India.' On the other hand, the view expressed by some of the great literary critics of Bengal is that there are songs in the Gita-govinda, but no Govinda. They are not happy with frank eroticism of these poems which do not form great love poetry, except in rare passages.

Jayadeva has evoked such extreme opinions, and thus he requires close and careful study. In this monograph, Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterji, formerly the national Professor of India in Humanities and former President of the Sahitya Akademi, in his masterly manner has touched all the points concerning Jayadeva. He has discussed the claims of Bengal Orissa, and Mithila regarding his birthplace; he has placed new material in the shape of the 26 verses in the Sadukti-karnamrita, as well as two apabhramsa poems ascribed to Jayadeva from the Sikh Adi-Granth. This historical as well as literary evaluation of Jayadeva forms an exhaustive addition to our literature on the subject.




Jayadeva, the Last of the Ancient and the First of the Modern Indo-Aryan literature 1
Jayadeva-Life and Legends 3
Jayadeva: Claimed by Bengal, by Orissa and by Mithila 6
Jayadeva's Writings apart from the Gita-govinda-the Verses in Sridharadas's Sadukti-karna mrita 10
The Historical Jayadeva as a Secular poet of Love and Jayadeva the Saint and Mystic Poet of Love: and Devotee of Krishna and Radha: the Opening Verses of the Gita-govinda 14
The 26 Verses by Jayadeva as in the Sadukti-Karna mrita completing with the Gita-govinda, the Jayadeva Corpus: Jayadeva a Poet of Many Styles 18
Jayadeva's Poetic Digvijaya- throughout India and the World 28
The Gita_govind - a Reflex of Late Middle Indo-Aryan or Early New Indo-Aryan Literature in its Songs [Gitas]? 30
The Two Hymns Ascribed to Jayadeva in the Sikh Guru Grantha Sahib [Adi Granth] 33
'Mangala' and 'Padavali'- in Jayadeva's Gita-govinda and in Middle Bengal Literature: Bengal's Adi-kavi Jayadeva 38
Jayadeva's Pre-eminance as a Saint-Poet: the Bhakta-mala's Tribute 40
The Gita-govinda - Its 8 Cantos and 24 Songs and 386 Verses: the name of the poem 41
"Profane Love" and "Sacred Love" in the Gita-govinda 47
Jayadeva - Traditional Religious Approach and Modern Factual Approach 53
The Gita-govinda and Medieval Indian Painting 56
Two Songs from the Gita-govinda with English Translation 57
Radha and Krishna Worship and Hindu Iconography 61
Metre and Music in the Songs of the Gita-govinda 63

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