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Stories Told by the Mother (2)

Stories Told by the Mother (2)
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Item Code: IDJ149
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8170586461
Pages: 122 (Black and White illustration 18)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5" X 5.4"
weight of the book 220 gms

b>Compiler's Note

These stories are not just stories, they are revelations of living truths conveyed to us by the Mother. Apart from one or two, the stories have been culled from her "Questions and Answers", the English translation of her "Entretiens" in French.

These anecdotes were first published in French in 1994 under the title "La Mere Raconte". Now, at the beginning of a new millennium, we are happy to publish an English version of them. If they bring the reader closer to the Mother, their purpose will be well served.

With love and gratitude for all she has given us-and is still giving -we offer this work at her feet.


Two Paths of Yoga 1
Let Your Psychic Being Guide You 3
Purification 6
Upset by the Experience of the Infinite 7
Sri Aurobindo and the Cyclone 9
Plasticity 11
"We Shall Die Afterwards"… 13
An Old Chaldean Legend 16
Abdul Baha: The "Sacrifice" of the Divine 18
To Claim Independence is to Deny Love 20
The Speculator 22
The Perforated Coin 25
One is not built up on one single piece 27
Trance 29
True Spontaneity 31
Are you sure you have locked the door? 33
Miracles 35
"Take a Remedy While it is in Fashion" 38
Vibrations from Another World 40
Hypnotism and Surgery 42
The Yogi's Tooth 44
Getting Blows in Dreams 45
The Sense of Beauty 46
The World of Harmony 48
A Reincarnation of Beethoven 50
Palette-scrapings 54
Rodin, His Wife and His Model 60
Contrasts 62
Insensibility to Other's Needs 64
Knowledge by Identification 66
Mother Discovers the Gita 70
The Joy in Overcoming a Desire 72
The Clergyman 74
Philanthropy 77
Human Unity ! 81
Raining Stones 82
An Enormous Vital Spider 90
Hitler and the "Lord of falsehood" 92
The Secret of Religions 96
"India is Free"-Mother's Vision 98
The Black Kali-"Paris Will be Destroyed" 103
A Serpent Keeps the Gates of the Treasure 109
The New Creation 110
Amenhotep 114
The Origin of All Avatars 116
A New World is Born 118

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