Multi - Dimensional Application of Anekantavada
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Multi - Dimensional Application of Anekantavada

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Item Code: MZH356
Author: Sagarmal Jain and Prakash Pandey
Publisher: Parshwanath Vidyapeeth, Varanasi
Language: English Text With Hindi Translation
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 818671541X
Pages: 552
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The Book "Multi-dimensional application of Anekantavada" is a welcome addition to the study of Jaina philosophy. It deals with its utility in the field of religion, philosophy, jurisprudence, personal management, environment, phenomenology, science, modern psychology, strategy for conflict resolution, mental peace etc. Its both the sections in English and Hindi cover almost all the prominent issues connected with the theory of relativity. All the papers included in the book are valuable for understanding the Indian philosophical views and establishment of world peace.

Conceptual clashes and religious conflicts have been the natural phenomenon in the history of human society since immortal time,. Under the spirit of religious intolerance, a particular group of religion or sect committed unfortunately the most heinous and atrocious inhuman activities and crushed the morality and welfare of the society. In the name of religion, the societies and nations used to have been indulged into blood-shedding and ethnic riots, deviation from prescribed rules of morality, atrocity, outrage and transgression due to bang incapable of comprehending the true nature of reality and religion. Therefore, the concept of Anekantavadai is a need of the day. It can round the death-knell of this ideological conflict and establish the interreligious dialogue.

The book is elegantly edited and produced by Dr. Sagarmal Jam and Dr. Shripraksh Pandey, the profound scholars of Jainism. I am sure, the book will be warmly welcomed in the scholarly world.

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