Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes

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Author: V. K. Choudhry, and K. Rajesh Chaudhary
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8170820170
Pages: 366
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the writer

Shri V. K. Choudhry
(Propounder of the Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes).

Shri V. K. Choudhry is well known is the field of Vedic Astrology through his many books and articles. His managerial background has enabled him to use modern communicative skills in so systematic a manner that the comprehension of predictive techniques has been greatly simplified. His book, "Self Learning Course in Astrology" makes learning of the "Systems' Approach" methodology a simple step-by-step process and has proved to be of great help to both the serious students as well as the practitioners still plagued by the confusing inconsistencies in the classical texts.

He was conferred the title of Jyotish Martund by the International Council of Astrological and Occult Studies, Hyderabad (India) in 1989; the title of Jyotish Kovid by the Indian council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), Madras, in 1991; and the title of Jyotish Bhanu by Astro Sciences Research Organization, New Delhi, in 1992. He has been a faculty member and Chapter Course Director (Astrology) with ICAS.

Shri Choudhry is the recipient of Pracharya Award (Professor of Astrology) conferred by Bharat Nirman in December, 1993, for his outstanding and excellent contributions in the field of Astrology. In 1994, his name was listed in "Indo American Who's Who", in recognition of his contributions for predictive accuracy in Vedic Astrology.

Shri Choudhry participated in the 10th International Seminar of Astrology and occult Science in June 1995, at Hyderabad and delivered lectures on "Timing of Events" and "Vastu Shastra". Shri Choudhry was conferred the title of "Master of Astrology" in this Seminar by International Council of Astrological and Occult Studies.

The Board of Directors of International Council of Alternative Medicines conferred the degree of Doctor of Alternative Medical Sciences on Shri Choudhry on 3rd of February 1996, at Bombay. The International Institute of Astrology and Occultism, New Delhi, conferred a Gold Medal and the honorary title of Jyotish Vachaspathi on Shri Choudhry in April 1996, at New Delhi.

International Foundation of Peace, Fraternity and Humanistic, Bombay, conferred the title of Dharam Yogi in 1995. International Council of Astrological Sciences, Bombay, conferred the title of Vastu Shastra Samrat in 1996 and Bhartiya Ved Jyotish Vigyan Sansthan, Modinagar (India), conferred the title of Sthapatya Ratna in 1996 on Shri Choudhry for his valuable contributions in the fields of Astrology and Vastu Shastra. Shri Choudhry participated in astrological conferences in London, Paris and U. S. A. In 2004 the first book of Shri V. K. Choudhry has been translated in Portuguese and published in Portugal. The Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes is applicable for Mundane Astrology predictions, as well. Shri Choudhry made many successful mundane Predictions on Yahoo Groups - SAMVA, including twice predicting victory for Mr. George W. Bush as President of Us and predicting natural disaster for U S in August, 2005.

United Cultural Convention, North Caroline, USA. Sealed the nomination of Shri V. K. Choudhry for receipt of the 2002 Noble Prize for Outstanding Achievement and Contributions to Humanity. This nomination stems from extensive research on extraordinary leaders by the top officials of the United Cultural Convention.

Shri K. Rajesh Chaudhary

Shri K. Rajesh Chaudhary has mastered and contributed to the Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes under the guidance of his father, Shri V. K. Choudhry. He participated in the free Consultation Clinics organized in New Delhi by Bharat Nirman in 1995-96. He is one of the Directors and Secretary of The Systems' Institute of Hindu Astrology, Gurgaon (India). He is Vice-President of the India Chapter of International Institute for the following successful books.

1. Predictive Techniques and the application of Astrological Remedial Measures.

2. How to Avert Professional Setbacks.

3. Manage Your Health through Preventive Astral Remedies.

4. Application of Prasna Astrology.

5. How to Analyze Married Life.

6. Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes.


Existence of confusions and contradictions, lack of a systematic approach for interpreting horoscopes and the repeated requests of the students of the divine science of Vedic Astrology impelled us to take us the subject and present it to the lovers of Astrology in the form of a book based on techniques developed for systematic interpretation of horoscopes. The Systems' Approach presented is based on the synthesis of valid principles enunciated in the classical texts, commentaries and the empirical studies undertaken by the authors.

