Naturopathy: Art of Drugless Healing

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Item Code: NAC038
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Author: V. M. Kulkarni
Edition: 1997
ISBN: 8170300363
Pages: 313 (10 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
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Naturopathy signifies the treatment of disease with Nature’s resources—her free- gifts—such as fresh air, pure water, bright sunlight, proper and timely sleep, natural diet etc. Primitive races, before the advent of medical sciences were utilising Nature’s gifts for the cure of their ailments. The author has tried to prove that how all diseases can be cured and even prevented with Nature’s gift made use of in accordance with her own laws and without the help of any drugs. The present book is divided into 12 chapters. Which includes—Naturopathy —Its theory, principles and advantages; the causes of diseases and their remedies, Naturopathy verses drug treatment and drastic measure; its structure and natural functions. Changes and wastes that occur in the body; The structure of human body and its organs and natural functions. Progeny at will procreation of male and female child ; Human life and its natural Sexual gratification; How man frustrates Nature’s plan and how he suffers on that account; Food cooked and uncooked a few receipts of uncooked food; Syrups and cold drinks for hot season, Vegetables substitutes for flesh meat preparations. The five great constituents of human body, Psycho; therapy or mind cure, Electricity; Magnetism—metal, herbal and animal; Mesmerism—Human aura, Breathing exercises; Salutation to the Sun; Exercise- preventive and curative, exercises to strengthen whole body; Psychological exercises; Massage treatment, Natural and Rational living, Natural and health preserving dress. Natural and rational treatment of diseases Hints to physicians; the use of Nature’s bountries etc. The book contains several illustrations.


Fresh air, Pure water and bright light
Are Nature’s gifts which set us right.

With the advance of civilization mankind is getting weaker day by day. Diseases are increasing in number and are becoming more severe in type. New diseases appear and swell the number of those which defy diagnosis and treatment. The average length of life is shrinking. The rate of sickness shows no appreciable improvement. The boasted science of healing is almost daily enriched by researches and discovery of new remedies, but the art of effecting cures is not able to keep pace with it. This is mainly because the medical profession is adopting measures which tend to suppress disease by means of poisonous drugs instead of intelligently using Nature’s bounties which not only cure radically but can also prevent disease permanently.

Fresh air, pure water and bright light are Nature’s gifts which are an invaluable aid to perfect health.

The poor and the illiterate especially in villages are shutting their doors against these gifts of Nature through sheer ignorance though there is no dearth of these beneficial bounties where they live. The townsmen in their race for wealth neglect their health and do not take sufficient advantage of these bounties.

Drugs and injections cure one disease but beget another more serious than the original one. They often work havoc on the system more than the disease. Some centuries ago the average duration of human life was a hundred years but now-a-days we find the majority enter an early grave. All know that death is inevitable but only a few believe that good health is natural and a legitimate heritage of man. Nature is a hard—task master. Those who transgress Her laws cannot escape punishment in the form of disease and illness. Good health is the result and reward of implicit obedience to Her laws.

In the following pages the author has attempted to point out the deleterious effects of poisonous drugs and drastic measures upon the human system and to show in the light of accumulated experience how diseases can safely be treated, cured and also prevented with the aid of Nature’s bounties.


CHAPTER ISalutation to Nature; Naturopathy; Its theory, principles and advantages; Kulkarni Naturopathy. A healthy and an unhealthy state; How disease is caused and how it should be remedied; causes of disease; use of Air, Water, and Sunlight. What Nature does to restore health in morbid conditions. Elimination of poisons versus suppression of disease. Advantages of Naturopathy. A brief autobiography of Naturopathy. A brief autobiography of the author; How I keep fit and what I do to combat disease..

CHAPTER IINaturopathy versus drug treatment and drastic measures; Vaccination; Plague; Salvarsan; Doctors and quacks; Tuberculin, etc. 41-61
CHAPTER III Human body, its structure, and natural functions. Man’s superiority. Human body compared to an engine and a factory. Bodily heat; Human life compared to a lamp. Changes and wastes that occur in the body. The structure of human body, Its organs and natural functions. The skin and its functions. Progeny at will-Procreation of male and female child.

CHAPTER IV Human life and its natural wants; Breathing, thirst, hunger; Natural food-stuffs, their constituents, and their use. Sleep. Sexual gratification-sexual offences and sins. 82-100
CHAPTER V Man the Master-piece, how he frustrates Nature’s plan and how he suffers on that account; what should he do to avoid suffering. Food cooked and uncooked-A few recipes of uncooked food-Syrups and cold drinks for hot season-Vegetable substitutes for flesh-meat preparations

CHAPTER VI Statement of a learned man: his doleful tale of suffering; Author’s advice to put him on Nature’s path and his ultimate redemption. 123-147
CHAPTER VII The five great constituents of our body of which the universe is composed of: what they achieve in our body; Akasha the ether, Wayu the wind, Agni the fire, Apa the water, Prithivi the earth, Sunlight-The sun-bath or insolation; The mind is to the body as force to matter-The intellect, The will and The emotion. Psycho-therapy or mind-cure; Electricity; Magnetism-Metal, Herbal and Animal; Mesmerism-Human aura; Magnetic treatment; Positive and negative magnetism, Hypnotism, etc.

CHAPTER VIII Breathing exercise, general and psychic. Fresh air and proper breathing; Natural breathing and psychical breathing exercises according to Yoga Philosophy-Pranayama or psychic breathing exercise for preserving health and prolonging life. Soorya Namaskara or salutation to the sun…

CHAPTER IX Exercise, Preventive and Curative; Natural and Physical; General rules for exercise. Exercises for head, neck, chest, lung, abdomen, back, waist, arms, stomach, liver, spleen, and legs. Exercise to strengthen the whole body. Psychological exercise-Postures (Asanas) as prescribed in the Yoga Philosophy. –Its advantages-Nauli; Yogasana, Siddhasana, Padmasana, Bhujangasana, Mayurasana, Vrikshasana, Dhanurasana, Paschimatanasana, Yoga Mudra, Shirshasana, Sarwangasana, Vipareeta Ardha Vrikshasana.

CHAPTER X Mechano-Therapy or Massage treatment. The effect and advantages of Message treatment, Effleurage, Friction or Rubbing, The method of practicing friction-Procedure to be adopted in friction, Special hints for friction, Friction for preserving health. Electric Friction bath-Acidulated Friction Bath. The dry pack with Friction. Petrissage, its procedure, kneeding, deep kneeding, wringing, Fulling, Pinching etc. Tapotment or tapping, its procedure, slapping, beating, hacking, pressing, squeezing, shaking, Vibration. Massage of the head, neck, throat, arm, chest, liver, spleen, abdomen, back, glutei, prostate gland, leg, etc. when and where Massage is contra-indicated…

CHAPTER XI Natural and Rational living. Healthy residential places, Natural and healthy sleeping places, Natural method of cleaning the body; Natural and wholesome food; Natural food or eliminating diet; Vitamines; Duty assigned by Nature; Sugar an unnatural and objectionable food; Salt, unnatural and objectionable substance as our food; other objectionable substances. Fasting, Fasting for curative purposes; Advice of a Brahmin to his son; Natural mode of life and longevity.

CHAPTER XII Natural and Rational treatment of diseases.-Hints to physicians-the use of Nature’s bounties-Fresh air, Pure water, Sun-light, Food-stuffs, etc. 264-304
The book also contains several illustrations on art paper.
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