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LM Scale (50 Millesimal Potencies)

LM Scale (50 Millesimal Potencies)
Item Code: NAQ900
Author: Dr Fernando Flores Villalava
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788131902714
Pages: 124
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.14 kg
About the Book

In the chapter on Second Prescription the author has explined the classical way to analyze symptoms.

Kent's Prognostic Observations as applied to LM Scale.

An overview about the way Hahnemann prescribed during his last years, according to the letter of Dr. Croserio Boenninghausen.

Thr pros and cons of dried prescription of LM scale are analysed.

A whole chapter is written on aspects to be elected in order to prescribe the scale of a medicine.

Two chapters are destined to analyze the point of doses, and why Hahnemann diluted the medicines; how to increase and diminish doses.

There is a chapter to explain when an aggravation with LM is due to high potency, high dose or to a badly chosen medicines.

About the Author

Dr. Fernando Flores Villalva, born in Quito, graduated as a surgeon from the Central University of Ecuador. He postgraduated as homoeopath in Mexico under the guardianship of Dr. David Flores Toledo and in Argentina at the Medical School of Homoeopathy (1984).

He was the :

Director of Ecuadorian Medical School of Homoeopathy (1989-1991).

Director of Doctrine (1993-1996).

Director of the Homoeopathic Magazine (1993-1996).

Professor Invitee to the I" Seminar of L.M. in Sao Paulo Brazil (1996).

Chairperson of the Ecuadorian Homeopathic Society (1995-1998).

He directed and performed the investigation on the medicinal effects of "Dragon Blood" and "Cat Claws" (2002) in healthy individuals (pure experimentation).

He has instructed seminaries about L.M. Scale in Guadalajara, Mexico (2000).

He has undergone a three year postgraduate course on Family Medicine at the Catholic University of Quito (1999 - 2002). He attained a Dipl Tecnologica Equii He was the School of Homoc the Medicorum He attained a Diploma on Investigation (2003) at the Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial.

He was the senior professor at the Medical Ecuadorian School of Homoeopathy (1985-2003). He is also a member of the Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis League.


I have read the "LM Scale" by Dr. Fernando Flores Villalva. This is a kind of book which was immensly lacking in the field of homoeopathy in order to generalise the use of LM potencies also called fifty millesimals and Q in Europe.

Rich in quotations from the Organon, supporting his remarks, which empower it, he does not limit himself to narrate not only what he does, but why he does, following the lineal and spotless stave of the Hahnemannian homoeopathy.

I am honoured to recommend this book to homoeopaths all around the world, as a work of great practical use.


Six years ago, when I had the honour to present this work of investigation, I had decided not to publish a second edition, at least for another ten years, allowing me to acquire more experience and maturity.

A few years have passed since the first edition, and now I am compelled to present another one. This book is primarily a compilation of achieved investigations, a reference book and a guide.

In 1986, I wrote a monograph on LM potency which was sent to several points within the American Continent. In Cordoba, Argentina, in 1992, when the first edition of the book was promoted, I couldn't imagine the great acceptance it had, as it rapidly exhausted.

By October 1997, with great effort I published a new edition to satisfy the great demand. Adding "second edition" to the title was not to my entire satisfaction, but it was unavoidable and requisite, a request of the House of Books in Quito, as the cover was changed and some corrections were made to the original. This edition also got exhausted rapidly. I know several doctors who have copies of the book and now I hope it will be within every liomoeopath's reach.

After the first seminar on LM, which I attended as professor invitee in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1997, the book was published in its first Portuguese edition.

This new revised edition contains several new chapters and includes some latest clinical case records, where a positive evolution may be noticed in the prescribing method since the earlier cases of 1985, when I had a medicine chest in 0/6, 0/12 & 0/30 potencies only.

At present, I always begin with 0/1 dynamization of any medicine, one globule placed in a vial with 100cc, of distilled water, from where one tablespoonful is taken and diluted in a glass containing 100cc of water. One teaspoonful of the medicine is given to the patent and repeated in the necessary frequency. After seven days, when the effect of the medicine is over, according to the symptoms, I pass on to 0/2. Seven or fourteen days after, if suitable, I pass on to 0/3 and so on till a final aggravation occurs. In this way the treatment time lessens to attain health.

I have not suppressed any clinical case, as I think all former experience have a value and enriches our daily practice; a better homoeopath and doctor is only made from an accurate and responsible behavior.

In the bibliography one may find new references which have enriched me.

Finally, some words of faith to my homoeopathic brothers and sisters: To trust in the doctrine and technique by clearly and adequately practising the beautiful art of homoeopathy, without succumbing to the "new magic potions" of complex or to instant bio-energetic treatments. Unicism and purism are ideals not difficult to attain. Our task is to oppose medical negligence and lack of studies. Let us love and trust homoeopathy, and have conviction that what we are doing and practising is correct!

This book is written with a thought to enlighten the path of homoeopaths who wish to use the LM scale. It does not intend to be a perfect work about instruction and use of LM potency, but is perfectible through time and experience.

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