The objective of this book is to equip the students and practicing astrologers of the divine science of Vedic Astrology with tools to:-

1. Clearly delineate the results of planetary influences in a nativity.

2. Identify the purpose of the querent from the horoscope without its being disclosed.

3. Increase probability of correct predictions.

4. Apply the principles on uniform basis.

5. Suggest effective astral remedies.

The job looks so tedious and time consuming whereas the Systems' Approach helps one in delineating the planetary positions to one's satisfaction and to realize one's objective to help mankind through analysis of planetary influences in the natal chart in an easy manner. The perfection in astrological analysis comes with experience but with application of the Systems' Approach one achieves success comparatively, very fast.

The basis of Vedic Astrology is the Karma theory based on the premise that the planetary influences inn the natal chart are the results of one's deeds of past lives. The ascendant establishes the functional nature of planets. The Moon sets the clock in motion. The type of karma, one is destined to, is deciphered from the nature of influences on the tenth house, lord of the tenth house, the Sun and Jupiter.

For understanding concepts and to apply them, the first and foremost requirement is concentration. The concentration can only be achieved when a person is mentally at peace. The said state of mind helps the creative faculties of a man to develop, which is god gifted. However, efforts can be made to achieve the same by following the teachings of our ancient rishis (spiritual and learned persons). Those who have no lust, anger, arrogance, pride; are without greed, excitement, attachment and are free from fraud, hypocrisy and deceit can attain mental peace and spirituality which are necessary for learning and mastering the divine science of Vedic Astrology. The other attributes are developing feeling of contentment practice of kindness, generosity and not to hanker after materialistic pursuits. The divine science of Vedic Astrology propounds and believes that the actions/deeds of human beings known as operates in the form of strength of the significators of spirituality - ninth house, fourth house and the planets, the Sun and Jupiter.

While for comprehension of the Systems' Approach the matter has been taken up in an exhaustive manner through various case studies, the prominent delineations taken up are only illustrative. The book brings up some unique deviations from the traditional approach, which will show their relevance when applied to the real life case studies by learned readers. The studies will surely help the learned readers in achieving the objectives set forth by the book. The book has a separate chapter devoted to the methodology of initiation of astrological remedial measures from deriving the full benefits from the knowledge of astrological interpretive sills and the remedial measures.

In the first edition, the analysis of case studies had been based primarily on the functional nature of the planets. In the second edition the other features like the applicability of conjunctions and aspects, transit and multi-dimensional role of planets were included. The third edition included the advanced predictive techniques and the FAQs. The current edition includes the updated predictive techniques and multidimensional significators involved in interpreting the planetary influences for various facets of life.

Some fundamental changes have been suggested in the background of solid reasons. The aim is to achieve predictive accuracy and for this, the Systems' Approach is dependable. Moreover, fundamental changes have been suggested to simplify analysis. This approach is universally applicable to all horoscopes with one single technique of analysis. This enables one to identify the area of a problem, the positive traits, the strengths and weaknesses of various planetary configurations right at birth without any explanation given by the person seeking astrological consultation.

Birth particulars have been withheld in some case studies out of respect for the privacy of the natives, even though the inclusion of such charts has been considered necessary.

We acknowledge with thanks cooperation extended by various astrological journals, officers of International Institute of Predictive Astrology, Fairfield, USA and Mr. Jorge Angelino from Portugal in putting forth our views before the learners of the divine science of Vedic Astrology.



The divine science of Vedic Astrology is one of the most useful bodies of knowledge available to the mankind. We all know prevention is better than cure. The divine science of Vedic Astrology helps us in giving dependable indications in the fields of maintaining good health, learning, acquiring professional knowledge, choosing the professional venture and becoming useful to the family, society, country and humanity at large. The premise of Vedic Astrology is that the planetary influences in one's natal chart or horoscope fake shape based on one's deeds of past lives. The strong planets bless the native with all happiness including birth in a resourceful family, good opportunities for education, comfortable life and opportunity for spiritual development. The weak or afflicted planets cause delays, troubles and setbacks in life. The divine science of Vedic Astrology gives us opportunity to mould planetary influences through good deeds, propitiation of planets and strengthening of planets.

The major constituents of the divine science of Vedic Astrology are the signs, houses, planets and planetary periods. These have been discussed in the book, "Self - Learning Course in Astrology" and to keep brevity, we 'are not repeating the same in this book.

With this background in mind to make use of the divine science of Vedic Astrology for various aspects of life we are bringing out this book.

Essentials of A Horoscope Analysis Natal chart or radical chart or horoscope or natal positions are the positions of the ascendant and planets in various signs as noted for the date, time and place of the birth. Natal positions, therefore, are fixed. The planetary positions noted with reference to a particular chart for subsequent periods are known as transits or transit positions.

