Studyscope (Make Stars Your Career Counsellor)

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Author: Prem Kumar Sharma
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Edition: 2007
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The basic role of education is to give us self-confidence, but it is very disheartening to see students and the young future of our country losing hope and ending their lives in desperation. The main reasons are lack of astrological and aptitude oriented guidance and pressure to perform or take up subjects contrary to astrological indications and interest of the student.

We are passing through a highly competitive time, which puts a strain to perform better than the best or face difficulty in the realization of their dreams. In the present scenario, only the fittest can survive. However, one can excel in a field only if one has relevant planetary support in the birth chart.

This book is an attempt to give proper guidance to the future generation, in the area of studies and career, with the help of the vast and all- encompassing science of astrology. Also, this book will fill up the void of astrology books in the most important topic of education.


About The Author

A full-time astrologer for over a decade, Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma has carved a niche for himself in this field. His predictions have been chronicled in leading newspapers like the Hindustan Times, the Indian Express, The Times of India, The Tribune, the Hind Samachar and the Punjab Kesari. Besides providing astrological content to the Hindustan Times on a regular basis, Dr. Sharma also answers general queries from the public everyday for the newspaper. He also contributes his weekly and birthday thoughts to the News India Group Publication based in New York. A familiar face on television, Dr. Sharma has been invited by many television channels including Zee, Aaj Tak, India TV and CNN for making various predictions. His online query programme, the Bhavishyya Darpan is telecast every week on Jam TV. He has a regular programme to his credit on India TV. Dr. Sharma has received a number of awards for his contribution to the field of astrology, including the prestigious Rashtriya Rattan Award, 2002 and the Pride of India Award, 2002 by the All India Achievers Conference.



In the words of Robert Frost, “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence”. Indeed I feel so; the basic role of education is to give us self-confidence. But it is really a matter of great concern that so many students lose confidence and commit suicide right in the middle of their studies.

Apart from other reasons, I feel the two prominent reasons for so many suicides are: Lack of expert astrological and aptitude oriented guidance, and secondly parental pressure either to perform beyond the students capabilities or to take up subjects desired by parents contrary to astrological indications and interest of the student.

Only a few students choose the stream of subjects, which they wish to study because of their strong interest or strong astrological indications but those who have no strong liking for a particular stream are influenced by the aspirations of their parents and friends or lured by employment opportunities after qualifying in a field.

This haphazard way of selecting subjects or courses fails to produce good academician and professionals. One an excel in a field only if one has relevant planetary support in the birth chart.

But the tragedy is that Astrology is not put to its proper use at the right time.

One thinks of going to an astrologer only when things go out of hand.

I strongly feel that schools should not only have counsellors but qualified astrologers as well, to properly guide the students in the right selection of subjects and courses. This will ensure not only better results for the schools, but also a successful and satisfying career for the students.

As this step is essential for building a better and stronger India and saving many valuable lives, I was inspired to write this book that will prove to be a lighthouse to many confused minds and help them find their best path in life.

I also feel that this humble book, in addition to being a guiding star, will also help to fill up the void due to the lack of astrological books on the most important topic of education.



‘The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life’.

To the above wise saying of Plato; the great self- realised philosopher, I would like to add that Vedic Astrology is capable of pointing to the right direction, which if followed ensures a successful future life.

In the very beginning with the creation of ‘panch tat mis’- the five basic elements - Agni, Prithvi , Jal, Vayu and Aakaash, the eternal vibrations of ‘OM’ were set into motion by the almighty God. OM the most potent word of power, therefore is the basis of all other vibrations including those of alphabet and numerals and hence education in general.

Animals have a completely different system to that of humans. Their system is based on a much higher intelligence and they generally work on instinct and communicate through telepathy whereas humans need instructions and training right from the beginning. Because of this inherent human need, imparting education, which is nothing but a system of giving instructions, began with the onset of human beings on this planet. Therefore, education is as old as the creation of humans.

Education in general starts at home soon after birth. This is then followed by years of schooling and college level education.

To reach its modern day level the system of education has passed through many trials and tribulations and varieties.

