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Wide range of Memorable Hindi Literature to be Read


Q1. What are the best 5 Hindi books you've read?


I have read many Hindi books of different genres, but the 5 best books I have come across are “स्व-देश परिचय- Svadesh Parichay” by Anant Sharma, “एक थी इंदिरा (समय से संवाद करती एक कहानी)- Ek Thi Indira (A Story from Time Immemorial)” by Upma Richa, “श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता: यथारूप- Srimad Bhagavad Gita: As It Is” by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, “नामसंकीर्तन की महिमा- Glory of Naam Sankirtan (Story of Sri Varaha, Nampaduvan, Sri Vishnuchitta and Goda Devi)” by Ojaswita Chaturwedi, and “उत्तर भारत के मंदिर: Temples of North India” by Krishandev. All these books are available on the online store of Exotic India, handpicked just for you.


Q2. Which is the best fiction novel in Hindi?


Although there are many Hindi fiction novels, the most admired novel is “बाली उमर- Bali Umar” by Bhagwant Anmol. The main characters of the novel are children and despite the plot being from a village, it is neither for children nor only regional. While the children of Daulatpur mohalla of Nawabganj take the reader to his childhood memories with their mischief, on the other hand, their innocent questions force us to think about our country and society. 'Bali Umar' is also a novel that identifies the politics of his time and the conflict of ethno-regional identities through children.


Q3. What are some good Hindi philosophical novels?


Philosophical novels are books that incorporate a portion of the content to address philosophical topics such as science, ethics, the purpose of life, etc. Hindi literature contains many novels that are dedicated to such topics and some of them are “त्रिपुरा: Tripura” by Neerja Madhav, “वैरागी - Vairagi (Tantric Novel on a Woman's Inner World)” by Arun Kumar and Manoj Siddharth Sharma, “लियो टॉलस्टॉय कृत उपन्यास: युद्ध और शांति- Novel By Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace” by Ranjeet Singh. There are many other interesting and knowledgeable novels at Exotic India that you can prefer to buy and read.

Q4. What are some of the modern Hindi novels?


Some of the best modern Hindi novels available on Exotic India are “आतंक- Terror (Novel Focusing on Increasing Disorganization and Insecurity in Modern Society)” by Narendra Kohli, “यंत्र – Yantra” by P.K Chandran, “एक खाली जगह- Ek Khali Jagah” by Amrita Pritam, “दीपशिखा (किन्नर विमर्श)- Deepshikha Transgender Discussion” by Nirmala Singh, “सात घूँघट वाला मुखड़ा- Saat Ghoonghat Wala Mukhara” by Amritlal Nagar. These novels are best for people who love reading and delving into the imaginary world of fiction. At Exotic India, you will find many more compelling modern novels at the best price.


Q5. What are some of the finest novels (Upanyas) written in Hindi?


At Exotic India, you can buy many superbly written novels for your entertainment and there is something to suit all literary tastes. Some of our choices and best-seller novels in the Hindi language are “चार आँखों का खेल: Chaar Aankhon ka Khel” by Bimal Mitra, “पिशाच कुत्ता- The Hound of the Baskervilles” by Arthur Conan Doyle, “आपका बंटी : Your Bunty” by Mannu Bhandari, “तफ़तीश- Taftish” by Mitter Sain Meet and Kiran Bansal, “पिंजरे के पंछी- Pinjre Ke Panchhi” by Neel Padmanabhan and H. Padmanabhan.

Q6. Which Hindi novels are the best to read during college days?


There is no end to the list of Hindi novels that are the best for college students to read, for their passion and enthusiasm to learn new things in life does not cease. Some of the novels in Hindi that are apt for college life are “अब मुझे सोने दो- Now Let Me Sleep” by G. Gopinathan, “अग्नि अस्त्र- Agni Astra (Hindi Translation of International Novel The Flame Throwers)” by Roberto Arlt, “कहीं तुम भटक जाओ - Hindi Translation of Internationally Best Selling Novel 'So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighbourhood'' by Nobel Prize Winner Patrick Modiano.