The Practical Approach of Diet and Dietetics (From Ayurveda to Contemporary Science)
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The Practical Approach of Diet and Dietetics (From Ayurveda to Contemporary Science)

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Author: Dr. Sonam Agrawal, Dr. Anam Aftab, Dr. Piyush Kumar Tripathi and Prof. Seng
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789386660794
Pages: 336
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Ayurveda is one of the ancient traditional systems of medicine. It has its oneness in maintaining and promoting the positive health of an individual, as its very first objective, for which, many theories and doctrines have been proposed by our Acharyas which are relevant in this current time as well. They postulated that Aahara, Nidra and Brahmachatya are three main sustaining elements of the body, and one cannot dream of the healthy life with evasion of these three sub-pillars. Aahara among them has been given special fondness in maintaining the health and in designing the treatment protocol of the diseases. Individualized Approach of diet and dietetics like diet according to Agnibala, Prakriti, diet in accordance to suitability and wholesomeness, diet as per condition of the diseases well as generalized approach like seasonal dietetics, Ashtaaharavidhiviseshaytana. Saptaharakalpana, Aaharavidhiviehana , method, manner and time of taking and serving food, incompatible diet etc. are the contribution which make this science far ahead than other belief system. Adoption of all these measures will not only cause proper nourishment of the booty but also bring the psychological contentment.

Principally, this book encompasses allthipossible facets of practical diet and dietetics (quantitative and qualitative) in Ayurveda along with an elementary description of underlying process i.e. digestion and metabolism. Depiction of certain contemporary approaches like nutrigenomics, nutraceuticals, epigenetics and diet, maternal and pediatric diet etc. are also incorporated to reflect the significance of need and how the development is accelerating in the form of new branches in this field.

With these words, it should be concluded that possible compilation of guidelines which are mentioned in this book will prove to be helpful for an individual to get rid of the maladies if any and to lead the Kapp} and healthy life.


The Ayurvedic approach to diet and dietetics is very different from the contemporary approach. In Ayurvedic treatises Aahara, Nidra and Brahmacharya are the three sub-pillars which sustain the life. Among them, Aahara has been considered as "Par am Aushadhant." Appropriate diet and dietetics is one of the foremost factor for maintenance of good health and also capable of preventing the attacks of diseases. including lifestyle disorders, risk factors etc. It is also well known that most of the incurable diseases are produced due to improper food. Ayurveda has its exclusivity on not focusing on the constituent or the type of food article only but has also revealed the guidelines for consumption of conducive food in right quantity and at appropriate time. Aahara has been sorted as Mitahara (wholesome) and Ahitahara (unwholesome).

In a similar framework, the terms Pathya and Apathya are also used to stand for the suitability and acceptability of a particular food in a given context. Moreover; it also gives great emphasis on the compatibility and incompatibility of certain foods and elaborated 18 types of Viruddltahara, i.e., dietary incompatibility in particular. Not only this but Ayurvedie-scholars speak about those conducive Aahara Dravya which can still become incompatible due to their mutually contradictory qualities, by combinations (samyoga). by way of preparation (santskara), by effect of place (desha), time (kaki), dose (matra) and some others by their intrinsic quality (swahham). Further, a vast description is present regarding Aahara vidhi vidhan i.e Ashtha Aaharvidhivisheshaywtna. dwadashaashanapravicharana etc. These entire concepts are needed to be practiced by the people pursuing good health. This book is written with the aim of enlightening those concepts of diet and dietetics mentioned in ancient science and also to focus the new advancement taking place in the contemporary world like neutrogenomics, cpigenetics etc.

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