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The Secret of Jnanayoga

The Secret of Jnanayoga
Item Code: IDG135
Author: Jaya Dayal Goyandka
Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8129300435
Pages: 264
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.2" X 4"
weight of the book: 260 gms

Publisher's Note:

This book captioned 'Secret of Jnana Yoga' is a collection of 27 discourses of Late Sri Jayadayal Goyandka, delivered from time to time and published in Kalyana-Kalpataru. It is not a treatise but a simple compilation. Every discourse is self-sufficient and independent and contains valuable knowledge and information. Hence discourses are very useful for the strivers (Sadhakas) who are practising spiritual discipline, more particularly for the followers of path of knowledge Jnana-Yoga.)

The words are simply phonetic devices and vehicles to carry and communicate the ideas and thoughts. So they are insentient and quite disable to make any impact on the minds of the listeners or readers. As a matter of fact, it is the idealogical force of the speaker that makes impression. It too varys in degree from person to person-The speaker and listener both inclusive. Sri Goyandka was a great devotee a Jnani and an exalted God-Realised soul in the real sense of the words. It will not be an exaggeration to say that even in modern time of nihilism, he realised god-hood and had a vision of his favourite divinity. When such a person speaks, well, every word spoken by him becomes a living force and is capable of filling the void created by intoxicating materialism and helping those who are struggling for liberation.

The topics included, cover a broad range in the realm of spiritualism. The Sadhaka of any grade or stage may find in this book, the solution of his problems. The article "Is Mukti Open to All" establishes the fact beyond a shadow of doubt that cast, creed, faith or religion are no requisite qualification or obstruction in liberating the soul. The equanimity at every stage and in every field of life, has been deservingly emphasized to a great extent. Gita has always been to Goyandkaji a fountain of inspiration and a sure medicine to any spiritual ailment. The teachings of Gita are the central axis of the ideas and thoughts propounded in the book. His thoughts on dispassion, piety, rebirth, company of saintly and accomplished persons' and other subjects of spiritual nature, are something like beacon lights to the new entrants.

This book may serve as a hand book to the Bhakta, Jnani as well as 'Yogi', all alike but to the followers of path of knowledge, it will be more useful and appealing. We hope the spiritual Sadhakas will get benefited from the book.

Now a few words about translation. Even though we have tried our best to render a faithful translation, yet the translation has its own limitations. It is difficult for a translator to give a verbatim version in a good language. Therefore, we appologise to our readers for the omission and commissions here and there. The responsibility of any shortcomings is ours, we must admit. Yet we hope that our readers will excuse us and give a hearty welcome, as always, to this effort also.






1. The Ineffable Mood of a Jnani 1
2. The Yoga of Knowledge in the Gita 6
3. Highest Goal of Existence 16
4. A Few Thoughts on Liberation 26
5. The Other World and Rebirth 39
6. Dispassion and Quietism 49
7. Amrta-Dhara 57
8. Desirelessness 72
9. Worship of Unqualified, Formless Brahma 83
10. Questions and Answers about Self-Upliftment 92
11. The Glory of Equanimity 102
12. Is Mukti Open to All> 116
13. Feel No Frustration in the Path of God 129
14. Worthy Motives 133
15. The Criterion of True Progress 142
16. The Supreme End of Human Pursuit 153
17. Ways of Deriving Benefit from the
Fellowship of Saints
18. The Divine Substance with Its
Essential Character and Inwardness
19. Transcendent Glory of Avataras and
Vicegerents of God
20. Secret of the Formless Divine Essence 198
21. Self-Denial, Self-Control and Dispassion 204
22. Redemption Through Self-Control 214
23. The Truth and Secret of Desirelessness 224
24. Means of Arresting the Decline of Righteousness
and Growth of Sin
25. Glory of Even-Mindedness 243
26. Worship of the Attributeless and Formless
27. What Is Piety? 262

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