The Nirukta of Yaska with Durga's Commentary (Set of 2 Volumes)
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The Nirukta of Yaska with Durga's Commentary (Set of 2 Volumes)

Item Code: NZG009
Author: R. G. Bhadkamkar
Publisher: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Insitute, Pune
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 1985
Pages: 1375
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.0 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 1.60 kg

In 1918 the Government of Bombay transferred to the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute the management of the Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrit Series, which was till then conducted by the Department of education. At that time liabilities of the Government in respect to the Series extended to sixteen works, out of which three, viz., (i) Tarkasamgraha, 2nd edition, (ii) Nirukta, Vol. I, and (iii) Dasakumaracarita, 2nd edition, had been carried to completion before the Institute finally took over charge of the Series. Since then the remaining works also have been published by the Institute from time to time and we have now great pleasure in fulfilling the last of the old Government pledges through the publication of this second volume of Nirukta.

It may be recalled that the edition of Nirukta in the Bombay Sanskrit and Prakrit Series was originally undertaken by Professor H.M.BHADKAMKAR. But even before the first volume of the work could be published the learned professor died unexpectedly on 26th May 1915. He had prepared the press-copy of the first volume and had even examined the proofs of the first 192 pages. Under these circumstances, his nephew, Professor R.G. BHADKAMKAR, readily offered to complete the work and thus pay off, so to say, the rsi- rna due to his illustrious uncle. He saw through press the remaining portion of the first volume, supplied the necessary references and prepared the Critical Note about the Mss. etc. The second volume, which is being published now, is entirely the work of Professor R.G. BHADKAMKAR. He has continued the work on the same lines as those prescribed by Professor H.M. BHADKAMKAR and it need hardly be added that he has scrupulously tried to keep up the high standard in editing set up by his learned uncle.

It will be seen from the Critical Note that the present editor has adopted several technical devices in order to make the text and the commentary easily intelligible to the readers. We hope that, in spite of many other editions of Nirukta which have been published since 1918, this edition will be found highly useful by all students of Veda.






1 Critical Note v
2 Abbreviations xiii
3 Nighantu, Chapter 1 1
4 Nighantu, Chapter 2 7
5 Nighantu, Chapter 3 13
6 Nighantu, Chapter 4 18
7 Nighantu, Chapter 5 21
8 Nirukta, Chapter 1 23
9 Nirukta, Chapter 2 154
10 Nirukta, Chapter 3 246
11 Nirukta, Chapter 4 347
12 Nirukta, Chapter 5 451
13 Nirukta, Chapter 6 573
14 Nirukta, Chapter 7 715


1 Foreword vii-viii
2 Critical Note ix to xiii
3 Abbreviations xv to xx
4 Nirukta, Chapter 8 839
5 Nirukta, Chapter 9 897
6 Nirukta, Chapter10 952
7 Nirukta, Chapter 11 1032
8 Nirukta, Chapter 12 1099
9 Nirukta (Parisista), Chapters 13, 14 1167 to 1211
10 Index of Teachers (Acharyas) and Ancient  
  Schools cited in the Nirukta 1
11 Index of Vedic Passages quoted in the Nirukta 3
12 A List of untraced Quotations 31
13 Index to the Words of the Nighantu 33
14 Index to the Words derived in the Nirukta 51
15 Index to the Words to the Nirukta 63
16 Index to the Deities mentioned in the Daivatakanda of the Nirukta 146


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