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हिमाद्रेः संभूता सुललितकरैः पल्लवयुता

सुपुष्पा मुक्ताभिर्भ्रमरकलिता चालकभरैः

कृतस्थाणुस्थाना कुचफलनता सूक्तिसरसा

रुजां हन्त्री गन्त्री विलसति चिदानन्दलतिका ६॥

The Goddess is verily a walking chidananda creeper born in the Himalayas. Her hands are like the tender leaves, the pearl ornaments suggesting flowers, entwining round the sturdy pillar-like form of Parameshwara, her breasts resembling fruits, her speech full of substance or Rasa she removes all ailments.

This large tree of life resembling the Parameswara, with birds and butterflies, symbolic of life residing peacefully on the branches, suggesting his patronage. The lotus buds and flowers originating from the roots indicate the Parameswara’s power of wisdom that comes from the foundation of Tapa. The vine like array of leaves coiled around the trunk suggesting the Goddess Parvati intertwined around her beloved Parameswara and finally becoming one with him as she spreads around the branches. This brass tree home decor is a testament of love and interdependency of Shiva and Parvati and the boundless wisdom that originates from their union. Placing this piece in your home will bring the positivity of a pious depiction of the holy couple.

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Item Code: MIW193
Height: 53 inch
Width: 34 inch
Depth: 4 inch
Weight: 15.30 kg
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