2. 2. First of all we prepare a horoscope. Thereafter, we have to identify the functional benefic planets (favorable planets) and the functional malefic planets (unfavorable planets) for a particular person from the horoscope. The birth data can/ should be checked with the help of some questions regarding the native's background based on the planetary influences in the chart.

3. 3. Check the strength of strong planets in the birth chart or horoscope. The main factor for correct predictions is the real strength of the planet. We come to know about the weakness of a planet, when analyzed in detail, though apparently it may be very powerful. This weakness cannot be detected in a superficial analysis. The weakness may be of any type that is occupying a debilitated sign, being combust, positioned in malefic houses, aspected/ conjunct with the functional malefic planets, joining a debilitated amsa or divisional chart, being in the ending/ beginning of a sign, joining the sign of a weak and/ or afflicted planet, joining an afflicted mooltrikona sign, etc.

4. The weakness of natal planets cannot be made up fully even by joining good houses or exaltation signs in Vargas (divisional charts), obtaining maximum benefic points iri ashtakvarga and participation in good combinations with the lords of the benefic houses. Analyzing the role of a weak dispositor in creating weakness to a particular planet requires special mention here. Whenever a particular planet occupies apparently sound or even an average position and at the same time its dispositor is weak, the particular planet also becomes weak and it fails to protect or promote the significations rules by it. The strength of the planet is dependent on the strength of its dispositor.




  Chapter Description Page No.
  About the Authors  
1 Introduction 1
2 Concepts and Predictive Techniques 8
  Major Constituents of the System of Astrology 8
  Introduction to Charts 11
  Important Terminology  
  Natal Chart 15
  Conjunction 16
  Aspects 16
  General & Particular Significations of Planets 17
  Planetary States 18
  Analytical Techniques 21
  Functional nature of planets 22
  Special impact of Rahu & Ketu 23
  Afflicted planets or houses 24
  The Most malefic Influence 25
  The Most Benefic Influence 27
  Effective orb for judging the Influence of conjunctions/ aspects 27
  Most Effective Point of a House 29
  Measuring Strength of Houses 30
  Dispositor 30
  Weak Planets 31
  Strong Planets 32
  Yogakaraka Planets 32
  Significator Planets 33
  Sun Like Planets 34
  Results of Exchange of Houses or Asterisms 35
  Triple Transit triggering Influence 35
  Relative Important of Planetary Influences 38
  Exalted Planets 40
  Analyzing Results of Sub-Period Lords 40
  Comprehension Tools  
  Regarding Transit 43
  Interaction between the sub-period and transit 43
  Reliability of treating a house as ascendant for signified relationship 45
  Measuring capacity of planets  
  Bright Rays 46
  Measuring strength of planets in infancy /old age 46
  Divisional Charts 47
  Chalit chakra 47
  Bad Placement 47
  Impact of placement in Friendly / Inimical Signs 48
  Evolution of the Soul 48
  Measuring afflictions 48
  Impact of transit exalted Rahu / Ketu 49
  Impact of combust planets 49
  Impact of Retrograde Planets in Astrology 51
  Impact of Planetary Combinations (Yoga) 51
  How to Proceed for Analysis for Identifying the Problem Areas 53
3 Systems' Approach 55
4 Impact of Mysterious Rahu 76
5 Impact of Mysterious Ketu 82
6 Impact of Exalted Functional Malefic Planets 86
7 Inter-Relationship of Planets 94
8 Delineating results of Debilitated Planets 104
9 Delineating Personality 112
10 Delineating Accumulated Wealth and Family 122
11 Delineating Initiative, Courage and Younger Brothers 130
12 Delineating Educational Accomplishments 138
13 Delineating Assets in Life 148
14 Delineating Progeny and Learning 157
15 Delineating Health and Litigation 169
16 Delineating Marital Significations 179
17 Delineating Longevity 195
18 Delineating General Fortune 205
19 Delineating Foreign Travel 216
20 Delineating Profession and Status 224
21 Delineating Income, Prosperity and Elder Brothers 235
22 Delineating Losses, Expenses, Residence Abroad & Comforts of Bed 246
23 Contradictions and Limitations of the Classical Principles 253
24 Remedial Measures 259
25 Simple & Traditional Remedial Measures 269
26 Initiation of Remedial Measures 275
27 Mundane Vedic Astrology 280
28 Understand and manage Relationships through Vedic Astrology 284
29 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 291
30 Pearls of Wisdom 361
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