Spiritual Masters of India (An Old and Rare Book)
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Spiritual Masters of India (An Old and Rare Book)

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Author: G. R. Sholapurkar
Language: English
Edition: 1994
ISBN: 8121701031
Pages: 166
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 320 gm
About the Book

The Present Book is actually supplementary to the previous boo, Saints and Sages of India. In this book Short life sketches and philosophy of saints of the present century have been given. These saints or spiritual Masters as they have been called are doing their work at different and higher levels to reform the erring humanity. Here and there one notices bands of men of all ages and countries waking up to new realities and dimensions.

About the Author

G.R. Sholapurkar (Born 1917) had his University educational Allahabad. After post graduation, he joined railway service. In 1938 and retired in 1976 from a senior Class One position. He settled in Delhi there after. He had joined the Theosophical Society in 1945. Writtings of Madame Blavatsky, Dr. Annie Besant, Bishop lead beater, and krishnamurti, made a deep impression on him and moulded his thoughts. He took refuge at the feet of Sathya Sai Baba in 1972. His Passions in life are Astrology and devotion to Baba. His three books published to far are Foot prints at Shirdi and puttaparthi, Religious Rites and Festivals of India, and Saints and Sages of India.


World today is bedevilled with multitude of problems. Divinity present in every human being has the potential to solve all these problems. This' is possible when it is helped to come into full play. With that spark of divinity aglow, these problems melt away altogether. But how is this transformation to come about?

Besides other factors, this change becomes possible by being acquainted with the lives of the highly evolved souls. Knowing the deeds of such persons has an elevating effect on the reader. He experiences strange stirrings within the deep recesses of his heart and yearns to their foot-steps. This yearning on being nourished suitably leads to reformation of human personality.

Such a reformation besides bringing in a sea change in the life of the individual, is also beneficial to the society as .a whole. This helps in strengthening the desirable forces in the society, which sets it on the course of betterment. Cherished values and ideals permeate the lives of the individual, which in turn ensures upliftment of the I whole society.

Biographical sketches of such personages in the ensuing pages In this respect Will be very interesting. In these soul stirring and mind gripping accounts the reader will find that in the course of divinity becoming manifest through them, they had to countenance many difficulties. They faced such odds with fortitude and in the process divinity in them became more pronounced and apparent. It also proved its invincibility.

This also has a lesson for the aspirant. Spiritual path is never full of roses and, therefore, one should always be prepared to face multifarious hazards. However, in the process as the new sign-posts continue to appear to the novice, a feeling of contentment surges, which impels him to brave all trials and tribulations with fortitude.

The reader will also notice that these souls were gifted with qualities and powers not possessed by ordinary persons. This need not dishearten him. They were their acquisitions resultant upon their good deeds in previous lives. As every action has its reaction, in the same way every 'karma' has its result. A good 'karma' or deed bestows on the individual cherishable qualities and capabilities, where as the bad ones force him to taste their bitter results. This awareness brought about by going through such literature will impel him to devote his whole life-time and capabilities to do good to others. Thus the individuals around whom these life sketches have been built work as guiding stars to the reader.

As such the book is a praise worthy effort on the part of the author. The pains that he has undertaken to compile and write these sketches are obvious. He has done his utmost for the betterment of the society and the whole world, which should be the life objective of every right thinking human being.


The title of this book should have been, 'SAINTS AND SAGES OF lNDIA (Part II) as it is a companion volume to the book with the same title.

Some twenty saints and spiritual leaders of the country have been included in this book. The list is by no means exhaustive. Many saints highly evolved have not been included. Those whose life- sketches have been given were persons highly evolved and were great spiritual masters. They are all like coloured fountains leaping to various heights in God's garden, showing the beauty and grandeur of the Lord in pavomine colours. They shed beauty and light, drawing their inspiration from the same divine source. Their methods were different, but the approach was similar. The purpose was to draw away the erring humanity from the labyrinthian-darkness and show them the divine spark hidden within. The spark had only to be fanned to turn it into a burning flame. The Theosophical Society while listing its objectives, declares that man possesses latent powers and what is latent can be made patent.

Some of these saints have been _credited with great occult powers. The sceptic and incredulous may dismiss themas sleight of hand, charlanry and clever tricks. It only shows a lack of under- standing and appreciation. A full chapter has been devoted to this fascinating subject in the author's book, FOOT-PRINTS AT SHIRDI AND PUTTAPARTHI and readers may read the same. These spiritual Masters by their austerities and 'sadhana' had acquired mastery ever certain laws of nature and the so-callled miracles transcended these laws. Modern science is coming closer and closer to appreciation of such astounding facts.

In the present work it was not possible to give detailed life- sketches and only a thumb-nail description has been given. Some of the saints have lived to in credibly long ages. Another notable feature observed in all cases was the cool reserve and sometimes aloofness maintained by them. They all shunned publicity, but never hesitated to come to the help of needy persons. The present century has been 'blessed by the presence of many saints in this country as well as elsewhere. Some of them have drawn a large number of followers from other countries like America, Europe and the Far East. Various centres exist where regular meetings are held and the philosophy and teachings of the masters are propagated.

It is hoped that the readers will profit by reading and following the teachings of these spiritual Masters. They will receive help and guidance from them from a higher plane of consciousness. As in the case of many earlier works, in the case of the present book also, the help received from Shri R.S.Bhandari was immense. He has also penned a forward. I am also grateful to the publishers' who have done their best in bringing out this book.

Forewordv - vi
Introduction vii - viii
MeharBaba 1-19
Baba Neem Karori20 - 35
Yogeshwar Devraha Baba36 -4S
Swami Muktanand 49 -55
Sant Vinoba Bhave 56 -67
Shri Gurudev Ranade68 - 75
Mother Teresa 76 -85
Swami Pranavanand 86 -88
Shri Vamanraoji Gulwlani Maharaj89 - 94
Sadhu Vaswani 95- 96
SwamiSahajanand Saraswati 97 - 103
Ram Thakur 104-107
Swami Vishuddhanand 108-112
M.M. Pandit Gopinathji Kaviraj113 -118
Swami Yogatrayanand 119-124
Acharya Pravar Anand Rishi ji12'5-129
Muni Amarchandra Ji 130-132
Sahaj Yoga 133 -138
Mata Amritanandmayi139-147
An 'Unrecognised Saint'148-154

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