Pregnancy (The Complete Childbirth Book) - What the Indian Woman Always Wanted to Know But Was Afraid to Ask

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Author: Nutan Pandit
Publisher: Rupa & Company
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 8129105993
Pages: 261 (Illustrated In B/W)
Cover: Paperback
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Pregnancy is that wonderful occasion in life, too precious to be disrupted by irrational fears or unnecessary apprehensions caused by the lack of simple, reliable information. This book will tell you all about childbirth, answering questions about weight gain, proper diet, exercises, breathing patterns, positions to adopt during labour, and postnatal care of both yourself and the baby. Scientific and reliable, the book also offers invaluable, time-tested home remedies.

Nutan Pandit is a graduate of sociology from Mumbai University. Thereafter she did a diploma in journalism and has been freelancing for various magazines. She was converted to the faith when breathing practices helped her have easy childbirth. She started taking natural childbirth classes in 1978. She has visited the National Childbirth Trust in London and attended their classes and workshops. She also went to Dr Michel Odent’s unit at Pithivers, France, renowned for various’ unconventional methods of conducting childbirth. Pandit took classes at various nursing homes and Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. She now conducts such classes in New Delhi.

It is very useful for a first pregnancy—gets you mentally prepared for what to expect.


Nutan Pandit’s book is a veritable encyclopaedia on the phenomenon of pregnancy and childbirth, invaluable for the mothers-to-be.


Nutan Pandit is one of those pioneering women helping to break the vicious grip of ignorance and fear in this matter.

The Hindu

Important – Please use this book in consultation with your doctor


Pregnancy Beliefs viii
1. Birth without Fear 1
Pain perception-Brain, the Boss-Sympathetic Nervous System-Muscle Action-The Body’s Design for Birth-Experience of Women
2. Your Anatomy 10
The Development of the Baby – The 3 Trimesters
3. Pregnancy 17
Blood/Urine Text-Planning a Healthy Baby-Genetic Counseling-Pre-conception Care-Antenatal Visits-Blood Tests during Pregnancy-Urine Tests-Internal Vaginal Examination-Abdominal Examination-Ultrasound-Amniocentesis-Anti Tetanus Injection-Medical Termination of Pregnancy-Boy or Girl?
4. Common Problems of Pregnancy 32
Physical Changes-Digestive Problems-Urinary Tract Infection-Conditions Needing Special Attention- Toxaemia and Pre-Eclempsia
5. Diet in Pregnancy and After 63
Eating for Two-A Parasite-Foods You Need-Wholesome Foods-Tea, Coffee, Cola drinks and Chocolates-To Avoid Putting on Too Much Weight-body Weight-Diet in Labour-Diet When Breastfeeding-Our Traditional Recipes-Ghee-Tips on Weight Control
6. Some Simple Exercises 81
Grounding-Neck Exercise-Shoulder Rotation Exercise-Deep Breathing-Bust Exercise-Pelvic Floor Exercise-Ankle Movements-Leg Lift-Curling Leaf-Leg Swing-Pelvic Tilting-Aum Breathing-Relaxation
7. Sex During Pregnancy100
Intercourse- Breast Stimulation-After the Birth
8. Labour Time 105
Fluid Leak- Positions to Adopt in Labour- Upright Position for Labour-Backache in Labour-When on a Drip- Comforters-For a Backache
9. Breathing and Relaxation for Labour 119
Ignorance-Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome-Quick Relaxation in Labour-Breathing for Labour-Conditioned Reflex-Breathing Patterns-Concentration Breathing-As a Distraction Breathing-Not-Pushing Breathing-Transition-Pushing
10. Induced Labour 131
The Estimated Date of Delivery- When Labour is Induced – Different Methods of Induction – Home Induction – Prolonged Pregnancy
11. Birth 143
Stages of Labour- Prepared Childbirth- The Baby at Birth
12. Gentle Birth 151
The Trauma of Birth – Pioneers of Gentle Birth
13. After Childbirth 156
After a Natural Birth – Exercise After a Normal Delivery – After a Caesarean Section – Bleeding/Sex- Post Natal Depression
14. Contraception 168
Methods of Contraception
15. Breastfeeding 180
Why Should I Breastfeed? – How Does the Baby Feed? – How to Feed- Breast Size- Flat Nipples – Breastfeeding at Birth – Rooming In – Exclusive Breastfeeding – Constant Demand Feeding – Leaking Breasts – Let Down Reflex – Feeding When Ill – To Stop Feeding Suddenly – Breast Preparation for Feeding – When Feeding – Forerunner to Milk – Colostrum – Mature Milk – Engorgement – How to Deal with Engorgement – To Express Breast Milk – How to Feed Expressed Milk – If the Baby’s Nose Gets Blocked – Feeding Time – Relax When you Feed – Night-Feeds – Foremilk and Hind milk – Will My Milk be Enough? – Less Milk – Burping the Baby – How to Position the Baby – Position After Caesarean Birth – Twins – How to Position Twins – Bonding – Contraceptive Effects of Breastfeeding – Breast of Bottle – How Long to Breastfeed – Breastfeeding and the Working Woman – Case Against the Bottle – The Bottle and Nipple Confusion – Milk Powder – Cow’s Milk-How to Sterilise Bottles – How to Bottle and Nipple Confusion – Milk Powder – Cow’s Milk- How to Sterilise Bottles – How to Bottle-feed-Problems During Breastfeeding Babies with Problems-Cleft Palate
16. Neonatal Conditions that Require Surgery by Dr. Meera Luthra 228
17. Teratogenesis by Dr. Asha Singh 231
Recommended Reading 235
Informed Choices 236
Index 243
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