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Trpti Dipa (The Lamp of Contentment): Pancadasi Chapter 7

Trpti Dipa (The Lamp of Contentment): Pancadasi Chapter 7
Item Code: NAK492
Author: Swami Tejomayananda
Publisher: Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and Word to Word Meaning English Translation
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788175975989
Pages: 448
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 418 gms
About The Book

Today’s world abounds with people who feel empty, incomplete, insecure and discontent. They have ‘more than enough’ gadgets, vehicles, clothes and comforts with ‘enough’ of tensions and sorrows, but they do not feel they have really achieved what needs to be achieved- peace and happiness – and are never done with what has to be done. Trpti Dipa Vidyaranya explains how by Self-knowledge we can be totally full and fulfilled in life.


About The Author

Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji through his lucid exposition fulfils the role of a wonderful commentator. None who read and study Trpti Dipa can help but feel fulfilled and fully blessed.



Some people believe in capitalism and some others in socialism, but all, irrespective of their beliefs, are followers of 'morism’. We want more and more of more and more in more and more ways. That is why our supermarkets are lined with hundreds of varieties of thousands of goods. And that is considered as one of the measures of development and standard of living.

None however are happy with what they are and what they have. This never-ending desire for more and more springs from an emptiness within, a feeling of incompleteness and a general sense of dissatisfaction. Then, can we ever be fulfilled in life?

When we are hungry and we keep eating, we do reach a point when we can eat no more. At that time we do not even want to see any food or think about it. We feel we have eaten enough and we are replete. This sense of enoughness (alam pratyaya) is defined as contentment (trpti). Having overeaten we may not want food, but our desire for other things still remains. Also in a short time the desire for food again crops up. Is it then possible to feel totally content, all the time and never desire anything?

Vedanta asserts that the lamp of Self-knowledge (dipa) - knowledge of our infinite nature - gives us such total contentment (trpti) in life. Knowing oneself to be infinite, full and complete, there remains no desires to become someone, possess anything or want anyone. The Guru can, with his knowledge, light the lamp of such total contentment (trpti dipa) in the heart of a true spiritual seeker. Svami Vidyaranya does so with 298 verses in this chapter named Trpti Dipa.

Only when we question do we think and gain doubtless and well rooted knowledge. We need to think seriously to understand how to be happy. We must be dissatisfied with our understanding of ourselves and the world to be able to enquire and arrive at true contentment. Svami Vidyaranya, through a mantra from the Brhadaranuaka Upanisad of the Yajur Veda takes us on a journey of questioning and serious thinking which will culminate in doubtless knowledge, happiness and contentment.




  Introduction 1
  The Upanisad Mantra 3
I 'atmanam ced vijantyat ayam asmiti purusah' 7
  Meaning of 'purusah' 12
  Meaning of 'aham asmi' 19
  Meaning of 'ayam' 32
  The Seven States of the Individual 38
  Indirect and Direct Knowledge 64
  Reflection on Mahavakya 105
  Self-realisation 132
  Abidance in Knowledge (sravana, manana, nididhyasana) 143
II kim icchan' - Desiring What? 205
  Prarabdha (fructifying results) for a Wise Man 216
  Three Types of Prarabdha 226
  The Enjoyment of a Wise Man 242
III kasya kamaya' - For Whose Enjoyment 281
  Who is the Enjoyer? 285
  Seek the Self/Truth 296
  Result of Discrimination 309
  The Illusory Enjoyer 319
IV "sariram anusaftjvaret" - Trouble the Body 329
  Illusory Afflictions of the Illusory Individual 337
  Falsifying the False 344
  The Condition of the Falsified Individuality 357
  Unrestricted Fulfilment - nirankusa trpti 369
  The Conduct of a Realised Master 392
  Knowledge remains Uncontradicted 406
  The Song of Blessedness 426

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