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Yoga Secrets of Psychic Powers

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Author: Swami Jyotirmayananda
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 8185883416
Pages: 240 (21 B/W & 1 Colour Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
Introduction of the Book and the Author

The Great Buddha, Adorable Jesus, Bhagavan Krishna, Divine Moses and all great pioneers of spiritual movement were endowed with extraordinary psychic powers. Even many centuries before Christ, the Sages ad Seers of India possessed miraculous psychic powers. How did they achieve their greatness? What secrets did they pursuer in order to unravel the infinite powers of the mind? All this and more is given in this inspiring book, "Yoga Secrets of Psychic Powers". The Genius of Yoga, Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda reveals now those secrets of psychic powers that made these great personalities the immortal torch-bearers of wisdom and cosmic love.

Not only are these psychic powers explained but full instructions are detailed upon so that anyone wishing to tread the path of psychic powers may commence immediately on his endeavour to gain mastery over any technique he chooses.

The mysteries of he mind are ar, far beyond the imagination of any individual. So profound and vast are the possibilities of the mind that even science has never been able to fathom its depths! Deeper than the deepest ocean, higher than the highest mountain, stronger than the mightiest hurricane, and more delicate than the fragrance of rose, such is the human mind that remains unexplored by most people of the world.

Few have known the true nature of the unconscious mind and what lies hidden in its depths. In the innermost regions of the mind lies an extraordinary power, sometimes referred to as extrasensory perception or 'occult powers'. However, in Yogic terminology it is known as Siddhis or Psychic Powers. The renouned author, Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda, tell show these powers are inherent in everyone, but remain untapped and unused. For the vast majority of people they continue to remain unseen and unheard.

Just as resources of oil and gold lie hidden beneath the sea and land, so too, the unique mysterious powers of the mind lie dormant and untouched by man. Mahatma Gandhi of India had great spiritual powers. Even men in different fields of life are able to express powers in different ways. Isaac Newton, the discoverer of the law of gravitation; Einstein, the discoverer of the law of relativity, Wagner, the great composer; Leonardo da Vinci, the great painter and artist, and any others were endowed with extraordinary powers of the mind. Can there by any work of glory and greatness without the power of this mysterious mind? Within these pages, it is shown that the understanding of psychic powers and the secrets of developing them are important for conquering all weaknesses of the body and mind. With an insight into the immense resources of he soul, you move from strength to a greater strength; from success to a greater success, from the ordinary state of consciousness to the extraordinary attainment of Self-realization only known by a few mortal men.

In the Bible, Luke 12-2, Jesus said, "There is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known," Here Jesus was referring to the mind that knowns, to the all-seeing Spirit, from which nothing is concealed.

The cosmic Ear hear everything, the Eternal Mind knowns all things, and the Witnessing Self sees all that is confined to the law of cause and effect relationship. The Upanishads say, "This Divine self is hidden in all beings. He pervades all that exists. He is the indweller of all. He is the bestower of the fruits of Karmas (results of actions). He is the abode of all beings. He is the Eternal Witness, Pure Consciousness, Non-dual, and devoid of all limitations."
- Shwetashwater Uapnishad 6/11.

The Universal self is the essence of all, and each one has access to this source through the profundities of his mind. By attuning the individual mind to the Cosmic Mind there is nothing that the soul cannot acquire or experience. This soul in a human being can realize its identity with the Supreme Self. What can be a greater attainment than this? The author emphatically declares that all the secrets of psychic powers are ultimately meant for unraveling the supreme secret of existence- the inherent identity of the soul with Brahman or the Absolute.

On this Book, the author, Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda has given the entire third chapter of Raja Yoga with lucid explanations and brilliant powers. In addition to this the author gives passages from Yoga Vasishtha and Srimad Bhagavat Purana to present different approaches of unraveling the inner powers of the mind. Kundalini Yoga, Mantra Yoga, and truths about the functions of the mind have been included in this unique book for aiding one's quest for the inner powers of the mind and the soul.

This is the thirtieth book of Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda written with usual clarity, profound simplicity and dynamic spiritual force. Showing how these mysterious powers can be achieved, he gives a great emphasis on the complete integration to personality. Therefore, an aspirant in his pursuit of psychic powers cannot become disbalanced or maladjusted in day to day life.

Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda is held in high esteem throughout the world; as a profound philosopher, a renouned religious teacher and the "Genius of Yoga." Thousand of lives have been transformed by his visible and invisible presence and magnanimous writings imbueded with his intuitive knowledge.

Our profound appreciation to Roberto Martinez, the Artist who did the drawings and the staff of Ashram Karma Yogis who have rendered their assistance in the various aspects of the completion of this book.

