Chakra Healing Instrumental Crown Chakra Sahasraara (Audio CD)

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Item Code: ICQ070
Vamanan Super Audio (2007)
From the CD:

The chakras are centers of vital energy in the subtle body, revealed by the great sages of India. Imbalances in the chakras caused by stress, wrong thinking and trauma, lead to obstruction in psychic energy flow. When balanced, the Sahasraara or Crown chakra opens up the individual to universal consciousness and its limitless energy and joy. Imbalances blight the inner life. Attuning the mind to the vibrations of Darbari Kanada, the great raga associated with the crown chakra, rewards the listener with divine wisdom, tranquility and inner richness. When the crown chakra is healthy one has pure awareness of oneself and he world. This brings complete confidence and trust in the divine dispensation. The raga is essayed as spiritual contemplation by Pandit Pandurang Parate, a respected sitarist of the Tanras gharana, in its traditional colour.

Concept- Vamanan

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