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Living Heaven Here on Earth - Finding the Divinity Within You

Living Heaven Here on Earth - Finding the Divinity Within You
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Item Code: NAR227
Author: Robert Kharshiing
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789352063093
Pages: 268
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
About the Book

"A Unique Read... A must have spiritual classic for every home"

It is wonderful to savour the Sacred Texts of great religions, learn about Nirvana, Self-Realisation and the Kingdom of God. Be healed. Be protected. Be blessed. Discover lasting Peace and Happines in your life in the pages of this book.

"Find powerful ancient healing prayers"

About the Author

Robert Kharshiing is a former Member of Parliament from India. Having earlier uncovered his Real Self, he has now withdrawn from public life and spends his time in meditation, silence and stillness. In this book, Robert shares his experiences and draws from the teaching of great Masters, Teachers and Prophets who have graced history. Robert lives in Shillong, at the foothills of the Himalayas.


My intention in writing this book is to lead you to your Source — the Kingdom of God within you. In finding that Source within yourself, you unearth Nirvana or Self Realization. The more time you spend with your Source, the more enlightened you become. The prophet Zoroaster spent 30 years in contemplation and solitude. I am not asking you to do the same. All I am doing is emphasizing how crucial finding your Real Self is in your life. All the problems that you may be having now are solved when you locate and reach Nothingness or the Void within. Since finding Realization, I feel that I am living Heaven here on earth. There is just continual joy and cheerfulness in my life. I deeply wish the same for you my brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, those feeling alone, grandfathers and grandmothers, children and youngsters, rich and poor. You may belong to any faith, race, culture, colour or country. It does not matter. You may not even believe in any faith or religion. It does not matter. The One who created you loves you infinitely, more than any father would love his son or his daughter. The Eternal One, the Divine One is the best friend that you can ever have.

Search for the Divine within you by reading, praying often and by practising being silent, still and keeping an empty mind. After you have finished reading this book cover to cover, start again but much slower. Read a few lines or a paragraph and then pause. Think intensely and sincerely about the words in this book. What I am teaching is nothing new. It is as old as Eternity itself and yet ever new. No other subject that you will ever study in school, college or university can match the immensity of this subject. This subject is Life itself. If you master this subject, you will live forever happily. The great Masters and Teachers throughout history taught practically the same thing but using different words and languages suited to the times or period in which they lived. Find other spiritual books which inspire you. You need not stick to me or to this book. Not all will find this book appealing. It hardly matters. What is important is that you find the Joy of the Divinity within you. If not me, then for your own sake, look for some other teacher whom you can follow or read. Whoever you feel drawn to spiritually, follow that Master until you uncover the Secret of Happiness within you. Slowly you will go beyond any book or any Master, because your relationship with the Divine is yours alone. We are here just to guide you on the way. Ultimately, it is your journey. But my friends, never stop until you reach the Eternal Spring where you will never be thirsty again, where you will never be sad again, where you will never worry again and where you will find Happiness unending here on earth itself. I pray fervently that you my friends receive the greatest gift the Divine can give which is that you unearth the most fabulous treasure within your innermost self - your own Divinity.

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