J. Krishnamurti: The Cause of Conflict in Relationship (Ending Sorrow Series) (DVD)

Item Code: IZA034
J. KrishnamurtiKrishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. (1984)78 Minutes Approx
From The DVD
Artist: J. Krishnamurti
Language: English/French
Dubbing: French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean
Format: DVD
Region Code: All Regions Colour
Duration: 78 Minutes Approx

About The DVD

In this opening talk, Krishnamurti invites his listeners to take a journey of inquiry with him ‘not with effort but tentatively’. He points out that we blame others or the environment for what society is, without realizing that we have put together the social structure which is based essentially on conflict. Is conflict caused by ideals, by likes and dislikes? Thought and time is the major reason for conflict. What is thinking? When the question is asked, does not think or observe one’s own thinking? If one is thinking about oneself from morning till night, that is a very limited way of living, and that which is limited must inevitably cause conflict. Can we live in a relationship in which there is no shadow of conflict? Where there is attachment, there is fear of loss. Thought and time is a movement in the brain, and so thought cannot provide inward security, whereas intelligence itself is absolute security, for it depends on nothing.

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