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One Life Alliance Pledge

One Life Alliance Pledge
Item Code: NAR002
Author: Kia Scherr
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788188479818
Pages: 80
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About the Book

While on a spiritual journey to India, Kia's husband Alan and thirteen-year old daughter Naomi were killed when terrorists attacked their hotel in Mumbai. At a time when most people would have simply said "No" - through her pain, Kia found the courage to say "Yes!" Yes to forgiveness. Yes to love. Yes to Life.

Along with spiritual teacher, Master Charles Cannon (himself a survivor of the Mumbai attack), Kia formed One Life Alliance, an organization dedicated to educating and inspiring people of all ages, cultures, and religious affiliations in the sacredness of and respect for life.

Kia has been addressing audiences around the world with a powerful message of love and forgiveness. She offers an antidote to the sense of separation and alienation that leads to conflict, violence, and fear. Through the One Life Alliance, she is bringing hope at a time when we need it most. The first project of One Life Alliance is the One Life Alliance Pledge, a program to practice honoring the sacredness of life through simple but profound daily practices and reflection. Join Kia, Master Charles Cannon and people all over the world in saying "Yes" to life by taking the One Life Alliance Pledge.

About The Author

Kia Scherr is the co-Founder and President of the One Life Alliance. She has been a meditation teacher for more than thirty years and served as National Executive Council Member for the Synchronicity Foundation, USA.


I have known Kia Scherr for many years. Along with her husband Alan and daughter Naomi, she has been a long-time member of our modern spiritual community. That radically changed in 2008 when Alan and Naomi sacrificed their lives in the Mumbai terrorist attack of which I and several of our community Members are survivors.

In the immediate aftermath, Kia stunned the world when in countless media interviews she responded with compassion and forgiveness. Together we created One Life Alliance in response to the thousands of people world-wide who were inspired by our holistic message. Its sole focus is to evolve our capacity to value the life we all share. Life itself is the ultimate value. Without it we have nothing and, with the true knowledge that we are one with all life, we have everything.

One Life Alliance was officially launched on the one year anniversary of the Mumbai terrorist attack. On the second year anniversary, we returned to Mumbai and hosted a memorial program in the very hotel that had been the scene of devastation, destruction and death. Over five hundred people filled the ballroom to capacity and at the closing, Kia and I led everyone in taking the One Life Alliance Pledge. It was an inspiring moment to say the least and there wasnit a dry eye in the house.

The One Life Alliance Pledge is an affirmative response to the negation of life and its resultant fear and conflict. It is the leading edge of a new paradigm, inspiring us to awaken from the habitual sleepwalk of separation and isolation that perpetuates fragmentation and suffering. As you live the practices of this 30 day pledge to honor the sacredness of life, you may begin to experience what it means to truly awaken into the love, compassion and peace that arises from the truth that we are all one.

I am grateful to Kia for her courageous leadership in the creation of this vision and for relentlessly inspiring the many to be one.


Life as I knew it changed on November 26, 2008 when my husband, Alan and 13 year old daughter, Naomi, were among those who were shot and killed by terrorists at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai, India.

One of the things that has emerged from my experience was my determination to create a positive outcome by making a total commitment to honor the sacredness of all life. One of the forms this has taken is what Master Charles and I call the One Life Alliance Pledge. It was the first thing you read as you opened the book and you will find it again on page five. If you have not read it yet, take a moment to read it now. This book is my personal invitation to you to take the One Life Alliance Pledge. I'm inviting you, right here and right now, to join with me and so many others in transforming this heart-wrenching tragedy by taking a stand and making a personal commitment to honor the life we all share. The time has come to join together as one. We are one human family. Let us honor the sacredness of life in ourselves and in each other. Together we can shift the scales of balance to a life affirmative focus. It begins with each one of us, with the choices we make moment to moment.

Forgiveness is the natural outcome of love and compassion. Compassion does not mean that the pain of loss somehow goes away. But I find that when I choose love, understanding, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness as the basis for all of my interactions, I feel uplifted and I notice that I am at peace.

I hope that you will join me in taking the One Life Alliance Pledge. I've gathered 30 simple ways to assist you over the next 30 days by giving you a focus for each day that will enrich this experience and draw out the best of who you are.

We strengthen anything to which we bring our attention. When we take the time to keep the Sacredness of Life pledge by reminding ourselves, noting our challenges and acknowledging our insights, we can truly transform our life experience.

As you access the sacred life within the shrine of your own heart, may you be enveloped in the love that is your very essence.

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