Longevity (A Vedic Approach)

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Author: Raj Kumar
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 8170820952
Pages: 294
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Book Description
About the Book

The correct judgement of longevity is highly complex, but is equally important and sought after. "Knowing longevity is difficult even for gods" I said sage Parashar. Any prediction made without considering it may make the prediction a laughing stock of both the astrologer and astrology. The time span between birth and death of a native is called his longevity. Longevity and death are not the same but are closely related. However it is not yet clear what death is.

Our scriptures have at various places equated death with different types of Mrityu Tulya agonies which are different from physical death. Again the destiny of each one of us is interlinked with our close kith and kin and our relationship with them is pre-determined, predestined and irrevocable. Death is severing of final link of a native with them. Hence a native's death must get corroborated / confirmed in the horoscopes of his close relations.

An attempt is made in this book to address all such issues. The book is a study of about 225 natives who had lived and died in different countries at different time, at different age and of different causes, applying known tools of astrolOgy. The book is an attempt to help clear some mist and enable to have a better judgement of longevity.


About the Author

The author is a mining engineer from "Indian School of Mines" now known as liT Dhanbad. He has put in 28 years of service in the Army as an Engineers' officer. He is a Jyotish Acharya from Shartiya Vidya Shavano For a long time, he has been pursuing astrological. Studies as a keen student. His researches reflect his analytical approach to go into the details as an engineer and then he put them across frankly as an Army officer.

The author has earlier written books on "Prashna: A Vedic Approach", "Vargas: A Vedic Approach", "Charisma of Trika Houses", "Astro- Remedies: A Vedic Approach", and "Finance & Profession: A Vedic ~ Approach", which have been received well by the astrological fraternity.



As per sh. Mantreshwer, when a child is born, one should first ascertain his longevity and there after only other things like Rajyogas etc should be considered. This hold good for every time a native approach an astrologer for seeking counselin prediction. Any prediction is useless unless one has adequate life to enjoy suffer an event.

The correct judgement of longevity has always been a mystery. From time immemorial to unravel the mystery of longevity has attracted the attention of one and all. Decades, centuries, ages have passed, still there remains unaccountable mystery to unfold, but man's endless pursuits have never relented. It is highly complex to judge the longevity, but it is equally important and sought after. Any prediction made without considering it, may make the prediction a laughing stock of both astrology and the astrologer. The greatest responsibility or test of an astrologer is the proper judgement of longevity. The time span between birth and death of a native is normally called as his longevity.

The eternal and ethereal brilliance of the galaxies is a divine mystery which has enchanted mankind from the very creation of universe. The innate curiosity of man to unfold the mystery of unknown has lured him to pluck the "forbidden Apple" from the garden of Eve. The greatest mystery which has eluded the man is his own longevity. Let us make a sincere effort to try and solve this mystery. Death is a very cruel sting in a native's life. Nobody can overcome death. Some die young and some die old, but it does come to all. Great English poet Shelly has said, "Death is here, death is there, death is busy everywhere". The great Sage Parashar in Sioka 2 of Chapter43 has stated, "Knowing longevity is difficult even for gods." Saint Tulsi Das has also said, "Hani Labh Jeevan

Maran Yash Upyash vidhi Heetn" i.e. loss or gain, life or death, glory or disgrace is all in the hands of God. Let us first understand what death is. There is vast hteratu, L on the subject. Doctors say when heart stops functioning, one dead and when brain stops functioning, it is called brain-death Our scriptures have given at various places different definitions of death, viz. "When honour and status is lost, one is dead" or "When hope and faith is lost, one is dead" or "A person is living dead when he is socially or mentally humiliated" or "A coward dies many times in his life." Most of the astrologers say that death and death like problems (Mrityu Tu/ya Kastha) are almost same. In Mahabharata, at three different occasions, Lord Krishna had advised Pandavas to inflict such punishments to the culprits, which was not physical end of their life, but was considered equivalent to death. The victim/ beneficiary in each of these cases were Jayadrath, brother-in-law of Duryodhan, Yudhister, the eldest among Pandavas and Ashwasthama, son of Guru Dronacharya.

