Learn, Think and Predict Through Astrology

Learn, Think and Predict Through Astrology

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Item Code: NAC506
Author: C.P. Arora
Publisher: Rupa & Company
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8129108216
Pages: 332
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 Inch X 5.5 Inch
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‘Our destiny is nothing but the result of our own actions of innumerable past lives as well as the present one.’

In this simply written, well-researched book the author provides the key to unlock the secrets of the zodiac and know the future.

Learn, Think and Predict through Astrology explains how rashis (signs), grahas (planets), nakshatras (constellations) and bhavas (houses)—the basic principles of astrology—determine your destiny and the course of your future. Using these principles the book teaches you how to make your janma-kundali (birth-chart) in a simple yet interesting manner, thus telling you what the future has in store for you. It also gives astrological solutions and remedies to improve your physical, material and emotional well—being, thereby enabling you n live a more fulfilling and successful life.

‘This book is ideal for both the novice who wants to learn the principles of the science of astrology is well as the experienced astrologer who could use it for reference.

Professor C.P. Arora, Ph.D. (Engineering) is Former Dean, Head of Department and Professor of IIT. For many years now, he has been involved in spiritual practices, pranic reiki, counseling, and giving astrological advice. I le also specialises in personality Development and match making.


The interest of the common man in astrology has greatly increased in recent years. This is evident from the host of fortune forecast columns published by almost every newspaper, magazine or journal of importance. Everyone goes through them because of inherent interest. However, these do not help the reader much.

At the same time, there is a need for a book of substance on astrology for the common man from which one can learn on one’s own. This book aims at fulfilling that need. The work is an effort to lay the subject of astrology on a logical basis. At first, the basic principles are enunciated, and then the reader is encouraged to derive results using those principles.

The salient features of the book are:

(i) Common Sanskrit/Indian technical words with which the Indian reader is generally conversant have been used liberally.

(ii) The soul of the subject is based on Vedic/Hindu/Indian astrology. However, the similarities and differences with Western astrology have been clearly explained.

(iii) Although this book is meant to be a text on predictions of astrology, a chapter has nevertheless, been devoted to calculation not only to make the work comprehensive, but also to bring out the basics about the movement of signs and planets in the heaven.

(iv) As and when required, illustrations, figures and tables have been given liberally to help the reader in the understanding of the subject.

(v) A sample horoscope has been constructed and analysed. It has been taken up as a case study so that the reader learns to cast a horoscope, and at the same time analyse and interpret it independently.

(vi) All topics of importance have been included. Hence, both Lagna and Navansha charts have been cast and discussed.

(vi) The last two chapters are an exclusive feature of the book. One on ‘Special Topics’ covers matters of common interest in detail. Another on ‘Remedies’ will guide the reader

(a) to accept destiny, which is nothing but the result of one’s own Karmas of present and innumerable previous births, and as a divine prescription for happiness in life after exhausting the effects of those Karmas;

(b) to undertake rituals and spiritual practices to alleviate suffering while at the same time following virtuous conduct and reciting prayers;

(c) and to wait for divine grace.

Thanks are due to my son Amitabh for developing the birth-chart on the computer, to my daughter Sangeeta for inspiration and help in preparing the manuscript and to my brother Ajaya for suggesting the name for the book.


Preface xiii
1. The Signs (Rashis) 1
2. The House (Ghar/Bhavas) 13
3. Casting the Horoscope/Birth-Chart 29
4. Planets (Grahas) 52
5. Planetary Aspects (Drishti) 89
6. Judging From Ascendant 107
7. Results of Planets in Signs (Grah-Rashi-Phal) 116
8. Results of Planets in House (Grah-Bhavashraya-Phal) and Judging Each House Bhava 129
9. Nakshatras 164
10. Planetary Periods (Graha-Dashas) 182
11. Transits of Planets (Gochar Grahas) 205
12. Yogas 212
13. Ashtakvarga System 229
14. Special Topics 241
15. Remedies 282
A: Table of House for Delhi, Latitude 28 D 40 M North 313
B: Good and Bad Degrees of Planets in Different Signs 315
C: Matching Points between Rashis and Nakshatras of Boy and Girl319
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