Shri Sai Baba (The Saviour)

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Author: Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788120747012
Pages: 142
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About The Author

Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya (b. 19th March 1967) is a multifaceted personality. He did his Ph. D. in physics from the University of Delhi and took teaching as profession.

With Sai baba’s blessings and the traditional values imbibed from his parents his attention was directed towards, religion and philosophy. Apart from teaching physics, he is relentlessly collecting, compiling and translating writings on the Life and miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba.

He has translated and compiled fifteen books on Shirdi Sai Baba. He has also sung Sai Bhajans which have been released as Audio Cassettes and CDs. At present he is engaged in spreading the name and message of Shirdi Sai Baba through literary works and bhajans.



This book gives an information about great Saints and incarnations of God. The author of this book Shri Vaman Rangnath Gokhale has been living in Shirdi for the last ten years and has been leading a life of a true Sanyasi. He has not donned saffron coloured clothes like other Sanyasis but he is totally detached. Very often he sleeps at the steps of Dwarkamai. Baba takes care of his needs. His simple and recluse lifestyle is a clear evidence that information about Baba given in this book is true. Needless to say, reading this small book by clear hearted Sai devotees will increase their love for Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi and enhance Guru Bhakti.



This small book is a collection of historical facts and incidents which took place from the time of arrival of Sal Nath in Shirdi till his Mahasamadhi. Miracles and incidents which actually happened when Baba was in human form have been compiled here. While reading this is book one will feel as if one is actually watching those scenes. Incidents before and after Samadhi as collected from devotees have been described here. But instead of belief or disbelief towards the incidents it would be better if the devotees with true faith do Bhakti and should try to have experiences themselves.

According to Eknath Maharaj, in Shirdi all are Vaishnav devotees. Amongst them was one Gangagir Maharaj who in his first meeting with Sai recognised him because he belonged to the same sect. He also recognised Dasganu who used to say,’ Shirdi is my Pandharpur’. It is strange even after all this other Sai devotees were unable to recognise this sect!

Some of the old devotees and associates of Sal Baba died during his lifetime. Due to this reason it was difficult to get true information. To get correct information, writing of this book was started. While reading the truth, some bitterness and harshness may be felt by the readers. But the fruit received after understanding the whole situation will definitely be sweet. There is no doubt about it.

We are thankful to the devotees who gave us true information. Shri Sal Nath spent his whole life sitting in front of the sacred fire in Dwarkamai. He was a kind but straightforward speaker. Be humble and modest, pray to him sincerely, you will achieve your object. But if you try to show cleverness, craftiness (deceit) then be sure that you will get punished. Always remember this and be careful.

Sai Baba takes care of those who meditate on him with a pious heart, who do not crave for other people’s wealth and wife. Here it is not important to say that ‘I am a Sai devotee’. It is important if Sai Baba says that ‘He/she is my devotee’. Otherwise is it of any use?

For example, Shri Gyaneshwar Maharaj says “If Sadguru guru is behind me, then why should I worry about others (i.e. why should I try to get any benefit from others)? What is the need for him to ask for anything who is sitting under the K4atitiksha (wish fulfilling tree)? This wordly ocean can be crossed only with the blessings of Sadguru.”

Shri Gyaneshwar Maharaj has said in ‘Gjaneshwarz’ that the person who receives the blessings of the Guru is really very lucky If he has patience then he becomes capable of knowing himself.

In the third edition some portion from the second edition has been deleted and some extra information has been added. This has not been done under the influence or pressure from anyone. Every word of the second edition is true and I have proofs related to the matter. Would Sai Baba ever like the spreading of untrue information to the masses? ‘Nirvanitha Sakhd has been written after examining every detail minutely.

I am indebted to those who have helped me in getting the first and second edition printed. The auspicious moment for the printing of the third edition has come. This is all due to the blessings of Sai Nath.