The education system, which existed in ancient India, was an ideal one. In this system a student was accepted in a Gurukul (domain of a guru or master) as a member of a family where qualities of discipline, patience, sacrifice, self-respect, honesty etc. were developed apart from imparting a systematic set of instructions and giving information on many subjects, as the time and circumstances demanded.

The students in a Gurukul were under watchful and piercing divine eyes of a self-realised guru (a teacher or master). Such a guru could judge the basic innate capabilities and character of a pupil and imparted the required instructions to develop the basic qualities in a particular direction as per the aptitude and nature of the pupil.

The very first chapter of this book discusses the role of education, various trends followed over a period of time and the astrological signification of education.

The next chapter deals with the indications in a chart pointing to subjects or a stream of subjects with examples of some charts. The next chapter on higher education or education beyond graduation level discusses the method of analysis and various astrological indications, which favour higher education.

Undertaking research work in a field and getting success in it is not an easy task, but if astrological support for such a work is indicated in a chart then one’s efforts can definitely bring fruits. The next chapter on Research and Doctorate describes such indications and illustrates these with examples.

Nowadays, there are many scholarships available for the deserving students but unless astrological indications are there a scholarship does not materialise, analysis of the chart for this possibility will certainly give a ray of hope well in time to many deserving students so that they can be assured before hand of such help. The topic of scholarships in discussed in chapter five.

The present day good professional education is mostly possible after passing through the hurdles of competitive examinations. Chart analysis can reveal how much success one can expect in such exams and what is the appropriate time for taking these examinations. This is discussed in chapter six.

Going abroad for higher education was once a dream for common people but nowadays there are many such opportunities and also ways of financial support for this purpose. Whether or not your stars promise such an opportunity to materialise depends upon the planetary position. The next chapter seven on this topic will help in accessing this possibility and the right time for intensifying efforts in this direction.

What are the factors, which decide about intelligence, and how can one have an idea about the level of intelligence of a native is discussed with examples in chapter eight titled Level of Intelligence.

The next chapter on excellence in education will show you the astrological indications that differentiate an ordinary student from a topper. The information will help to access the degree of intelligence and wisdom needed for performing well in studies and achieve outstanding results.

There are many examples of natives in whose lives there was no relevance between the field of their specialization and the career followed by them. How i1d astrology help in avoiding such mismatch have been dealt with in chapter ten.

The next chapter has been devoted to planetary combinations (Yogas), which are related to educational aspects. This information will help in identifying the presence of such Yogas in a chart.

Constellations or nakshatras play an important role in :predictive astrology. If this fact is not taken care of or red then probably it would be quite difficult to reach accuracy in predictions. A complete chapter has been devoted to constellations and their educational indications.

Ashtakvarga is another potent tool of predictive Vedic Astrology. How ashtakvarga can be put to use in educational analysis of a chart has been described in chapter thirteen.

The science of remedial measures comes to the rescue of the native and keeps the lamp of hope and success burning even amidst unfavourable astrological probabilities. How and what remedial measures can help is dealt with in chapter fourteen in order to make this book self-sufficient.

The glossary of astrological agents (karakas) for a broad spectrum of subjects and courses generally available will be useful in proper analysis of a chart, because in determining the chances of success in a particular stream, one needs to know which planets, signs or constellations signify that stream.

As many examples as possible have been included on all aspects of education in order to make the subject illustrative and interesting.

I only hope that this humble attempt on my part to fill the void due to lack of books on the topic will not only be welcomed by my readers, but also prove to be successful in answering their queries and quenching the thirst for knowledge.




  Preface VII
  Introduction IX
1 Education - its Role, Trends and Astroview 1
2 Judging inclinations 6
3 Higher Education 37
4 Research And Doctorate 41
5 Scholarship 47
6 Competitive Exams 51
7 Studying Abroad 55
8 Level of intelligence 59
9 Excellence in Education 66
10 Professional Relavance of Education 72
11 Yogas for Education 79
12 Influence of Constellations 82
13 Relevance of Ashtakvarga 94
14 Remedial Measures 98
  Glossary of Significators 105
  Glossary of Terms 109
  Index 115

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