Oneness Chant: A Meditation on Amma Bhagawan for Divine Healing (Audio CD)

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Uma MohanTimes Music (2009)
About the CD

A meditation on Amma Bhagavan For Divine Healing.

Oneness Chants consist of 5 trackes of which 4 are rendered for concentration of the mind on Amma Bhagavan in different moods so as to awaken the consciousness to the eternal truth of devotion which can heal and set right relationships and us to a different plane of love and gentleness only experienced by beings culmination of this journey an entry into the world of devotion love faith or Bhakti where there is only joy no division or fragmentation only absolute reality and …oneness.

This album will help to set right relationship increase immunity and to heal the soul mind and body.

Bhakti is the most beautiful experience mankind has ever had. It is also called love faith or devotion in some other cases Sharagathi or total surrender is an occurrence when deep Bhakti is experienced by devotion one can feel the presence of god and enjoy a personal experience of oneness with all beings and the creation as a whole.

When you discover the nature of creation you would have discovered peace and bliss Amma & Bhagwan.

God is often represented as the male and female aspects in creation Purusha and Prakruthi. We could relate to god and creation as these aspects as mother and father or Amma and Bhagavan who are the beginning of all relationships.

Bonding or union is the constant urge of the human race without which life will have no sense or meaning Amma and Bhagavan the founders of the oneness university have given unto the world simple but deep Bhagavan always answers the answers the question who am I ? with a simple I am the daughter/son of so and so the wife/husband of…and the mother/father of… I work for…saying that our entire identity is only relationship we are but a relationship and no man is an island. Only when a person wishes to travel onto an enlightened state where he would be in condition beyond the self it is necessary to kick this question who am I? Itself since the question itself is and creates the self. As long as there is life in the body and in order to enjoy this birth in every possible way with an awakened heart it is the need for every human to both and relates Adi Shankara’s famous soul teaching us to either become so big as to hold the whole of creation and more within the self or to become so small as to cease to exist both the methods signify merger and oneness.

Now making the heart flower is indeed the first most important step man has become very technical and one functions that only the mind with all its conditioning fears and insecurity is allowed to make decision. When one functions through the heart he is always doing the right action since the heart can never be hurtful. It is the source of love energy and togetherness. All that an action from the heart can do is to fill the surroundings with happiness making one selfless and sacrificing exuding compassion and unconditional love. This is the capacity of the heart. As we awaken the heart inviting Amma and Bhagavan as Antaryamin we are able to become much higher and simpler souls. We become angels who are the miracles who can make miracles happens with the flow of grace in our every heart felt action.

To quote Acharya Sri Samadarshini of the oneness university when you heart flowers you will be the love Isunami. There is no stopping this love Tsunami and you automatically are the winner the champion each human needs to bond with god and experience the awakening of the heart through for the cosmic creator and his creation such a person who bonds with the divine is at ease and no dis-ease can harm him. This bonding is the delight and power of every Bhaktha who enjoys the explicit unconditional and limitless love of god as he floats through the milky ocean of oneness experiencing the joy of the non existence of separation the union with bliss and the total experience of gratitude and surrender. These qualities come automatically with the emergence of love. Faith devotion or Bhakti in our hearts grace flows boundlessly through such a human source we become the vessels of divine love and grace and the chemistry of our body and mind is entirely changed.

1 Awakening to the Inner Silence
2 Melting into True Devotion
3 The Dance of divine Joy
4 Flight to Freedom
5 Flowering of the heart on Sachchidananda Parabrahma
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