श्रीमद्ब्रह्मसूत्र भाष्यम्: Srimad Brahma Sutra Bhasyam of Sri Madhwacharya

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Author: प्रा. के. हयवदन पुराणिक (Prof. K. Hayavadana Puranik)
Publisher: Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 2007
Pages: 475
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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Book Description

Director’s Note

The commentary of Sri Vyasatirtha on Brahma Sutra Bhashya and Tattva Prakashika is only on the first two chapters of these great works.

Sri Raghunathatirtha, who came as the tenth pontiff from the Legendary Sri Vyasatirtha, took up the next two chapters 3 and 4 on the lines of Sri Vyasatirtha to complete the work, calling his work Shesha Tatparya Chandrika, to the complete Satisfaction of his Pioneer Sri Vyasatirtha.

It has the universal application Covering the entire Sutra Prasthana. This great work gives convincing and satisfactory, explanations and clarifications of the hidden richly treasured meanings and presents the issues to the delight and raptures of scholars. Scholars acclaim in one voice that this work was no equal and paralled.

Sri Vyasatirtha has taken up for discussion the commentaries of Brahmasutra-Bhashya by Sri Shankaracharya and Sri Ramanujacharya and has discussed threadbare.

In the same spirit and zeal on the same lines of logic Sri Raghunathatirtha has contented the attack make his mission of establishing the doctrine successfully. He is known in the scholarly circles as Sheshachandrikacharya.

He looks as if he is perfect image of Sri Vyasatirtha and his work is a natural continuation of Tatparya Chandrika.

Shesha Tatparya Chandrika highlights and focuses on the greatness and uniqueness of the depth of meaning and its Vastness in Tatparya Chandrika.

First edition of this monumental work was brought out three decades ago with a critical edition by Sri K. Hayavadana Puranik, who was a student, learning at the feet of Sri Vidyamanyatirtha who recognised his student as a scholar, even in his student days and ordered him to take up the editing of this great work. His editing pleased Sri Vidyamanyatirtha and Sri Vishveshatirtha completely. As the copies of this work is not available now, we have taken up this publication as a second edition.

It is no exaggeration when I say here that Vidwan K. Hayavadana Puranik is a scholar par-excellence. He is too humble and polite and definitely a role model for many Scholars. He is a rare-gem of a scholar. He has translated Mahabharata Nirnaya, Sarvamula Granthas, and under his guidance the Voluminous work of Sriman Nyaya Sudha was published. His knowledge in Haridasa Sahitya is deep and Vast, having written many original works in Sanskrit and Kannada. We are highly indebted to him for permitting to bring out this edition we have included the introduction to the first Volume written by a great modem Scholar Dr. B.N.K. Sharma.

Our most respectful obeisances are also due to H.H. Sri Vishveshatirtha Swamiji, the founder of this Samsodhana Mandiram and the Chairman of our parent body, the Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha Pratishthana, for his sustained encouragement in our attempts.

I record my sincere gratitude to Prof. V. Kutumba Shastry, Vice-chancellor, Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan, New Delhi, for their continuous support in our academic activities. I also express my gratitude to Dr. C. Giri, the Registrar, Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan, New Delhi and Sri C.S. Kaniyal, Finance Officer, Rashtriya Sanskrit Samsthan, New Delhi, for their encouragement in all aspects.

We offer our grateful thanks to Smt. Rajalakshmi Srinivasan, Chairperson of the Poornaprajna Samshodhana Mandiram, for her continuous encouragement at every step.

I also appreciate the effort of authorities of Omkar Printers, who have brought out this book very neatly.

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