At the Lotus feet of Sai Baba of Shirdi


About The Book

Dear readers, as you open this text, let me congratulate you on being fortunate enough to undertake a journey which lets you glimpse firsthand, the life and travails of our true soulmate, the Omnipresent Shri Sal Baba. This book is the fifteenth offering of my young friend Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya, to our Saviour, Shri Sai Baba. I met the author, a devout Sai Bhakta, after coming across his fifth book, Shri Sai Satcharitra (Hindi translation). My interest was kindled in his other works which include books, CDs and cassettes of devotional songs (bbajans) dedicated to our mentor His Grace, Shri Sal Baba. As my interaction with Rabinder became more frequent, I gained an insight into his character that filled me with admiration. I responded to his dedicated intent and unwavering commitment to various projects related to Baba. His enthusiasm and zeal in spreading Baba’s message is infectious.

I eagerly awaited his next venture on Shri Sal Baba and this latest offering Shri Sai Baba The Saviour has pulled at my heart strings like nothing before. The book is a rare amalgamation of an astonishing 196 pictures, facts, interviews and analysis on the phenomena of Shri Sai Baba and all those who were touched by his magical aura. The book presents a rare insight into how those elusive sepia pictures of the shy and reticent Baba were taken. For the first time pictures are shown of the five houses which were visited daily by Baba for his bbiksha. The old Shirdi of Baba’s time and immediately after he took Samadhi, leaps out of the pages. The route of the old procession, his daily routine, old landmarks like the Chavadi, Samadhi Mandir, Dwarkamai, Nandadeep, Gurusthan, to name a few, are all presented alongside with their new twenty first century avatar. The photographs of every relic present in the museum, be it the handis, the chanvar, Baba’s bench, chair and other artifacts take one back in time.

Recorded interviews of personal experiences of people have been added and these anecdotes remind one of the numerous times when the Omnipotent Baba has made his presence in our lives, known to us. These encounters comfort us that in these trying times, our Saviour is still with us and his divine presence graces our lives at every step.

I would like to make a special mention of Shri Mohit Suneja, a brilliant artistic talent, whose 23 sketches of Baba’s various activities actually transport us into Baba’s life. I am particularly enthralled by his life-like sketch of Mahalsapati massaging Baba’s feet. Other sketches like those of Baijamai leave me misty eyed and immensely grateful for the heart stirring visuals.

I pray to Satguru Shri Sat Baba of Shirdi to bless Dr. Rabinder Nath Kakarya for putting together this enriching composition and rejoice in his being the chosen one to initiate the world into new aspects of our beloved Baba’s life and teachings.




