Saint Namdev
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Saint Namdev

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Author: J.R. Puri and V.K. Sethi
Publisher: Radha Soami Satsang Beas
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788184661262
Pages: 146
Cover: Hardcover
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If you were to experience the supreme Lord, You would transcend all desire. If with devotion you would constantly remember the Lord You would be free from all care.

How will you ever cross the ocean of the world- If filled with poison. Seeing this world of lies and illusion, You have gone astray.

Regardless of my birth in a cloth printer's house, I have been blessed with the Guru's instruction, Through the grace of the saints, Nama has been granted the gift of union with the Lord.



This small book was published in 1977 as the first in a series on the lives and teachings of various Eastern mystics. The idea of the series originated with Maharaj Charan Singh. The overall purpose was to present in a simple way the salient features of the saints' teachings with selections from their poetry as a way of introducing them to English-speaking readers.

As one comes to know the teachings of these great saints, it will be realized that their basic tenets and philosophies are the same. All emphasize the there is one supreme God, a power that is al-positive all all-love; that God will be realized within one's own self through the practice of inner meditation and not through the practice of inner meditation and not through ritual and outer forms of worship; that experience of God comes only with the guidance of a living adept; spiritual wisdom comes through devotion and surrender and not through intellectual deliberation, argument or analysis, though these can help clear superstitions and errors of thinking that are often present in religious minds.

The present monograph on Saint Namdev includes poems from the Marathi, Punjabi and Hindi collections of his writing published in Shri Namdev Gatha, Adi Granth and Sant Namdev ki Hindi Padavali. The English translations made from the vernacular by the authors of the book have been modernized for this new edition. It may also be noted that the poems have been arranged thematically. The path of God-realization, the practice of discovering Truth and of realizing Truth within oneself, falls naturally into stages for this edition the poems have been arranged accordingly and a brief introduction to each section has been given, rather than introducing each poem separately as was done in the earlier editions

For the person who can read namdev's work in the original as well as in translation, an index of first lines in the vernacular in Roman script is appended. This will facilitate cross-referencing form one language to the other. Apart from these changes, some minor stylistic modifications have been made in the first part of the book.

Namdev's poems, tough composed almost eight centuries ago, are as fresh and relevant as though written today. Arising from his love for God, they concern themselves with timeless aspects of human experience. Namdev overflows with love for the divine. His poetry, imbued with his experience, is ecstatic and immediate. Essentially, Namdev had only one concern in his message: that those he consummation with might share the wonder and ultimate consummation of love that he had so clearly experienced himself


Preface xi
Part One  
Life and Teachings 1
Part Two  
Selected Poems 15
Cries of the Heart 17
You Are My Mother 18
You Have Created This Play 19
A Father Is Always Concerned 20
Bless me with Your Love 21
How Shall I Live Without You? 22
The Need for a Master 23
The Waves of Greed Strike 25
O Mind, Why Do You Go to the Passions? 26
As a Parrot Is Allured 27
Iron Turns into Gold 28
If You Were to Experience the Supreme Lord 30
So Long As Your Bonds Are Not Broken 31
It May Be Possible to Ascend to Heaven 32
Sometimes One Is Not Satisfied 33
How Shall I Describe the Bliss of Satsang? 34
The Path of Devotion 35
The Lord's Name Is His Form 37
If You Gave Me a Throne 38
Adore the Lord, Adore the Lord! 39
The Darkness of Ego Was As Dense As Night 40
If The Disciple Were to Flee 41
All People Are One 42
Who Else but the Lord Will Rescue You? 43
No Salvation except through Devotion 44
O My Father, I Do Not Understand 45
Everyone Resorts to His Own Cleverness 46
You Are the Creator 47
Endless Are the Songs of the Vedas 48
Repeat the Lord's Name 50
Liberation through the Name 51
Listen to the Heavenly Music 52
The Whole World Is Dirt 53
So Long As You Are Not Attached 54
Who Has Retained the Stain of Sin? 55
Let My Tongue Be Cut into a Hundred Pieces 56
God's Name is Precious 57
If Someone Repeats the Name 58
The futility of Rituals 59
Pierce through the Six Chakras 61
What Shall I Do? 62
Why Do you Dance? Why Do You Sing? 63
Some Say He Is Near 64
I Bring a Pitcher and Fill It with Water 65
One Who Performs Ashvamedh Yagya 66
Woe Betide the Speaker 68
Chanting the Name of God 69
The Serpent Casts off Its Skin 70
You Cannot Attain the Lord 71
If You Do Not Look at Your Own Deeds 72
Let Go of All Desire 73
The Practice of the Name 75
A Boy Brings Paper, Makes a Kite 76
The Rope Dancer's Mind and Body 77
Always Be in Rapport with the Lord 78
Repeat His Name, Listen to His Voice 79
Listen with Rapt Attention 80
I Shall Never Forget the Lord Now 81
Your Name Is the Staff of This Blind One 82
Transcending Death 83
In the Five Elements 84
The Vina Plays, the Heavens Resound 85
I Do Not Know the Vedas and Puranas 86
My Mind Is the Yardstick 87
The Pain of Mind, Only the Mind Knows 88
I Have Vanquished the Ten Senses 89
In Praise of the Master 91
You Are the Bestower of Bliss 92
The Shelter of Everlasting Mercy 93
Whenever I See Him, I Sing His Praises 94
The Purpose of My Life 95
He Who Perceives the One God 96
I Take from the Saints 97
My Aim Is the Lord 98
The Thundering Resonance of the Word 99
When One Has a Guru 100
To Redeem the Fallen 103
The Nature of the Lord 105
Why Do You Not Lay a Wager With Me? 106
God Pervades Every Being 107
God, the Immanent Lord, Speaks 108
The Absolute Being Has Created a Game 109
The One Manifests in the Many 110
He Is Free from All Impurities 111
Your State Only You Know 112
The Lord and His Lovers 113
My Slave, Who Loves Only Me 114
Even As the Deer Is Drawn 115
I Am Sick with Restlessness 116
No One Has Unravelled the Mystery 117
The Slave of the Lord Is Detached 118
Union and Bliss 119
I Have Gone Mad with Love 120
The Home of the Lord 121
Even If the Heavens Were to Fall 122
My Fickle and Restless Mind 123
I Have Delved into the Four Vedas 124
I Do Not Desire the Delights 125
A Drum Beats without Its Drum Skin 126
In Praise of the Lord 127
The Scriptures Derive Their Meaning 128
Just As a Hungry Man Loves Food 129
Even As Water Is Dear to Marwar 130
Endnotes 133
Bibliography 134
Index of Hindi/Marathi/Punjabi First Lines 136
Addresses for Information and Books 139
Books on This Science 145


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