One may be happy or .sad in life, but he remains afraid of death all the same. Although Lord Krishna in Sri mad Bhagavad Gita, Chapter2, Sioka 20, has categorically said, "The self (soul) is unborn, eternal, changeless, ever-itself. It is not killed even when the body is killed." A famous Hindi poet has also opined. Amid all this mist and confusion, I decided again to conduct a research to try and unravel the mystery about longevity. Common dictum is to go from known to unknown. The first great problem was to collect a reasonably vast and authentic data of horoscopes. Therefore randomly 210 cases are collected @ 17/18 natives for each Lagna. The natives are from different walks of life, of different nationalities, born & died of different causes and had different life span. A summary of these is given in the book. (In addition some more example horoscopes are also included to illustrate various other astrological points). These horoscopes were then placed in different groups and were put to test by known principles and theories of longevity/ death. A complete chapter has been devoted to Sudden/ un-natural deaths. It is a misnomer to call any death as un-natural. Life of a native may be natural or un-natural but death is always natural and only certain thing in its timing or manner. I have considered a total of 68 cases of sudden deaths and have discussed 24numbers in great detail to try and understand this phenomenon of great tragedy. The readers may observe that in some horoscopes, there could be slight variation in degree/ placing of a planet. This may probably be because the horoscopes have been collected from different sources and be based on different Panchang and Ayanamsha. In order to maintain originality, I have mentioned the horoscopes as it is and would request the readers and critics also to do the same. In some cases, the names of original natives have been changed or only a male/ female have been written not to disclose their private identity.

I am thankful to my friend Shri Krishna kumar for constant guidance and being of great help in collecting astrological charts. My inquisitive granddaughters- Monil & Ishita Singhal have been always my constant source of inspiration for writing.

I am also grateful to Mr Narendra & Saurabh Sagar for their help in timely bringing out of this book.

I do hope that my present submission will also be appreciated by august readers and astrological fraternity as has been the case of my earlier writings. I will request the august readers to let me know about their views and of my mistakes/ omissions, so that I can correct them in next edition.




  Preface ix
  List of Horoscopes xii
  List of Tables xix
1 Longevity & Death 1
  Longevity, houses for longevity, significance of longevity, Gandarishta, Inauspicious yogas for longevity; Death, houses of death, Mrityu bhag degrees with three example charts, Collection of sample horoscope for longevity, 3 charts, 2 tables, Conclusion  
2 Different Life Spans-Assessment & Yogas 15
  Introduction, Calculation of Hora Lagna, To find life spans by methods of sage Jaimini, Parashar, MCltreshwar and alternate methods, Balarishta- Concept of din-Mrityu, din-Rog & Vish-ghati kaal, yogas for Balarishta, yogas for Arishtas to mother/ father and anti-dots to Balarishta, Yogas for short, medium and full life spans, Yogas for good health & long life, 9 charts, Conclusion.  
3 Calculation of Longevity 36
  Introduction, mathematical calculation of longevity, Digbala & bhavabala, Amsayu method, Pindayu method, Naisargik ayu method, Ashtak Varqa methods, Badrayan's horary method, Ramamurthy method, 4 example charts, 3 tables, Conclusion  
4 Maraka Planets! Lords 59
  Classification of planets, Determination of Marakaplanets/ lords, Constructive & destructive planets, Research study on maraka planets, Chhidra/ Randhra planets and their effects on terminal diseases, Effects of 8th lord in various houses, Nature & mode of death, 6 tables, Conclusion  
5 Vargas &. Longevity 77
  Introduction, Dreshkon, Navamsha, Dwadasamsha. Trimsamsha, 2 Charts, 3 Tables, Conclusion  
6 Oasha &. Gochar 90
  Introduction, benefic dashas, Vimshotri Dasha & Nakshtras, Balance of Dasha at birth, Evil & diasastrous Dashas, Theory of double transit, Moorthy Nirnaya, Death points/ Sahams, three tables, Conclusion  
7 Sudden! un-natural Deaths 99
  Definition, Aphorisms of sudden deaths, examples of sudden deaths, Planetary alignment for various types of deaths, Research studies, five tables with .analysis, Conclusion  
8 Inter-linked Destinies 112
  Destiny, Inter-linking of destiny, Rinanu-Bandhan, Examples- 6charts, Conclusion  
9 Detailed Analysis of Horoscopes 123
  Detailed Analysis of 60 horoscopes @ five per Lagna- two each of long & medium life and one of short life with another 150 charts @ 12/ 13 charts per Lagna and their anaysis.  
  Epilogue 278

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