Wonders of Single Dose in Homeopathy
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Wonders of Single Dose in Homeopathy

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Author: Dr. K. D. Kanodia
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788131903087
Pages: 222
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About the Book

Millions of pearls of wisdom are scattered in the ocean of knowledge imparted by the pioneers of homeopathy. Dr. K.D. Kanodia with his untiring efforts has compiled cases which have been cured by masters with a single dose at one place. This compilation will guide you as a light house to the right path. It also discusses how to apply various doctrines of science explaining the complementary, antidote, diagnostic pointers, cautions to be taken with remedies and specific pointers in pathological cases more strongly. In addition, various guidelines given by masters which act as milestones are mentioned at appropriate places.

About the Author

Dr. K.D. Kanodia, born on 8th September 1930, completed his education from the universities of Patna & Punjab. His academic profile include BA (Hons.), MDSH, ND, DI Hom. (The British Institute of Homeopathy, London) MRSH (London). He has been the recipient of 'Appreciation Award. in Homoeopathy' from Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Delhi. At present he is serving homeopathy by practicing in charitable dispensaries & renowned hospitals and has written many books on homeopathy, social and religious aspects.


Tales Of Wonders In Homeopathy

The Pioneers of homeopathy have mentioned at every step that a dose of homeopathic medicine does wonders. They speak of their experiences about curing even twenty years old Asthma and such other chronic cases with one dose!

Does it still happens in such cases!
Then, we find in the literature at various places that the pioneers gave a series of medicines based on Symptoms with no results, and later on, the dose of a particular remedy was given which worked wonders!

Was it simply hit and miss!

Dr. Hahnemann - a man of conscience - admitted that, he could not cure a single chronic case even with the best selected remedies on the basis of symptoms available with him. And then he narrated the cure of 183 cases of Typhus - with Bryonia and Rhus tox. in alternation - in all cases without a single failure; even when all these cases differed in their symptoms, so much so that almost all the patients appeared apparently to be suffering from different diseases!

Is there anything more important than symptoms!

At places, it has been told that a single symptom led the physician to reach the right remedy; and at other occasions, a number of matching symptoms kept them in confusion and despair.

Is there anything wrong in our approach to the Science!

Dr. Hahnemann spoke of ‘near specifics’ in homeopathy which worked almost with surety. It seems that his mind could foresee the distant future where confusion was likely to prevail, and finding more ‘specifics’ could be a boon.

Why was this trend not allowed to develop!

Dr. Kent forcefully proclaimed that the system is yet | not capable of curing diseases like Cancer and Consumption, and those who boast of curing these should be seen with suspicion!

What about our claims today!

Dr. Kent acquainted us with the danger of Homeopathic remedies if wrongly used. He considered them even most dangerous on earth at times.

Was his warning highlighted and analysed further!

Dr. Nash laid too much or sole emphasis on symptoms and even ignored the importance of inimicals. He claimed of curing innumerable cases (chronic and difficult) in his life.

Did he conceal some other factor which led to his cures!

Dr. Nash recommended to use vegetable based remedies first and then to use mineral or animal based.

Was this formula further worked out!

Dr. Kent declared some remedies as dangerous in certain stages of diseases.

Has this been further investigated!

Dr. Kent also referred about, some "patch up remedies" that were considered to be safe in certain conditions and stages.

Have we highlighted these for further research!

Dr. Burnett was very much disappointed with the prevailing practice during his time. He could not get any favourable results in skin diseases. He touched new horizons by applying new methods in using Thuja and Bacillinum. He also applied ladder system i.e. giving one medicine after the other to cover various aspects step by step.

Have people appreciated his experiences!

There was a report in a journal that a case was referred to 700 Homeopathic Physicians and they all gave different prescriptions for the case.

Is something being done for such chaos in the system!

Dr. Hahnemann wanted homeopathy to be a mathematical science in certainty where there is only one straight line between two given points.

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