  Introduction v
  Prefac vii
  From the translator's desk ix
  Foreword xi
1 Evolution of Saints 1
2 Nath Sect 1
3 Auspicious Plan 1
4 End of Shabri knowledge 2
5 After the end of Shabri knowledge 2
6 Incarnation of the Saints for the welfare of the world 2
7 Descent in human form 2
8 Choice of the place 3
9 World collected by Sai Nath 4
10 Identity of SaiNath 4
11 An only generous mother 5
12 History of today’s Dwarkamai 6
13 Entry of Sai Nath in the wrecked place 6
14 Lighting Lamps with water 8
15 Samarth Ramdas’s instance 9
16 Sai Nath was Almighty himself 9
17 Help to the afflicted and the grieved 10
18 Sai Nath efficacious Mantra 11
19 Teaching Human values 11
20 Do not take anything for free 11
21 SaiNath’s features 12
22 Fragrance of fame in ten directions 14
23 Commencement of Aarti 14
24 Pre-announcement of Yama Dharma 14
25 Ram’s Shabri and Sal Nath’s Mahali 14
26 Justice of Sal Nath 15
27 Sal Nath the fulfiller of devotees’ desires 15
28 Renovation of the dilapidated building 17
29 Believe it or not 17
30 Sal Nath’s first photograph 18
31 Sal Nath’s second photograph 18
32 Sal Nath’s third photograph 18
33 Sal Nath’s fourth photograph 19
34 Sal Nath’s daily routine 19
35 If willing to give Dakshina come up 26
36 Guru’s Paduka or Gurusthan – Datta Mandir 27
37 Request for mantra 27
38 Importance of Padukas 27
39 Inner thoughts are known to Sal Nath 28
40 Compassionate Sal Nath 29
41 Brahamanraj Dasganu Maharaj 29
42 Mahalsapathy Sonar (Goldsmith) 31
43 Beginning of Sal Nath’s visit to Chavadi 32
44 Chavadi procession 32
45 Spread of Epidemic 35
46 Testing the Guru 37
47 Hardworker receives God’s grace 37
48 Special objects kept by Sal Nath in the Dwarkamai 38
49 What does Dhuni Say? 40
50 Baba’s control over natural powers 40
51 Sal Nath looked like Seshsay God 42
52 Incomplete story as told by Sal Nath 44
53 Death of Baijabai Kote 44
54 Megha rubbed his bones like sandalwood 44
55 Stone kept in the Dwarkamai 45
56 Devotees took care of Baba 46
57 Support us 46
58 Baba’s visit to Neem Gaon and Rahata 46
59 Neem and Peepal trees in the Lendi Bagh 47
60 Vihir (well) at Shirdi 48
61 Steal my things and they will become coal 48
62 God gives but fate (destiny) takes away 48
63 Onion mixed Khithaii on Mahaekadsbi 49
64 Names given by Baba to some close devotees 50
65 Shri Bala Saheb Deo Mamlatda 52
66 Gaud (show) in the name of religion 53
67 Defeat of Allah in wrestling with Maruti 54
68 Go and sit in the Wada (Clear meaning of Wada) 55
69 Breaking of the brick 54
70 Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa 56
71 Sal Nath’s citation on equality 58
72 Vijaya Dashmi of the year 1916 60
73 Baba giver of solicited rates 62
74 Great ascetic Radhakrishna Mai 63
75 When the body became calm 64
76 Rang Panchami 64
77 A day before 1918 Dussehra 65
78 Sai Nath’s Niyan (Leaving the World) 66
79 Baba watches and understands even now 73
80 Shri Sat Nath is Brahma 74
81 Articles used by Sat Nath 76
82 Bitches of Vaghari Breed 78
83 Tulsi (holy basil plant) Vrindavan in Dwarkamai 78
84 Kirfankar (Bhajan Singer) of Bhagwat Sect 80
85 Sai Baba will give, we will take 81
86 Mystic power of Udi 82
87 Give one bread, have one child 83
88 Fulfil a vow 84
89 Redemption of devotees’ distress 85
90 Play of destiny near Chinchvad 86
91 Babe has a balance in hand even today 87
92 Vamanrao, I am in loss because of you 87
93 Books on Sal Baba 88
94 Why didn’t Baba himself write books? 88
95 Proclaimer of Sal Leelas 88
96 Temples of Sal Baba (The main Temple is at Shirdi) 89
97 Shri Madhavrao Deshpande (Shama) 89
98 Bhau Maharaj Kumbar 91
99 Lakshmi Bai Patil Shinde 92
100 Late Shri Sagun Meru Naik 93
101 Shri Tatya Baba Patil Kote 97
102 Worship with eyes open 100
103 Nectar like Sayings 103
104 Shri Sal Baba’s philosophy and devotees coming to Shirdi 105
105 Devotion is of two types 105
106 Let’s go to the Saints village 106
107 Last request 107
108 What Sal devotees should do 108
  APPENDIX (A) 110
109 Baba’s statue is a live 110
110 Experiences of Tatya’s family 112
111 Sai’s Lotus feet 113
112 Wonderful Neem Leaf 114
113 Baba you are great 115
114 Power of Udi 115
115 Sai’s Inspiration 115
116 End of bad habit 116
117 Chand Patil 117
  APPENDIX (B) 120
118 Story of the tunnel 120
119 Foundation of Padukas 120
120 Renovation of the temples 121
121 Tatya’s turban 121
122 Baba’s Dhuni (Sacred fire) 122
123 Nimbar 123
124 Neem Tre 123
125 Baba’s garden 124
126 Statue’s Stone 124
127 Horse Shyam Sunder 125
128 Bathing of Statue 126

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