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Siddhas: Masters of Natures

Siddhas: Masters of Natures
Item Code: NAQ629
Author: Palpandian
Publisher: White Falcon Publishing
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789353510930
Pages: 592 (Throughout B/W and Color Illustrations)
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.7 kg

About the Book

The book reflects upon the spirit of the Immortal Masters, their teachings, esoteric nature, and divine prowess. And how the native wisdom imparted during primordial times still retains sharp applicability to our post-modern world.

The author offers an easy understanding of yoga, tantra, alchemy, medicine and healing, and the occult dimensions of this ancient spiritual science through his personal experiences with the hidden Masters of the oral lineage and anecdotes. The authenticity of this book is heightened by the inclusion of ancient cryptic poems of the twilight language (translated into English).

This book assumes the nature of the Siddhas themselves. It demands and shakes your conditioning, as the Siddhas are the cyclonic storms that shake and uproot trees! It is not meant for passive readers.

About the Author

Palpandian's Siddhas - Masters of Nature recounts a unique encounter with the oceanic and mysterious quintessence of the ancient Siddha tradition.

Palpandian gave up college education and chose to turn toward the Siddhas living in mountains and caves. He wandered for two years, meeting many teachers and hidden masters until he met his own. The next twelve years he spent under the immediate guidance of his own Siddha Master hailing from an ancient oral lineage, learning the various dimensions of this pre-vedic tradition.

According to his Guru's instructions, he spent the next 16 years as a native Siddha healer offering free healing and medicines while also continuing his spiritual journey on the Siddha path. Presently, he is involved in teaching, guiding and spreading of the oral teachings of his Guru lineage.

Through Siddhas - Masters of Nature, Palpandian speaks of events, encounters, oral teachings and insights, received while in the vicinity of his Siddha masters.



With a deeply revered approach, we begin our journey into "Siddhas - Masters of Nature", to reacquaint ourselves with the ancient Siddha Tradition rising from the southern part of India, present-day state of Tamil Nadu.

I would like to initiate with an interesting fact -

Each one of us, is always in a deeply continued connectivity with our roots.

Let us first establish a simple and precise understanding of these roots, its deep connectedness and the constant influence it has upon us as individuals and on humanity as a whole, at any given moment. The roots I speak of are termed 'Samskaras' in Indian terminology, which literally means 'refining'. Samskaras can be defined as life-shaping forces, inherited individually as well as collectively. Our Samskaras or inherent patterns work to influence our psyche internally as well as externally which forms our psychic attitude. In this way, we can call ourselves a continuation of our ancestors. Each moment holds an ongoing reverberation, emitting the calls of our Ancients, through the genetic map of our psyche.

Moving to the Western front for a moment, the famous psychiatrist C. G. Jung, of the last century expounded this very elementary psychic attitude as 'Archetypes'. He defines it as:

'The factors and motives that arrange the psychic elements into certain images, characterised as archetypal, but in such a way that they can only be recognised by the effects they produce. They exist unconsciously and presumably, thus forming the structural dominance of the psyche in general. As priori conditioning factors they represent a special psychological instance of the biological pattern of behaviour, which gives all things their specific qualities.'

He says an archetypal content expresses itself, first and foremost, in metaphors.

By this, we can somewhat fathom that our personal archetypes are ever rooted and arising from the collective archetypes of primitive tradition. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, it evidently holds ancient history. Undoubtedly, one and all are connected to their ancient roots. But this subterranean connectedness or bond does undergo change based on present day living conditions, and accordingly expresses itself.

One cannot help but notice an undeniable oneness among all Ancient Traditions. Their surging inspiration, deep insights and blazing quests divulge an in-depth understanding of the hidden dimensions of the dynamic mystery called Life. Traditions speak of rituals or practices, techniques devoted toward an inner journey aimed at the betterment of humanity as a whole, through dimensions such as Healing, Medicine, Alchemy, Astrology, etc. Most mythological cults touch upon at least a few if not all these dimensions. Interestingly, traditional epics and mythical tales illustrate legendary characters with inherent extended faculties of flying, clairvoyance, psycho-kinesis, etc. It has been said that people living in the Lemuria continent had all these faculties and would even naturally utilise their third eye! But the strong underlying message emanating through the livingness of all these characters is an ever-prevalent flow of humility and a deep harmony shared with Mother Nature. With our archetypes rooted to primitive archetypes, one might expect each of us to have inherited those extended faculties, but we don't seem to be able to fly. But this is not to say that these faculties have been destroyed. They remain latent within us; I have explained how through a simple elucidation.

As time went by and Man evolved, unfortunately he gradually lost all humility toward Mother Nature and in its place grew dominant over Her. This altered approach from humility to dominance was joined by a strong change in social order. Together, this caused the faculties inherent to Man to gradually project outward. Today, they express as an 'Object-Oriented Lifestyle'. In other words, inner faculties got projected as object-oriented technological knowledge. We see it everywhere as our inventions - airplanes, cameras, TV, locomotives, robots, and cybernetic revolutions, etc. Somewhere along passing times Man tried to gain happiness by projecting his 'inherency' into an object-oriented, materialistic approach and soon enough, found himself entangled in his own web of created objects. Once Man started to invest his nature into man-made objects, he had already begun losing his livingness. Till today, these objects continue to demand an excessive indulgence that keeps Man obsessively identified with the object itself.

Man continues to live in this effort. Today sees us in the Utopian place of 'Automation in everything'. Artificial intelligence, cloning, stem cell research and one crop harvests, etc. are fresh evidence.

Our recent generation clearly reveals how much change our archetypes have undergone. Barely familiar with the Ramayana, Mahabharatha and other ancient mythological epics of our land, instead their value system is invested in technology, movies, television programmes, cartoons, modern music, etc. through which an unnatural amount of violence is constantly displayed. Lives are verily disconnected from root values and we now function in a mentally-oriented fashion. Wedged into the conditioning of our current period, we can only obsessively push to interpret and function using a mentally-dominated approach. It's a shameful truth. Humanity has been moving in a direction, which now screams for the revival of lost values and roots. We may have wondered as to how our lifestyle turned so mechanical and why we lead life based on conceptual and mathematical approaches. It is so because Man seeks what he needs, outside of himself.

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