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Traveling to the Other Shore (Buddha's Stories on the Six Perfections)

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Item Code: NAJ184
Author: Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Publisher: Buddha Light Art and Living Pvt Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788192302072
Pages: 272 (36 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Author

Founder of the Fo Gaung Shan (Buddha’s Light Mountain) Buddhist Order and the Buddha’s Light International Association, Venerable Master Hsing Yun has dedicated his life to teaching Humanistic Buddhism, Which seeks realize spiritual cultivation in everyday living.

Master Hsing Yun is the 48th Patriarch of the Linji chan School. Born in Jiangsu Province, China in 1927, he was tonsured under Venerable Master Zhikai at the age of Twelve and became a novice monk at Qixia Vinaya College. He was fully ordained in 1941 following years of strict monastic training . when he left Jiaoshan Buddhist college at the age of twenty, he had studied for almost ten years in a monastery.

Due to the civil war in china, Master Hsing Yun moved to Taiwan in 1949 where he undertook the revitalization of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism .He began fulfilling his vow to promote the Dharma by starting chanting groups , student and youth groups, and other civic-minded organizations with Leiyin Temple in Ilan as his base . Since the Founding of Fo Guang Sann monastery in Kaohsiung in 1967, more than two hundred temples have been established world wide . His Lai Temple , the Symbolic torch of the dharma spreading to the west, was built in 1988 near Los Angeles.

Master Hsing Yun has been guiding Buddhism on a course of modernization by Buddhist values into education, cultural activities, charity, and religious practice. To achieve these ends, he travels all over the world, giving lectures and actively engaging in religious dialogue. The Fo Guang Shan organization also oversees sixteen Buddhist colleges and four universities , one of which is the Universities, one of which is the University of the West in Rosemead , California.


I order to understand the content of a religion and deter mine whether it is relevant and applicable to our daily live we must first get to know its founder. Can the founder be historically verified? Are the character and wisdom of the founder, as exemplified in his teachings, perfect and without flaws? Is every action worthy of respect and emulation? Is His nature completely purified? With proper belief and practice, can his teachings truly direct the Average human beings to liberation from the suffering of Life?

These question cannot be ignored, because the reason for believing in a religion should not be to merely seek momentary assurance of the spirit, and temporary comfort of the mind. The Ultimate goal is to liberate ourselves from the cycle of birth, old age, sickness and death, and to attain happiness. Therefore, before ewe confirm our belief in a particular religion, considering these various factors is important.

Sakyamuni Buddha , the founder of Buddhism , was born on the eight day of the fourth lunar month , around B.C.E. He was born in India , one of the four sites of ancient civilization. These facts are well documented in history . Thus, we should not view the Buddha as an imaginary person or god who suddenly appeared and disappeared without a trace. In addition to These facts, we also have knowledge of his parents and the many years of hardship he underwent in his civilisation before becoming the Buddha – an enlightened one. These facts are commonly recognized by academics and theologians worldwide.

Sakyamuni Buddha was born, raised, and enlightened in this world. In this human realm, he is he light of wisdom in the long dark night and a lifeboat in the light of wisdom in the long dark night and a lifeboat in the endless sea of suffering. His character has reached the perfect state and his nature has been thoroughly purified. He is free of the bondage of all worldly afflictions and has transcended the suffering of life and death. while he has alive, he taught for over forty years , elucidating the way of liberation and showing us the path. The Dharma is filled with great wisdom and enlightenment , teaching is how to transcend suffering , attain happiness and ultimately enlightenment.

After through and continued study of the Buddha’s teachings, we will find that Buddhism is are religion to believe in,, a discipline to study , and a practice to be put into action . Although Buddhism can be found all over the world, it is unfortunately that some dharma teachers emphasize theory and neglect he day –today practice that is true spirit of the Buddha’s teachings. Sakyamuni Buddha is the most appropriate and exemplary model for all of u s as we develop our belief in this most complete and profound religion. When we can promulgate the spirit of the Buddha to enlighten and liberate all beings, including ourselves, then we can indeed earn the respect of others and yield beautiful and beautiful results.


