Best of Lord Buddha Tales

Best of Lord Buddha Tales

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Item Code: IHG046
Publisher: Tiny Tot Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8130406101
Pages: 144 (Illustrated Throughout In Colour)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.6 inch X 6.8 inch
Weight 490 gm
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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From the Jacket

In best of Buddha tales is a collection of stories from the life of Lord Buddha, the prophet of Buddhism. Lord Buddha was called Siddhartha in his childhood. He left all the comforts of palace and royal life to find out the root cause of woes in life. He got enlightenment under a peepal tree called the Bodhivriksha.

From back of the book

Best of Buddha tales, the story book in your hands is a unique collection tales from the life of Lord Buddha. Important events and incident that happened from the birth of Buddha till he attained Mahanirvana have been beautifully garlanded in the book.

The stories in the book will enable the readers to know how prince Siddartha became Buddha and how Buddhism came into existence. They add to their knowledge about Lord Buddha. The development of stories in chronological order make the reading more interesting and readers desire to finish the book at a stretch. Beautiful, coloured and eye-catching illustrations make the stories even more interesting.

We earnestly hope that the readers will like the stories and appreciate our effort to bring out the book.

Table of Contents

1.Birth of Siddhartha5
2.Life of a Swan saved 8
3.The marriage of Siddhartha 11
4.Facing the reality 14
5.Leaving the home 19
6.Meeting with king Bimbisara of magadha 21
7.The end of the obstacles 24
8.Attaining enlightenment 28
9.First sermon 29
10.Reformation of Yasha 31
11.Imparting knowledge to saint kashyapa 33
12.A promise is kept 36
13. Death is universal truth38
14. Sariputta and Mogallana41
15.Sudatta and lord Buddha 44
16.Arrival at Kapilavastu 47
17.Nanda accepted Buddhism 51
18Conspiracies of Devadatta 55
19.A lesson of sympathy 60
20.Knowledge bestowed on amrapali 65
21.The end of an epidemic 69
22.Alms of rice water 73
23.The effect of company 77
24. A foolish follower 81
25.Poison of wealth 85
26.Ajatashatru accepted Buddhism 90
27.Vasavdatta and Upagupta 96
28.From ugliness to beauty 104
29.Last chance 111
30.Angulimala 114
31.The decision of Buddha 134
32.Salvation 139
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