Remedial Lal Kitab
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Remedial Lal Kitab

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Item Code: NAI127
Author: J.C Joshi
Publisher: Sahni Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8175642629
Pages: 216
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 380 gm
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It is observed that there is a misconception about Lal Kitab among those belonging t the present era. To them it is book dealing with talisman, charms and magic. Contrary to the belief, the book has nothing to do with all these. In fact, it is based on high ideals and principles and science and strictly advises against causing any harm to anybody.

For instance it teaches that there is a God who governs the universe, have faith on him, be kind and merciful to animals, birds and human beings, respect elders. Etc.

Besides, it lets us know the position of planets in one’s horoscope, their effects on natal and can be used as therapy for healing.

This branch of science can also connect one with cosmic forces.


Ways of Living7
Charms, Remedies and Good Conduct10
Basic Concept11
Horoscope preparation for prediction13
Change Destiny through Action16
Horoscope and Previous Life16
Movement of Planets in Universe16
Relation of the Planets with each other21
Annual Forecast (Varshaphal)37
Nature of Planets42
Astrology and Nature of Planets52
Friendliness, Enmity Between Planets74
Classification of Planets75
Evil effect of the Planets and remedies Tips78
Effect of Planets and Annual Horoscope83
Signs of Discovering Wicked Planets84
Worship for Getting Rid of Evil Effects86
Useof Gems and Metals88
Planets and Their Effects90
Jupiter (Brahaspati)90
Sun (Surya)109
Moon (Chandra)121
Mars (Mangal)132
Mercury (Budh)144
Venus (Shukra-Goddess Laxmi)156
Saturn (Shani- Bhaironji)170
Rahu (Saraswatiji)184
Ketu (Ganeshji)193
Single Planet Effect200
Remedy to make Powerless Planets202
Restricted Donations205
Some Special Yogas206
Raj Yog209
Precautions for the Happiness of Family210
Tips for Children210
Useful Tips for Selecting a Suitable213
Some Tips for Routine Life213
Diseases Caused Due to the Combination216
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