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Studying The Earth’s most colorful gem: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gem available in a variety of colors. It is a crystalline boron silicate mineral with a translucent luster. Tourmaline is a hexagonal crystal system with opaque transparency. The stone’s name is derived from the Sinhalese word ‘tourmali’, which translates to "mixed stones." In Astrology, Tourmaline is believed to be ruled over by the planet Mercury. It is also known to be the birthstone of the people of the star sign Libra.

Tourmaline's many shades are said to be conceived from the unique energy of a rainbow, and they ripple with creative play, joyful kindness, and attract perfect success. 

Varieties of Tourmaline and their benefits

Tourmaline is found in many different shapes, colors and forms. They are: 

  • Black Tourmaline/Schorl: Black Tourmaline is the pack's protector. Its main feature is its ability to safeguard people from supernatural harm. It is also known for inducing purpose and self-confidence in an individual. 

  • Pink Tourmaline: The pink variety of Tourmaline is a loving and caring shade that is all about bringing out a sense of empathy and kindness. Following through with the theme of love, it goes without saying that the pink tourmaline associates itself with the heart. If you’re looking for a way to heal your broken heart, Pink Tourmaline is your go-to crystal. 

  • Green Tourmaline: It also goes by the name Verdilite. Green Tourmaline is considered a powerful energy mover and shaker. Specifically, it is attributed to its life-giving vibrations. Additionally, it is a great source of vitality, power and endurance.

  • Indicolite: Indicolite is normally found in the color light blue. This healing stone is particularly used to empower clear, open, and truthful interactions. Resembling the hues of water, Indicolite is a reminder of clarity that can restore the mind, body and soul. 

  • Purple Tourmaline: Purple Tourmaline's radiant lavender hues also earn it the name Siberite. While Purple Tourmaline is renowned for its protective nature, it is also an exceptional source of relaxation. 

  • Dravite: Dravite is another name for the earthy brown variant of Tourmaline. This stone's purpose is to anchor you to the earth beneath your feet and keep you stable no matter how strong the winds of turmoil strike.

  • Rainbow Tourmaline: Rainbow Tourmaline exists in a range of colors that meld every color of the rainbow to maintain equilibrium. 

  • Watermelon Tourmaline: The Watermelon Tourmaline draws inner peace and contentment to those who interact with it.

One of the most effective ways to use Tourmaline crystals is through the direct healing properties of jewelry. Tourmaline jewelry works by transmitting its vibrations directly into the body through physical contact. Black Tourmaline bracelets work as a veil of protection, while the Rainbow Tourmaline Bracelet is used to open up and stimulate all the chakras of the body. Because there is no hindrance between you and the vibrations whirring from your gemstone, direct contact with skin is one of the most useful ways to absorb healing energy from your crystals.


Q1. What are the chakras that are linked to Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is not associated with a particular chakra, but works well in opening up all chakras. From the root chakra to the crown chakra, the heart chakra to the third eye, Tourmaline is said to be connected to all the chakras. While varying shades interact with different chakras, Tourmaline is most commonly associated with the heart and root chakras.

Q2. Can Tourmaline be worn while sleeping? 

Yes, it is safe to wear Tourmaline jewelry while sleeping, especially Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is considered to be a stone of protection. It is believed to be helpful against nightmares. 

Q3. How does Tourmaline help spiritually? 

Tourmaline is presumed to encourage inspiration and happiness, decrease stress, and boost self-confidence in its wearers. It is also used to stabilize yin-yang energies because it is considered to be a tangible bridge to the spiritual world.