Preface 1
The great Buddha 4
Part One giving comes in many forms 10
The giving of the Dharma 11
The Offering of Sandalwood 13
The Offering of flowers 14
The Offering of an Umbrella 16
The Offering of a Spool of thread 18
The Offering of clothes 19
The King of Parrots Welcomes the Buddha 20
The giving of the Dharma by a King 22
The giving and Upholding of the precepts 24
Part Two Sincere Offering , Endless Merit 26
The Eighty - four thousand Stupas 28
Nanda's Lamp offering 30
The Tathagata field of Merit is Boundless 32
A Brahman couple's Offering 35
Giving and Receiving Offering s With an Unbiased Mind 38
In Giving it is the Thoughts that Counts 41
True Merit comes From Sincerity 44
Using Wisdom to liberate a Sea spirit 47
Attaining Enlightenment With a Verse 51
Part Three Planting Seeds of Prosperity; Previous Causes and Conditions  
The Foremost in Total Recollection of Sutras 53
The Dharma Drum 54
Giving Opens the Door 56
The Unborn baby Girl with Joined Palms 61
Doing the Impossible 63
Almsgiving is Like sowing Good seeds 65
Karma from Past Lives 67
The Princess ' Enlightenment 69
Stinginess Leads to the Animal Realm 74
Greed and Stinginess lead to the Hungry Ghost Realm 76
Too Stingy to Give 78
Part Four Being Wise and Thoughtful:  
Giving in a proper manner 81
The Establishment of Buddhist Monasteries in India 83
Construction of the Jetavana Monastery 85
Rules for Donating Monasteries 89
The Story of Lah-Bha Porridge 91
Generosity creates Infinite Merit 93
A Stone Bowl for the Buddha 94
Reaping What One Sows 97
Advice to the Merchants 100
The Buddha does Not teach for the sake of Offering s 102
Giving without Reservation 104
True Wealth 107
Part Five the Precepts 111
The Three Precepts 113
Adapting precepts to Accommodate Changing Needs 116
the Greater sage is no sage 117
How the Hunters changed their livelihood 120
Lies are like a Dirty Basin 123
False Speech Leads to negative Karma 125
The Ill Effects of Unkind words 127
The percept Prohibiting Meat Consumption 130
Intoxication Leads to Irrationality 133
The Dangers of Intoxication 134
Part Six the Merit of Upholding the Precepts 137
Upholding the Precepts Brings Merit 138
Dharma Water 140
Not Killing is an Aspect of Compassion 142
Protecting the six Senses 144
Uploading the Precepts Bring s Peace of Mind 146
Part Seven Patience 147
When You Insult Others, You Insult Yourself 148
Truth Will Prevail 149
Do not Return anger With anger 150
The true Meaning of Patience 152
The virtue of Patience 154
Patience is the Greatest force 157
Being Humble and Patient, One Gains Longevity 159
True Victory Comes from Practicing Patience 160
Kill Hatred Not People 163
Part Eight Diligent Effort 164
Four types of Horses 166
The Importance of Diligent effort 168
Human Birth is Precious 169
work Hard When You are Young 171
Human or Bovine Potential 173
Heavenly Rebirth 174
The Origin of the Buddhist Mala 175
Diligent Effort is the Seed of wealth 176
Overcoming Oneself 178
Four sons 180
Seize the Moment 182
Part Nine Meditation as path of cultivation 184
The Gradual way to progress in Meditation 186
Progress in cultivation Depends on Personal Effort 188
The Power of Meditation 191
Patience is like the Roots of a Tree 193
Part Ten Grounded in Wisdom and Goodness 195
Keep company with the Wise 196
the wisdom of the Buddha 198
Looking for the Heart 200
The King of Heaven seeks Out the Dharma 202
Victory Creates Enmity 204
Nirvana is like an Extinguished Fire 205
reasons Overcome Ignorance 207
Mediating the Eight over Water rights 208
Anathapindiak's teaching 209
Part Eleven Foolish Person, Foolish Acts 211
Foolish Person, Foolish acts 213
A Fool Cannot Benefit from what is in front of him 215
Making charcoal out of Incense 217
The Blind Men and The Mosquitoes 219
Do Not Wait to Be Generous 221
Laying the Foundations 223
The Blind Men and the elephant 226
Deva's Decline 228


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