May your life reveal those great powers that lie in the depths of your mind. And may the Lord grant you Eternal Peace!.


Back of the Book

Discover –explore the secret powers and mysteries of great yogis of India. Learn authentic techniques of how to acquire psychic powers. See how meditation provides knowledge of past, future, rebirth & death. Experience mystic powers of the soul. Acquire extra energy for body mind.


  Publishers Note 4
  Introduction of the Book and the Author 6
  Dedication 11
  Yoga Secrets of Psychic Powers (Siddhis) 19
Chapter I.
  Siddhis or Psychic Powers 23
  Sadhana, Siddhi and Sakshatkara 25
  Eight Major Siddhis 27
  Techniques in Raja Yoga for the development of Psychic Powers 29
  Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga 30
  Beware of Pseudo Yogis and their Siddhis 34
  Samadhis and Siddhis 37
Chapter II.
Psychic Powers of Raja Yoga
  Vibuti Pad
(Chapter dealing with the Siddhis acquire by the practice of Yoga)
  Sutra 1.
Concentration and Meditation
  Sutra 2.
Dhyana or Meditation
  Sutra 3.
Samadhi or Super consciousness
  Sutra 4.
  Sutra 6.
States of Chitta
  Sutra 7.
Internal Means
  Sutra 8.
Nirbija Samadhi
  Sutra 9.
Nirodha Parinamah
  Sutra 10.
Peaceful Flow of Mind
  Sutra 11.
Modifications of Samadhi
  Sutra 12.
Modifications of One-pointedness
  Sutra 13.
Modification in Gross objects
  Sutra 14.
Modification due to time
  Sutra 15.
Meditation on Modifications
  Sutra 16.
Knowledge of past and future
  Sutra 17.
Knowledge of sound of living beings
  Sutra 18.
Knowledge of past births
  Sutra 19.
Knowledge of other's mind
  Sutra 20.
Contents of other's mind
  Sutra 21.
The Power of invisibility
  Sutra 22.
Knowledge of Death
  Sutra 23.
The power of Virtue
  Sutra 24.
The attainment of physical strength
  Sutra 25.
Power of clairvoyance
  Sutra 26.
Knowledge of the universe
  Sutra 27.
knowledge of Stars
  Sutra 28.
Movement of Stars
  Sutra 29.
Knowledge of the body
  Sutra 30.
Mastery over hunger and thirst
  Sutra 31.
Steadiness of the body
  Sutra 32.
Vision of Siddhas
  Sutra 33.
Intuitional knowledge
  Sutra 34.
Knowledge of the Chitta
  Sutra 35.
Knowledge of the Soul
  Sutra 36.
Divine Perceptions
  Sutra 37.
Goal of Self-Realization
  Sutra 38.
Siddhi of Entry into other's body
  Sutra 39.
The Mystic Path of Gods
  Sutra 40..
Effulgence of Body
  Sutra 41.
Power of Clairaudience
  Sutra 42.
Movement in the Sky
  Sutra 43.
Great Body-Less Awareness
  Sutra 44.
Mastery over the elements
  Sutra 45.
Major Siddhis
  Sutra 46.
Perfection in Body
  Sutra 47.
Mastery of the Senses
  Sutra 48.
Mastery over Prakriti
  Sutra 49.
The power of Omniscience
  Sutra 50.
Attainment of Kaivalya or Liberation
  Sutra 51.
Invitation of Gods
  Sutra 52.
Wisdom Born of Discriminative knowledge
  Sutra 53.
Discriminative knowledge
  Sutra 54.
Intuitional knowledge
  Sutra 55.
Attainment of Liberation
Chapter III.
Psychic Powers of Bhakti Yoga
  Path of Devotion  
  Attainment of Siddhis in Bhakti Yoga 157
  Japa Yoga 164
Chapter IV.
Kundalini or Yoga of Mystic Energy
  Chakras of Kundalini 171
  Muladhara Chakra 174
  Swadhishthan Chakra 175
  Manipur Chakra 176
  Anahata Chakra 177
  Vishudhi Chakra 178
  Ajna Chakra 179
  Sahasrar Chakra 180
  The Practice of Kundalini Yoga 181
Chapter V.
Psychic Powers of Jnana Yoga
  A Man of Wisdom
Siddhis in a Jnani
  Siddhis in Yoga Vasishtha 190
Chapter VI.
Aids for Developing Psychic Powers
  How to Think Positively 197
  The Source of Thought 198
  Positive Thoughts 199
  The Destructive Effects of Negative Thinking 202
  Instructions for Positive Thinking 203
  Spirituality Versus Spiritualism 207
  The Power of Thought 210


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