Source Code Meditation (Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation)
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Source Code Meditation (Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation)

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Author: Dr. Michael Cotton
Publisher: Findhorn Press, UK
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9781844097470
Pages: 240 (13 B/W Illustrations)
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About the Book

The human brain is like a flowing river of potential. Until now, that river has been blocked, barricaded, and diverted by the primitive lower brain. This lower brain diversion hijacks our ability to experience deeper flow and higher transcendent states of consciousness. It also guards against the full expression of the passionate human heart. Source Code Meditation (SCM) is effortlessly rerouting that lower brain diversion-setting humanity free.

Consider this: what if it were possible to mobilize latent energy in the body and direct it in a way that energized the higher brain immediately Before meditation? And After the higher brain was awakened, THEN introduce a powerful new meditation technique? Traditional meditation approaches require us to direct our focus inward, without the higher brain being prepped and tuned to receive it. Thus it often takes decades of practice before any real change happens.

Now, imagine if you could increase brain metabolism and use that energy to tune the higher brain centers to efficiently receive the meditation that follows? Changing the brain before meditation changes the rules of the game and leads to quantum breakthroughs in higher consciousness. You will be able to access deep flow states and transcendent states of consciousness while engaging more profoundly in the creative life process. Distilled from the world's most comprehensive philosophy, Integral Metatheory, SCM and the 9 Summits of Transformation provide a step-by-step guide to mobilize subtle energy in your body, awaken your higher brain, enlighten your mind, and set your heart on fire to create a fearlessly authentic life and a brave new world.

About the Author

Following a radical shift in the direction of his life, Dr. Michael Cotton devoted the next 25 years to studying human potential. His life's work has focused on the creation of organic human technologies that liberate subtle energy in the body and awaken the brain. Michael is an Integral Metatheorist and uses the integral framework to support all of his creations.

Michael, is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain. The creator of the Higher Brain Living technique and Source Code Meditation, with nearly three decades of experience in personal and cultural transformation, he holds a doctorate in Chiropractic. He lives in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife Laura, where he owns and operates the Higher Brain Living Institute and the Source Code Meditation World Headquarters. For more information see his website:

Preface - Midway between the Gods and the Beasts

Nearly two thousand years ago in the ancient city of Alexandria the wise N philosopher, Plotinus declared: Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts.% think he got this right and I think modem neuroscience confirms it. We humans have an unconscious primitive lower region of our brain the purpose of which was to ensure our survival in a dangerous, brutal and hostile world. This old part of our brain evolved at a time when the environment was predator rich and although predators are no longer lurking around every rock and tree, this 'stone age' brain of ours still functions at an ever-vigilant capacity, and usually without our conscious knowledge or choice.

We pay a terrible price for this lower brain dominance in the modem world. The primitive lower brain's perceptions and reactions arrest our development into higher consciousness and stifle our potential for more creativity, insight and meaningful lives. We are continuously cycled back into a life of familiar (even if negative) thoughts, circumstances, relationships and environments, because to the lower brain, sameness equals safety.

In our 21st-century lives these primitive lower brain survival mechanisms are at odds with the potential of our 'higher selves' - a potential that lies slumbering in the newly emerged, yet largely dormant, higher brain. The higher human brain seeks creativity, change and growth, but below our conscious threshold the old lower - and still dominant - brain has its grip on our life. The unconscious lower brain reacts to the potential for significant life change (even if positive) as though it were going headlong into the unknown, an unknown the may very well harbor dangerous predators. Thus the lower brain is change adverse and always defaults to what would have kept us safe in a pre-modern, hostile, predator-rich world. Safety, to put it simply, means 'don't change what you are doing, because what you are doing has been keeping you alive'.

So here we are, poised "midway between the gods and the beasts", midway between the higher and the lower brain. Stuck. Seeing glimpses of our transcendence and yet always pulled back down into old familiar patterns. Are we destined to live in the lower brain states of fear, sameness, stress, anxiety and apathy, merely 'surviving'? If so, why are we equipped with this largely dormant higher brain? Modem neuroscience informs us that the higher human brain, particularly the 'prefrontal cortex' when energized is associated with intuition and insight, elevated emotional states and advanced states of consciousness, and yet, this remarkable part of our brain slumbers.

Our higher brain's potential is largely silent, and as remarkable as that is, it appears as though it isn't the only thing that slumbers in the human body. Perhaps you have heard of a 'dormant energy' in the body? An energy that's awakening has been the subject of sacred doctrine since time immemorial. This quiescent energy has been at least partially known of for millennia and revered by ancient healing arts and wisdom traditions east and west. Sacred texts inform us that when this energy is activated it flows along hidden pathways in the body, positively impacting health, well-being and expanding consciousness.


My Story It was a Monday, seemingly like any other Monday, however on this particular Monday my life was about to be radically and irreversibly altered. On this particular Monday, unbeknownst to me, the beginning of my 'new life' was about to be set in motion. Not because of some dramatic external event, just the opposite, my life was about to transform because of something happening inside of my brain.

Welding smoke and burning aluminum filled my senses as another ordinary workday was playing out in the same mundane way that most of the other days of my life had played out before. However, before this day would end my life would change forever. Disengaged and daydreaming at work, 1 had been thinking about partying away the upcoming weekend. I was standing in an industrial shop in the mid-1980s completely checked out from my job and my life, as usual. Another day, just going through the motions, watching the clock, praying the day would end so 1 could find away to distract myself from the meaningless life that I had created.

My life was full of stress, fear and apathy. 1 had been kicked out of college - academically ineligible to return after my freshman year - and now 1 was 26 % years old and heading exactly nowhere. Suddenly, everything changed. As I good, slouched - next to a piece of high-pitched buzzing industrial equipment - in grease-covered old jeans and a T-shirt, a sense of empowerment came over - --- me and I, in that very moment, saw my stunning potential. I stood riveted in .the middle of that shop, transfixed by a surge of energy in my body and a deep knowing in my soul.

The sights and sounds and smells of my surroundings ground to a halt and everything except my empowered inner feeling and the clear sense of my potential new life disappeared. The harsh welding smoke and grating noise cri that steel and aluminum factory, in the middle of the midwestern United States, vanished within the new atmosphere of my mind, the stunning vision of -snit was to come; a new life vision crystalized and was all that remained in my consciousness.

Time stopped, realization flooded my awareness and I was suddenly bursting with confidence. In this moment I knew that I was about to transform my life and there was nothing that could stop me. From this newly empowered place of clarity and knowing I immediately left my job and went back to college. I went from being a college failure with a 0.57 GPA, to an honor roll student taking (and acing) 32-credit hours - twice the normal full time college class load - per semester in undergraduate college. I took on this extreme college class load so that I would be granted acceptance into a professional school as quickly as possible. Once the mandatory undergraduate work was done, I was admitted and completed a four-year postgraduate doctoral degree in Chiropractic in only three years. I graduated with honors and was on the national deans' list for academic excellence.

This was just the beginning of my new life which is now marked by many professional accomplishments, including owning and operating successful businesses in the wellness and personal development industry, speaking in front of thousands of people, and ultimately - in the early part of the 21st century - if and developed Higher Brain Living° and now Source Code Meditation and the 9 Summits of Transformation. I have owned and operated numerous HBL centers, trained and certified hundreds of HBL facilitators and currently direct the Higher Brain Living Institute and the Source Code Meditation world headquarters in Chicago IL. I have traveled the world hosting retreats, speaking, teaching and training, while writing the book you now hold hi your hands.

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